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Things to do in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a city in the Mexican State, of Baja California Sur. The first humans inhabited the city’s today-area around 1,400 years ago. However, this small fishing village started to grow up in 1917 according to an American Company running a Tuna-catching business near the city’s shore.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico by RobertCiavarro

Because of Cabo San Lucas’s beautiful tradition, year-round tropical climate, and white-powdery beaches, people begin to visit this city since then. Travelers will love its local restaurants which offer delicious seafood in a lively atmosphere together with intimate service. The city also has plenty of five-star hotels and budget guesthouses serving beyond guests’ expectations. Travel to Cabo San Lucas, a true heaven of sea lovers!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, commonly called Cabo, is a city at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, in the municipality of Los Cabos in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. As of the 2010 census, the population was 68,463 people. It is the third-largest city in Baja California Sur after La Paz and San Jose del Cabo (although it is only slightly less populous than San Jose del Cabo), it has experienced very rapid growth and development, often with an adverse environmental impact.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Shopping
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Shopping by RobertCiavarro

Cabo San Lucas has countless travel destinations. Visitors may visit Land’s End which offers rock formations and the city’s magical scenery. Do not miss to travel to Iglesia de San Lucas, a 300-year church that preserves all religious materials like the first-time of establishment. Do not forget to go to Casa de la Cultura which is a 150-year American residence surrounded by fabulous gardens and the city’s heavenly view. Travelers can have a worldwide meal together with supreme Jazz music at the city’s manifold restaurants. Numerous luxury hotels and cheap guesthouses are also available all around for tourists to choose the most preferable ones. Visit Cabo San Lucas; your special trip is here!

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful town full of modern luxury and exciting attractions. But before being renovated, Cabo was just a small fishing village at the tip of Baja California, filled with natural wonder and beauty. At the edge of the world, you can see the miraculous El Arco, a large rock formation sprouting right out of the water at the edge of the cape. Its world-class golf courses, exciting nightlife, and gorgeous, sandy shoreline make it an escape in Mexico that you are unlikely to forget any time soon. Enjoy the serene beauty and the Cabo San Lucas Resorts during the day, but make sure to save your energy for the exhilarating nightlife and truly experience Cabo Vacations as they were meant to be.

What’s the Allure?

Cabo San Lucas is much more than the legendary nightlife spot that it has been for decades. Located on the southern tip of the California Baja Peninsula in Mexico, “Cabo” (as it is widely known) boasts pristine beaches, optimal weather, and a busy port that features sport fishing and scuba-diving. Furthermore, with its stunning landscape and world-class dining, it will most certainly maintain its place as a top holiday destination for future generations to come.

Points of Interest

Gorgeous scenery aside, Cabo offers a number of options for land-loving history buffs. The Museo de Cabo San Lucas exhibits both archaeological remains and natural history artifacts while the church, aptly named Inglesia de San Lucas features stone architecture from the 18th century.

Museo de Cabo San Lucas
Museo de Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico by Jasperdo

Even a nostalgic walk through the city’s old town can delight travelers with some interesting discoveries; the main square, Plaza Amelia Wilkes, spotlights both a chicken topiary and the skeleton of a whale. As a coastal town advantageously overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Cabo’s fresh seafood is by far the most popular cuisine.

Although many types of seafood preparations are offered, Sushi is widely favored in many of the seaside eateries as are spicy Mexican-inspired dishes and sauces.

Cabo Pulmo National Park

For those interested in marine life, Cabo Pulmo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit. It’s home to the oldest living coral reef in North America, making it a premier destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.

San Jose del Cabo

Just a short drive away, San Jose del Cabo offers a more traditional Mexican experience. Explore its charming historic center with cobblestone streets, art galleries, and a beautiful church. The Art Walk on Thursday evenings is a great opportunity to experience local art and culture.

