Guide to Leaving the Airport at your Destination

Basic of Air Travel: Leaving the Airport

You made it! You are off the plane and walking through the terminal. Your journey is almost finished.

If you checked your bags, you now need to head to the baggage claim. There’s no reason to rush, it’s going to take a while for the bag to arrive, so if you need to stop by the bathroom or make a phone call, you’ve got plenty of time.

When you arrive in the baggage claim area, look to see when the bags from your flight will be. Sometimes the carousel is announced as you get off the plane, but it always pays to double-check as things do change.

Once you locate the carousel where your bags will be arriving, look around, and find a spot to wait for your bags. The front of the offloading area will be where most people go to wait. You can avoid the pushing and shove by locating a spot where it’s not quite so crowded and let everyone else stress out of being first to their bags.

When the bags stats rolling by, keep an eye out for your bag. Hopefully, you’ll have put a brightly colored bag tag on it, so it will be easy to spot. Lift your bag off the carousel and double-check that it really is yours. Mistakes happen all the time, so be sure to double-check. If you are waiting for another bag, make sure that you aren’t blocking access to the carousel area with the bag that you already have. If you are traveling with other people, you can have someone else wait with the bag a few yards away from the carousel, helping to keep the area clear.

After you have retrieved all of your bags you are ready to go. Keep your baggage claim checks handy as you leave the baggage claim area, as some airports still match them up.

As you walk out of the airport, take a deep breath, exhale all the frustrations out of your system, and shrug off all of the annoyances that have happened. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, start your time off on a pleasant note.

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