Vancouver Island Museums

Museums In Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island‘s rich heritage & history can best be seen at museums like the Maritime Museum of BC, the Whale Centre and Museum, Alberni Valley Museum, Cowichan Valley Museum, the Royal BC Museum, Comox Air Force Museum and Vancouver Island Military Museum.

The Maritime Museum of BC

Whether you’re a seafarer or not, I’m sure you can enjoy the many artifacts in the Maritime Museum of BC. This Museum includes various ship plans, photographs, charts, and archival material, discover the mysteries of the coast as you step into the Museum building. The Maritime Museum that was built in 1810 by Prisoners of War and reflected the rich cultural heritage of maritime history, the tour of this Museum is educational and very informative too.

At the Maritime Museum, there are displays of various navigation instruments that were used in the exploration and surveys of the West Coast. The museum has an extensive collection of nautical publications. You can also enjoy video presentations that show the thrilling experience of sailing ships on a voyage from the surroundings of Cape Horn to Chile. The various models displayed in the museum are a result of sheer hard work and devotion.

The Whale Centre and Museum

The Whale Centre is located in Tofino and is a great tourist spot that attracts thousands of people every year, if you have time to go for an eco-tour in the whale center, you will enjoy seeing many Grey Whales, Humpbacks, Black Bears and Eagles. At the Whale Centre, you can experience a wide variety of wildlife by exploring the local surroundings. You can also enjoy a display of local artifacts that are donated by the people of Tofino from over the past 25 years.

In the display, you can also find several traditional items of jewelry, local artifacts, cedar baskets, and many more things. The Whale Centre Maritime Museum is located on Campbell Street. A visit to the museum gives you a unique opportunity to get connected to the history of Vancouver island’s marine life and people. While you’re enjoying your vacation in Vancouver Island, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity of experiencing the thrill and excitement that the Whale Centre Maritime Museum has to offer.

Alberni Valley Museum

The Alberni Valley Museum in Port Alberni offers a glimpse at the rich cultural heritage of the people from the island community, this museum has a collection of various historical photographs and is considered to be one of the finest community museums on Vancouver Island. The museum also has a collection of an art form known as Nuu Chah Nulth art, about the people from the past, you can also learn about the origin of the present-day industry of lumbering, logging, and fishing.

The museum is open all year round from Tuesday to Saturday. You can also catch a glimpse of local and international art. There are even temporary exhibitions on Ancient Egypt and many historic events, the museum also offers school programs too, explore the Alberni Valley Museum and learn more on the history of Vancouver Island.

Cowichan Valley Museum

The Cowichan Valley Museum is situated in the center of Duncan and is a great place to visit if you want to see and learn more about the history of this beautiful island. It is a real treasure trove and houses information on the social, political, geographical, cultural, and historical development of the Cowichan Valle. There is also a reading room where you can sit and read the archival documents. Various galleries have several household items, giving you a chance to catch a glimpse of the early days of Cowichan Valley, in the museum you will find displays of hunting and fishing equipment and many more exciting things.

Courtenay and District Museum & Paleontology Centre

The Vancouver Island Paleontology Museum in Qualicum Beach exhibits fossils from the surrounding areas while visiting the museum; you will get a good feeling about the history of Vancouver Island. The Museum has fossils from the Mesozoic Age, though the most important attraction in the Vancouver Island Paleontology Museum is the fossil of a 60,000-year-old walrus.

One of the best-preserved walruses ever found and it attracts people from far and wide every year. The walrus named Rosie is the star attraction of the museum. When you visit the museum, you will discover a wide collection of fossils. You can even take an educational tour of the Vancouver Island Paleontology Museum that takes you back to the prehistoric age. The Museum is open from mid-June to early October.

Campbell River Museum & Archives

The Museum at Campbell River in Vancouver Island is a great place to spend time and explore the earlier days and lives of the people of this community. The museum holds a fine collection of several exhibits that reflect the culture, tradition and the rich heritage of that existed on Vancouver Island, the main attractions of this museum are from the Salmon Fish Industry, the logging industry and the Ripple Rock Story.

Near the Museum, there are Galleries and an Archives Research Centre that holds exhibitions all year round, you can even buy souvenirs from the Campbell River Museum Shop, school groups flock here to enjoy a great educational and recreational tour of this unique culture, heritage, and history which are best reflected here at the Campbell River Museum.

The Royal BC Museum

The Royal British Columbia Museum is one of the many attractions on Vancouver Island, people of all ages visit this museum which remains open seven days a week from 9 am till evening 5 pm, on Sundays opening is extended till 8 pm. The Museum is very close to the Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria and is a great place of discovery and learning.

The museum has three unique galleries that exhibit the human and natural history of British Columbia, the museum has items displayed in an authentic natural setting. The museum has an IMAX theatre that has been the venue for some great exhibits such as Titanic, Leonardo da Vinci, and several Egyptian artifacts. The Royal British Columbia Museum is a must-visit for Vancouver tourists.

Comox Air Force Museum

The Comox Air Force Valley is located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. The Museum preserves a rich heritage of the aviation history of western Canada and houses an aviation reference library, aviation art gallery, and various kinds of aircraft. The museum also includes artifacts from the First and Second World Wars. Located in the main gate of the CFB Comox, you can also find several items that are exhibited from Canada’s Part in UN peacekeeping missions, as well as a turbojet engine, a piston engine, and several other artifacts from squadrons.

Vancouver Island Military Museum

The Vancouver Island Military Museum is located in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, this museum remains open from Monday through to Saturday, Museums are the best places to connect with the past and to learn more about early civilizations. The history of Vancouver Island is found exhibited and displayed as various artifacts in the Vancouver Island Military Museum, which also reflects the proud history of military achievements of the men and the women who served in the Armed Forces of Canada.

The display’s show medals of honor have been awarded to the Canadian armed forces. There is also a library that has a collection of several military books, scrapbooks, photographs, several video clips, diaries, and maps. So, if you are staying in Vancouver Island, then take the time to visit this Military Museum in Nanaimo, which has preserved and maintained memorable moments from Canada’s history.

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