Best Bars & Clubs in Singapore

Singapore’s Wild Nightlife

Singapore‘s burgeoning bar and pub scene means there is now a wide range of drinking holes to choose from, with the Colonial District, Boat Quay and Orchard Road areas offering particularly good pub crawl potential.

With competition heating up, more and more bars are turning to live music to woo punters, though this is usually no more than cover versions performed by local bands. Clubs also do brisk business; glitzy yet unpretentious, they feature the latest imported pop, rock, and dance music, though don’t expect anything like a rave scene – Ecstasy isn’t in the Singaporean dictionary.

A Tryst with Singapore’s Wild Nightlife

I’m one self-confessed party-animal who has grown up partying hard, till the wee hours of morning. Traveling is a part of my work, so I frequently get a chance to visit different countries. I had a chance to witness Singapore’s colorful and vibrant nightlife on one such business trip. It has since then, been my favorite party-destination and weekend getaway.

Singapore is a popular one-stop destination for tourists all over the world. Its natural beauty and multi-faceted, vibrant culture make it a perfect weekend getaway for most tourists.

The ‘Lion City’ unleashes its glittering and dazzling side during the night when a major part of the world goes off to sleep. There are plenty of nightclubs, casinos, pubs and some of the best restaurants in Singapore, to entice part-animals all over the world.

Singapore Bars and pubs

It’s possible to buy a small glass of beer in most bars and pubs for around S$5, but prices can be double or treble that, especially in the Orchard Road district. During Happy Hour in the early evening, bars offer local beers and house wine…

Singapore Clubs

Unlike their London and New York counterparts, Singaporean clubs are refreshingly naive, their customers more intent on enjoying themselves than on posing. European and American dance music dominates, and many features live cover bands. Clubs…

Singapore Traditional entertainment

If you walk around Singapore’s streets for long enough, you’re likely to come across some sort of street-side cultural event, most usually a wayang, or Chinese opera, played out on tumbledown outdoor stages that spring up overnight.

Best Singapore Clubs for Party Lovers

I often end up packing my bags each Friday, to visit lively Singapore. A night of uninterrupted fun and partying in Singapore is the best way to unwind after a taxing week at work. Some of my favorite party spots in Singapore are:

1. Orgo Bar and Lab

If you are someone who is not too fond of too many parties and despise the din, this is the place for you. It is a roof-top bar where you can enjoy being dressy and have fun. It is the best place to enjoy drinking and walking, while admiring the alluring sights.

2. Parkview Square

With ravishing interiors and exteriors, Parkview Square is easily the most expensive building in Singapore. It is a must-visit for art-enthusiasts who can enjoy admiring its unique, art-deco style.

3. Zouk Club

This is undoubtedly my favorite place in Singapore. You can enjoy some real dancing here, along with lip-smacking food and drinks. It is one club thronged by party-animals all over the world.

4. The Wavehouse

This is one trendy and lively club situated in the Sentosa Island. You can enjoy both beach outdoors and comfortable indoor settings in this club. You can also enjoy the live concerts that are frequently organized here. This is one place that you would love even when you visit alone.

5. Boat Quay & Clark Quay

You can enjoy the magnificent sight of a thousand glittering lights along the skyscrapers. It is an excellent place to go with your partner, so you can enjoy the welcoming air and good food with wine.

Why do I love Partying in Singapore?

Singapore is replete with best party spots, but there is much more to it than these bewitching party joints. Some reasons why most party-lovers are attracted to this vibrant city are:

1. Food

Parties are incomplete without good food, which is abundantly available in Singapore. The diverse Singaporean cuisines tantalize taste-buds of foodies all over the world. There are attractive party menus to suit tastes of food-lovers all over the world. My personal favorites include the refreshing summer salad, chili and chickpea bites, red wine ragu, chili chicken, prawn cocktail and lamb shanks. I’ve particularly enjoyed savoring the Singaporean sugary delights and I’m dying to taste the baked figs with flapjacks pudding again.

2. Casinos

Singapore has recently set-up of casinos. Trade pundits believe that casinos in Singapore are competent enough to give the ones in Vegas a run for money. Though I’ve never been lucky at gambling, my visit to the Integrated Resort, Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World Sentosa is always enjoyable. These luxurious casinos are an ideal place to enjoy and spend a memorable evening with friends.

3. Safety

Singapore, the calm and commercial city during daytime, gradually transforms into a lively place, bedazzled with wild parties. The entire city undergoes a magical transformation wherein all professionals loosen up their ties and sway to the jazzy music after a hard day’s work. A major reason why most people in Singapore can enjoy a relaxed and party atmosphere is because of the low crime-rate in Singapore. It is safe for women to party late, though it is always better to exercise caution to some extent.

4. Easy Visa Availability

Traveling to Singapore has become easy due to a relatively easy availability of Tourist Visa. Those willing to spend more time in Singapore can even apply for Singapore Holiday Pass. I also enjoy the convenience and availability of flights from any country to Singapore.

Partying frugally in Singapore

Singapore is undoubtedly an expensive place for partying, especially while comparing it to the rest of Asia. You can however, enjoy a wild party even while being frugal. Some simple budget-friendly ideas that can be followed while partying in Singapore are:

1. Enter the Hawker Centre

If you are planning to have a gala time on a limited budget, party at hawker centers. With some of the best food delicacies available here, you can have quite a party at these centers. I often head towards most casinos and clubs after a hearty meal at these centers. The meals are cheaper and the food tastes divine.

2. Cheap Alcohol

Alcohol is quite expensive in Singapore, so getting smashed may not be cheap in Singapore. You can however, take advantage of happy hours in Singapore. Boozing during these happy hours, which are usually between 5 o’ Clock to 9 o’ Clock, can help you enjoy the booze at discounted rates. I particularly envy ladies, who can enjoy free champagne, draught beers and on-the-house drinks for free on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can also get beer for the cheapest prices at hawker centers or food courts.

Final Word

With availability of food and drinks along with good party options in Singapore, you can enjoy the best-ever nightlife there. The nightclubs and casinos are exciting enough to have you partying all week there. I’m also eagerly looking forward to partying in Singapore, on the next possible weekend!

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