Top 10 Best Alabama Tourist Attractions

Most Beautiful Places in Alabama

Alabama is the southern state of the United States of America. This beautiful state won tourist’s heart for many tourist attractions as well as taught them about the new standard of people’s lifestyle who live in Alabama. Here is the short but brief description of most beautiful places in the state of Alabama.

10. Birmingham, AL

Tourist should definitely visit Birmingham city while their visit to Alabama on a trip. This is the city which is ranked in 100 high paying state in United States of America. Its educational sector is very well established with a great teacher student ratio of 1:13. You can easily lead a high quality life within your median household income. History is often what attract people to visit and let them imagine what it would be like if he/she was their at that time. Some time it give pleasure & happiness, and some time this idea terrifies people about living in a stone age or in middle of the war.

Sloss Furnaces is an iron producing factory and initially will not look very attractive but this is a historic landmark for the people living there because it is generating revenue for the city economic growth for almost 90 years. The Birmingham Zoo is a non-profitable tourist attraction in Alabama serving almost half a million visitors annually with more then 1000 different animals and species. Barber Motorsports Park is one of the most visited place in Birmingham. It is the multi-purpose racing track where grand prix racing take place.

9. Albertville, AL

It’s located in Marshall County. Lowest Unemployment rate, low crime rate is its specialty. Here people are not able to make as much as the people in Mountain Brook. But the living cost also not as high as in the Mountain Brook.

8. Mountain Brook, AL

Mountain Brook is one of the costliest cities to live in Alabama. But people here so high quality life that, it may say that, they get all the cost back, they spend to live there. The teacher student ration is very low there, 1 teacher for each 13 students. Lowest crime is another character of the city.

7. Chelsea, AL

A football club may cross your mind when you heard the name Chelsea. Here comes the city of Chelsea. Tourist may love the city and tourism sector of this city is enriched as it’s one of the safest places in Alabama. The unemployment rate is the lowest here, just only 5 percent. People lead a very high quality life here with a median income.

6. Enterprise, AL

Enterprise is another affordable city in Alabama. This city is known for its well known Boll Weevil Monument. This city is famous for low unemployment like the rest of the country. Here unemployment rate is 6.2 percent. It’s one of the most affordable cities in Alabama. It comes after Calera and Florence in the series of affordable city.

5. Calera, AL

It’s one of those cities who have grown as a city very fast. Calera is one of the famous cities where the population seemed a mere in the 2000 census. It’s actually a fun fact about Calera. Calera is a wonderful place to live in with a family. There is 1 teacher for every 14 students, so every student gets sufficient notice from the teacher. The crime level is very poor here. Very low percentage of unemployed people live there; it’s only 5.4 percent. Living tax is also very low there, only 8 percent.

The Heart of Dixie Railroad Club was founded in Birmingham, AL over 50 years ago. They acquired land on which to house and restore various trains, but due to vandalism, they decided to relocate south to Calera, Alabama. They bought 10 miles of track as well as various other antique trains and fixtures for display. They also got two train stations. One is now the ticket office, and the other is the library. They provide weekend train rides through the Alabama countryside in open and closed cars.

4. Florence, AL

Tourists are attracted to this city of Florence. Florence tourism is really much enriched. Travelers here get a very luxurious life to lead for some days also experience how luxurious people can be. The city is all about luxury and beauty. You will be amazed with the night view and the summer music festival called W.C. Handy Music Festival. It’s considered as one of the best place in Alabama because of the nature as well. The temperature is not so 78 as average. It’s a very joyful place to make a tour on next summer.

3. Pelham, AL

Pelham is also a very beautiful place with lots of beautiful houses and very green nature around them. The people here also live a quality life as there are very few people who are jobless there. Pelham is one of the most famous places for employment .Pelham is a community of Birmingham in Shelby County. This city is considered as very safe, according to the percentage of crime.

2. Madison, AL

Madison is also very perfect for the tourist and tourism who is interested in the city life. This city is very much safer than the other as the crime numbers are really very low there. The people are happy there as their income is much more than the other states of the country. The lifestyle there is high enough and peoples lead a very high quality life. It’s good for the visitors. They can enjoy the roadside views and enjoy a high quality vacation life.

1. Auburn, AL

Auburn, Alabama, is a city that adores football; everywhere you look, you are reminded of the Auburn Tigers, and it is something that has brought the people of this wonderful city together over the years.

Auburn’s unofficial nickname is “The Loveliest Village on the Plains,” and it’s easy to see why once you arrive. Many activities in Auburn involve getting out in the fresh air and taking in the stunning scenery of the parks, golf courses, and preserves.

The view of Auburn resident is worthy of some time. The tourist will love their holidays there for sure. Lots of things are there for the tourists. People can enjoy the dazzling nightlife and enjoy the casinos, art galleries and restaurants. It’s an enriched shopping destination as well.

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