4 Underrated Caribbean Islands & Cheap Destinations

Underrated Caribbean Islands

What’s the first thing people think about when they think about the Caribbean? Is it Aruba? Jamaica? Or exotic locales like St Barts for more discriminating tastes?

But what if I told you that there were Caribbean islands that could offer the same sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and vibrant culture, at a fraction of the price? Yes, the Caribbean is full of hidden gems that not only offer great deals but are also much more discreet compared to other more popular destinations. In this article, we’re going to explore four little-known spots in the Caribbean you should consider for your next vacation.


Have you ever heard of Vieques? We didn’t think so. Vieques is a small, and still largely pristine island off the coast of Puerto Rico. The island is full of natural wonders and is completely free of strip malls, golf courses, and tourist traps. The island is most known for its bioluminescent bay, which glows even in the darkest of nights. If you’re looking for accommodation, the W Retreat & Spa offers a unique decor and laid back attitude that fits perfectly with Vieques’ nonchalant atmosphere.


Curacao, which is often referred to as “Aruba’s cousin” still has much to offer even if it’s much less popular than its smaller neighbor to the west. Part of the Dutch Caribbean, Curacao is most well-known for its nearly perfect weather. It is also a very popular destination for surfers and windsurfers due to its warm waters and constant trade winds. For a little bit of modern flair and history, visit the Avila Hotel Curacao. It is complete with 150 rooms, a state of the art gym, ready access to two beaches, and an amazing infinity pool.


People often neglect Tobago when thinking of a Caribbean destination and prefer to go for the more industrialized and developed Trinidad instead. While modernity does have its advantages, some will prefer the quietness and natural beauty Tobago has to offer. For a nice retreat, The Grand Courlan Resort, located on the Caribbean side of the island, offers pristine ocean views from every room.

Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox is still one of the Caribbean’s most well-kept secrets. With miles and miles of white sandy beaches, it is undeniably one of the fastest-growing hotspots in the Caribbean.

Located only two hours from Cancun, the island has all the charms Cancun has to offer, but on a much smaller scale. For those who appreciate more privacy, the island has just the perfect blend of modernity and untouched natural charm. While Isla Holbox is devoid of any big resorts or hotel chains, the island has 60+ privately owned properties that offer many lodging options to visitors. For backpackers, the Tribu Hostel Hotbox offers beds for as little as $8 per night.

Next time you consider going to the Caribbean, consider some of the lesser-known options out there. These destinations offer the same advantages, without the headaches.

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