Shops in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Shops in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico” by Jasperdo

Cabo Dolphins

For a memorable experience, consider swimming with dolphins at Cabo Dolphins. This interactive encounter allows you to learn about and interact with these incredible creatures in a controlled and ethical environment.

Wild Canyon Adventures

If you’re seeking adventure, Wild Canyon Adventures offers activities like zip-lining, off-road tours, and bungee jumping. It’s a thrilling way to explore the natural beauty of the region from a different perspective.

Cabo San Lucas Art Walk

If you’re an art enthusiast, don’t miss the Cabo San Lucas Art Walk. This weekly event takes place on Thursday evenings and allows you to explore local art galleries, interact with artists, and discover unique pieces of artwork.

Cabo San Lucas Activities

Cabo San Lucas, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, offers a variety of outdoor activities that will surely satisfy those looking for fun in the sun. Eco-friendly ATV tours into the desert at Cabo Real, pristine beaches to explore, boat cruises around the Cabo San Lucas harbor, dinner, snorkeling, and sunset cruises await you.

You can also try rock climbing, cycling, SCUBA diving, world-class sportfishing, championship golf, hiking, horseback riding, off-road racing (Baja style) test drives, and snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez. City tours and excursions, watersports, and whale-watching tours can all be found here in Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas, activities by RobertCiavarro

As could be expected, there are plenty of water-related activities available in Cabo. From leisurely snorkeling, sailing, and fishing to more active water sports such as surfing, kayaking, and water skiing – dozens of aquatic offerings can be found at this exciting destination. Nature lovers can equally delight in outdoor pleasures including hiking, biking, or riding jeep rides through Baja’s picturesque desert canyons.

By night the city seems to come alive as a wide assortment of bars, restaurants, and clubs enthusiastically play the latest music. The energy is pulsating as revelers sip on margaritas as a warm-up to all-night dance parties destined to last until dawn.

Why We Love It

Despite its steady growth in popularity over the last few decades, Cabo San Lucas still retains a bit of the easy-going charm of its original inception as a fishing port. It may be the second-largest resort area in Mexico, but to many visitors, the simple pleasure of enjoying a cocktail as the sun sets on paradise is still a viable option at this breathtaking destination.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful town full of modern luxury and exciting attractions. But before being renovated, Cabo was just a small fishing village at the tip of Baja California, filled with natural wonder and beauty. At the edge of the world, you can see the miraculous El Arco, a large rock formation sprouting right out of the water at the edge of the cape.

Cabo San Lucas Weather

Surely, some of you think, what could one possibly say about the Los Cabos weather other than that it is warm and sunny 360 days a year?

Well, how about the fact that the Tropic of Cancer passes through Todos Santos (just 50 miles North of Cabo San Lucas) and that is why Los Cabos is referred to as the “dry” tropics.

In fact, the Southern Baja Climate is greatly influenced by its tropical latitude and the surrounding bodies of water—the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

Some of you will argue that Cabo San Lucas has perfect year-round weather and others, well others will tell you that Cabo San Lucas has a 7-month high season complete with fabulous weather.

The remaining 5 months are considered the low season because conditions can vary from warm to hot. Check out the “low season price reductions” and year-round specials that are offered on our Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico Vacation Rentals.

Be sure to check out our Cabo San Lucas Temperature Chart to see the average monthly temperatures, and decide for yourself if you think Baja has perfect year-round weather.

Cabo San Lucas Attractions

There’s more to a visit to Los Cabos than basking on the beach, ordering room service, and hitting the local nightspots, as more and more visitors are learning. You can select from any number of services that will take you on tours of Land’s End to suit your personal interests.

Cacti Mundo Botanical Gardens
Cacti Mundo Botanical Gardens by Jasperdo

There’s the Cacti Mundo Botanical Gardens in San Jose del Cabo, trips to the waterfalls near Santiago, and excursions through Cabo Real Resort. For the more adventurous, there are offers to give you a taste of the rigors faced by the men and women who race through Baja’s outback, whether you drive a rented ATV or motorcycle or sign up for an excursion in the passenger seat of a wide and comfortable Hummer.

