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You belong in the zoo, Reid Park Zoo! The Reid Park Zoo is a city-owned zoo started in 1965 by Gary Reid who was the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Tucson at the time. Today the zoo still bears his name and is committed to conservation, providing a healthy environment for the animals and bringing education and fun to visitors of ages.

The zoo is a fabulous place to visit, especially in the early mornings when the animals are active and the weather is cool. Fall brings picture-perfect weather and a quieter, more intimate experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the trained docents who often have touch stations with neat things to look at and learn about. Docents wear tan pants and red or white shirts.

Reid Park Zoo

The zoo is laid out into four different zones, the Adaptation Zone, South American Animals, Asian Animals, and African Animals. It takes about two hours to explore the Reid Park Zoo and to see all the animals.

Giraffe Encounter

For a once in a lifetime opportunity, head over to the Giraffe Encounter. Each day at 10:00 AM visitors can take part in feeding these towering giants. For $2, you too can feed the giraffes.

Reid Park Zoo Express

Another way to experience Reid Park Zoo is to get a ticket to the Reid Park Zoo Express. This train takes you around the park where you can see the zoo from your own train car.

Special events

Special events occur at the zoo all year round with such exciting adventures such as evening safaris, beastly breakfasts, behind-the-scenes workshops, zookeeper-in-training programs, and more. Each event, class, or program is designed to teach, entertain, and inspire children and adults alike.

Did you know you can rent the zoo?

When the zoo closes to the public, it can open its doors for your party, picnic, wedding, or another special event.

The Reid Park Zoo is a small, intimate zoo with animals galore. It recently obtained additional acreage from Reid Park with plans for expansion in the works.

Over 500 Animals

You’ll thoroughly enjoy your visit to the Reid Park Zoo where you’ll see a collection of over 500 wild and exotic animals in natural settings such as the Asian rain forest or the African savannah. All of this is located in the heart of Tucson but you’ll feel like you’re a world away.

The zoo is open year-round from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM with the exception of Christmas Day when it is closed and Thanksgiving Day when it closes at noon. It’s located off of Randolph Way north of 22nd Street. Admission prices are reasonable and cost just $6 for adults with further discounts for seniors and children. To top it off, parking is free.

Reid Park Zoo
3400 E Zoo Ct
Tucson, AZ 85716

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