12 Charming Small Towns in Arkansas

Small Towns in Arkansas Worth a Visit

There is enough beauty in the Natural State for all tastes and likes. Nature is breath-taking and wild, activities are plentiful, and the climate is usually tourist-friendly. Besides venturing out into the rivers and forests, visitors should definitely check these 12 Arkansas tourist towns to complete the taste of Arkansas.

Jasper, AR

Jasper is situated in Ozark Mountains, close to the National Buffalo River, and thus boasts spectacular views and plentiful greenery. Tourists can visit mountains, enjoy the views, and marvel at elk herds in the forests. The town’s downtown area is small but cozy. Visitors can walk around, enjoy historic buildings, small family shops, and a multitude of different restaurants.

Ozark Mountains
Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

Jasper has some of the most breathtaking views in the state. There’s no smarter way to see them than by going on a hike. Within a short drive of downtown Jasper, there are a few trails of varying difficulty. The Round Top Mountain Trail is ideal for hikers who enjoy a moderate altitude change. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views, particularly from the North View Lookout Point.

Going underground is one of the best ways to beat the heat. Mystic Caverns includes both the 1800s-discovered Mystic Caverns and the 1967-discovered Crystal Dome. The caves are fun for the whole family, beautiful, and a great way to cool off on a hot day.

Hot Springs, AR

As the name suggests, this town attracts people who want to visit and enjoy the natural hot thermal water. Many different places offer thermal baths and various other relaxing aquatic procedures. The town is home to beautiful buildings on Bathhouse Row for architecture lovers to enjoy. Nature enthusiasts can explore the nearby Hot Springs National Park.

Arkansas Hot Springs National Park
Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

The city is well-known for its healing waters, which are now available in luxury spas, but it is also known for its eclectiv museums, such as the Gangster Museum, galleries, inns, and theme parks, like Funtrackers Family Park and Magic Cove. There are several splendid parks just outside Hot Springs, Arkansas, like the Ouachita National Forest, in which you can hike through dense woods of ancient trees.

The Grand Promenade is a half-mile-long brick boardwalk that runs parallel to  Bathhouse Row and Central Avenue in Hot Springs. As it is somewhat removed from the crowds of the main streets, this pedestrian-only path serves as a welcome respite from the city’s din. Standing at a higher elevation, it provides visitors with a view of the backs of the bathhouses on Bathhouse Row.

Mountain View, AR

This town is famous for its music and is regarded as the folk music center of the world. Those coming for music can also marvel at the rich culture and beauty of nearby Ozark Mountains, natural scenery, and close proximity of such places as the White River and Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Arkansas Caverns
Blanchard Springs Caverns, Arkansas

Tourists can enjoy fishing, exploring caves, swimming, and hiking, or simply revel in the sounds of music and the tastes of good food.

Batesville, AR

The oldest downtown in the state of Arkansas is located in Batesville. Visitors can also take in some history while exploring the first urban farmstead nearby.

The area was inhabited by Scottish settlers and honors its heritage during the Arkansas Scottish Festival every year.

Little Pocket Park right in the town features beautiful mosaics. The entire area is known for its beauty during fall months and attracts many tourists with colorful leaves.

Mountain Home, AR

This town is located between Norfork and Bull Shores Lakes and offers spectacular scenery and water-related activities. There is no surprise that visitors rush there every summer. Mountain Home is one of the most popular vacation spots in the state and showcases the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

The town is where nature and civilization meet. Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for the historic downtown, multiple unique eateries, and cozy shops.

Arkansas Bull Shores Lake
Sunrise at Bull Shores Lake, Arkansas

El Dorado, AR

El Dorado was founded as an oil boomtown in the early 20th century and now became a good representative of the era with its beautifully restored downtown. The town is in Arkansas Timberlands and was voted the Best America’s Downtown in 2009. This little town is home to spectacular gardens that boast The South Arkansas Arboretum and span for 13 acres. Plant lovers can walk the trails and enjoy plentiful blooms and exotic flora species.

Heber Springs, AR

The town is located on the Greers Ferry Lake in the north part of Arkansas. The town is naturally beautiful and invites nature lovers to enjoy its refreshing environment. Downtown lovers have plenty of walking and shopping to do the town itself, while outdoorsy families head out to explore the lake and the Little Red River.

Visitors have been drawn to Heber Springs by the mineral water bubbling up from deep within the earth since before the town was founded. The damming of the Little Red River and the subsequent establishment of Greers Ferry Lake transformed this area in the state’s north central region into a summer resort that draws visitors from Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and beyond. Greers Ferry has a lot more to offer whether you’re fishing, paddleboarding, sailing, or watching the Cardboard Boat Races.

Eureka Springs, AR

The town is built on the foothills of the Ozark Mountains and offers steep streets and famous views to the mountains and valleys below. There are plenty of natural springs to enjoy and hike to.

Eureka Springs, located in the NW corner of Arkansas, is a city rich in natural wonders. It’s a resort town named after the abundant supply of mineral pools in the area. The therapeutic properties that drew Native cultures and settlers to this Ozark Mountains hideaway continue to draw tourists today, and tourists of all ages frequently appreciate the history here.

Eureka Springs is also famous for its artists and is voted as one of the greatest towns for art by American Style Magazine for many years in a row. Visitors enjoy beautiful Victorian-style homes lined along narrow and steep streets in the little cozy downtown.

Magnolia, AR

Magnolia surprises its visitors with a unique southern charm and plentiful murals celebrating its heritage. The town is a popular destination for nature lovers, who come to enjoy the beauty of a nearby Lake Columbia.

Hikers have plenty of trails to conquer at the Logoly State Park, while photographers can enjoy beautiful picturesque spots along the trails.

Fairfield Bay, AR

This small town is definitely endowed with natural beauty. It is located on the shores of Greers Ferry Lake in the Ozark Mountains and offers plentiful opportunities to connect with nature. Golfers will have a time of their life playing in one of two beautiful courses. Hikers will love exploring the Sugar Loaf Mountain or the caves of Indian Rock.

The town features breathtaking mountain scenery and a wide range of outdoor activities, such as fishing and boating on scenic Greers Ferry Lake, two 18-hole championship golf courses, 90+ miles of UTV trails, 20+ miles of trekking trails, the legendary Sugar Loaf Mountain Island, and discovering the boulders and heritage of the caves at the landmark Indian Rock House Cave.

Siloam Springs, AR

This town is another place famous for natural hot springs and a great chance to explore nature. It was voted one of the best small towns in 2012 by Smithsonian Magazine.

Finding things to do in the area should be easy, as it is full of beautiful forest, multiple states, and a variety of cultural and historic sites of interest. With a population of slightly more than 15,000 people, you’ll enjoy the town’s quaint charm as well.

Siloam Springs invites visitors to discover its beautiful downtown and shop boutique stores. Nature lovers come here to hike and photograph its parks and Sager Creek surroundings. The river runs through the town itself and offers beautiful views from every angle.

Van Buren, AR

Van Buren is established on the magnificent Arkansas River and offers multiple photographic opportunities for visitors and tourists alike. The town is historic and has been restored to protect its beauty and glorious past for generations to come.

Van Buren, Arkansas has become a mecca for those looking for hard-to-find collectibles, one-of-a-kind gifts, Ozark crafts, original art, and much more. Six blocks of historic sites, eateries, antique shops, and art galleries make up the Historic Downtown District. Escape rooms, theatrical productions, the King Opera House, train trips, hiking trails, and a variety of other activities are available. The Drennen-Scott Historic Site provides a glimpse into Van Buren’s past, and there are several recreational opportunities nearby.

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