Eco-tourism is also a rapidly expanding part of tourism in Los Cabos with a variety of ways to take in natural beauty and breath-taking geology of the area by either land, sea, or air.

Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Cabo Pulmo, The East Cape and La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Divers from across the world flock to Los Cabos and its bountiful Sea of Cortes to explore what Jacques Cousteau described as “the world’s richest sea.” Here, they can dive alongside a beautiful and diverse collection of colorful fish and marine mammals.

Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas
Cabo Scuba by Bob n Renee

In Cabo San Lucas, the southernmost point of the Baja Peninsula, the California and Panamic currents and North Equatorial Countercurrent come together, bringing with them large amounts of plankton, which allows for vibrant ocean life. Dive alongside whale sharks, manta rays, sea lions, hammerhead sharks, and more in the world’s aquariums. Depending on your level of experience, you can opt to arrange a diving charter, go out with professional crews, and even learn and work toward your certification.

Whale Watching Tours

Los Cabos’ biggest celebrities arrive like clockwork every winter. They don’t stay in plush resorts or dine in fancy restaurants. Instead, they put on wild shows for the thousands who have come just to see them. Every fall, humpback, gray, and blue whales begin a 6,000-mile journey south from Alaska so they can winter at the southernmost point of the Baja Peninsula. There are several ways to watch their flamboyant escapades:

Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas
Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas by philipbouchard

Activities companies like Ok Baja, Cabo Rey, Cabo Sail, and Buccaneer Queen offer special whale-watching tours. You can casually watch while on a water taxi or wave runner making your way out to Land’s End. Guests onboard sunset cruises are likely to catch several sightings. And you can even expect to see some while sunbathing on many of Los Cabos’ famous beaches, including Medano and Chileno.

San Jose Estuary

The Estuary in San Jose del Cabo

In the heart of San Jose del Cabo, you’ll find the Estero San Jose. This is a jaw-dropping tropical estuary, a great spot for bird watching, kayaking, and wandering along intertwining paths.

For years the locals have been coming here to enjoy the natural beauty of Los Cabos. As one of the only sure water sources in Southern Baja, many bird and animal species depend on the estuary for freshwater. This area boasts over 250 species of birds!

Cabo Pulmo in Baja, Mexico!

Cabo Pulmo

The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is located 40 miles north of San Jose del Cabo on the East Cape of Baja, “the interactive peninsula”. Many consider Cabo Pulmo and its system of live coral reefs as the most beautiful underwater sea world in all of the Eastern Pacific, a fact that hardly comes as a surprise once you have seen the wonder for yourself!

The live coral reefs are the only ones in the Gulf of California, representing a natural ecosystem with immense productivity and biological diversity. A definite must-see.

Todos Santos' Famous Hotel California

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is on the Pacific coast, straddling the Tropic of Cancer just one hour north of Cabo. If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of then Todos Santos is the perfect place to head. Founded in 1724, this charming town is considered a small jewel near the Pacific where fishing and agriculture still remain the primary way of life.

The rich farmlands produce goods for the local markets and are enjoyed by many in all the great restaurants Todos has to offer. Be sure to go to the famous Hotel California-a place you don’t want to miss!

Hiking Cabo

A long walk on the beach is certainly a beautiful hike in Los Cabos, but a trek through the desert is equally spectacular. Desert hiking is best in the winter, with comfortable temperatures in the ’70s. Summer hiking in Baja is possible but early morning is the best time to hit the trail. It is dangerous to hike alone, so please plan a trip with fellow experienced hikers and contact a hiking company to book a guided trip.

