Explore History at the Anderson County Museum

Anderson County Museum – Anderson, SC

Located on the western side of South Carolina, the county of Anderson was named after the Revolutionary War leader Robert Anderson. Many of the towns that populate the county have significant historical importance, and the Anderson County Museum makes sure to catalog all the various parts of this history.

The museum, which reopened in 2003, has a mission to collect and exhibits, artifacts, and items that best illustrate the long history of Anderson County. This is very important to preserving the cultural heritage of the area. Many people, from schoolchildren to people on vacation, come to the museum to have a good time and learn. The museum has even won an Achievement Award for all of its efforts in preserving the history of Anderson County.

The 26,000 square foot building, which is located on Greenville Street in Anderson, has 12,000 feet of exhibit space. The museum houses a number of permanent exhibits, all of which help to paint the picture of what life was like in the area in the past.

Some of the popular permanent exhibits include a look at how electricity came to the area, as well as how important of a part of life agriculture really was. Other exhibits include tributes to textiles, the military and warfare, the hall of fame, a hot air balloon, and the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor.

You can even take a tour of the museum and have a professional and knowledgeable guide take you around and explain many of the different artifacts to you. The museum is very popular with school groups as well, and many programs are available to help children get a better grasp of history by seeing and experiencing parts of history in a hands-on fashion.

Some of the popular programs that people who come to the museum and partake in are the Introduction to the Anderson County Museum, Daybreak at the Cowpens, and programs that go into great detail about the Confederate army in the Civil War.

The museum is open from 10AM until 7PM on Tuesdays, and from 10AM to 4PM on Wednesday through Saturday.

Don’t forget to check out the gift shop as well so you can pick up a souvenir by which you can remember your trip to Anderson!

202 East Greenville ST
Anderson,SC 29621
Phone: (864) 260-4737

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