Aerial View of the Coast, Baja California Sur, Mexico

In addition to incredible rock formations and vegetation, a hike through the desert will allow you to see firsthand the wildlife native to this area. Jackrabbits and rattlesnakes are not unusual – so wear leather boots and make some noise on the trail. You’ll need water, sunscreen, and wear a hat. Nomadas de Baja offers guided hikes from novice to advanced levels. My favorite areas are the nearby La Laguna mountains and the fossil fields of the Cape region. Day trips, overnight hikes, and camping trips are offered, allowing customized adventures for every skill level. History and ecology are emphasized. Private, government-licensed guide service is also an option

One of several highly recommended hikes is the waterfalls at Santiago. This little village is about an hour from Los Cabos on the main highway, past San José. The falls, called cascades, can be found off the main road heading south of Santiago. The hike is an easy half-hour uphill climb through a maze of boulders and rock formations. At the top, you will discover pools of clear water, perfect for swimming, although later in the summer the water levels may be quite low. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy a day at this remote location.

Cycling & Mountain Bikes

By the day or by the hour, mountain bikes are available for rent at Desert Park In Cabo Real Ecological Reserve. In Cabo San Lucas mountain bikes can be rented at Tio Sports for about $5 an hour or $20 for the day. The desert area around Los Cabos and the old lighthouse is favored riding areas. Anyone heading out on a remote back road should take a detailed map of the area and common-sense supplies. Ask about guides when renting your equipment. Cycling alone in remote areas is not recommended. Riding bicycles in busy Cabo San Lucas is not recommended due to traffic, dust, and pedestrians, so either walk it or park it. Helmets are suggested for your own safety.


For experienced hikers and climbers, the Sierra de La Laguna Dry Forest offers amazing views from the highest elevation of Baja California. Sierra de La Laguna offers hiking for people of all ages and abilities and there are many guided tours to amazing areas throughout Los Cabos.

Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Cabo is known for its sandy beaches, world-class scuba diving locations, balnearios, the distinctive sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, and abundant marine life. The Los Cabos Corridor has become a heavily trafficked holiday destination with numerous resorts and timeshares along the coast between San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas
Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas 2008″ by Kirt Edblom

Lover´s Beach

This beautiful beach is one of the most visited in the Los Cabos area. It is surrounded by spectacular rock formations and offers calm water and good snorkeling.

The most interesting about this beach is the fact it is bound with two bodies of water: The Pacific Ocean to the west (called divorce beach) and the Sea of Cortez to the east.

The easy access is done by water taxis that will drop you off and pick you up from the beach. Hikers can access the beach by fairly easy hike from the west side (Sol Mar beach).

Solmar Beach

On the Pacific side, there is a secluded golden sand beach that awakens your senses. This is the perfect beach to enjoy the sunset lying down on the sand.

The view of the Pacific Ocean is incredible. Waves are very high and energetic. It is not a recommended beach for swimming. Public entry from Hotel Sol-Mar.

Medano Beach

Located all along the 2 miles of the eastern shore of Cabo San Lucas, Medano Beach is the most popular beach around Los Cabos. It is an all-day place as it is vibrant with people, restaurants, bars, music, party ambiance.

There are a lot of water sports activities to do, whether it is parasailing, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing or just hanging around and enjoying the beach parties; this is the best place for fun and entertainment. From this beach you can observe the breath-taking landscape of the land’s end. One of the best safe swimming beaches of the area.

The Monument beach

This beach offers the closest surf to Cabo San Luca

With thousands of miles of coastline, Mexico offers everything you could wish for in your beach vacation. Learn more about your favorite beach in the Los Cabos region with Cabo San Lucas Beaches. And if you’re looking for romantic secluded caves and an excellent marine variety, with a backdrop of primordial rock formations and the wilderness of the desert insight, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur is the place.

From soft, gentle breezes over warm blinding sand that stretches and stretches, lapped by gentle waves of sparkling azure waters, perfect for snorkeling and swimming to thumping foamy waves that make any surfer’s dream come true –– the beaches of Los Cabos are bliss.

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