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Raja Yoga: the Royal Yoga

The three major types of yoga we emphasized before – Gyana yoga (Jnana yoga) or the yoga of wisdom and discrimination, bhakti yoga or yoga of devotion, karma yoga or yoga of activity, Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga really describes the path which every devotee has to walk in order to achieve enlightenment and are one philosophy in different emphasis. They are not different, they need one another to make you a perfect yogi. They complement each other. You need to practice them all in your daily life if you want to reach the absolute truth and merge in the infinite bliss.

The goal of all of these types of yoga is to lead you to eternal silent joy and ecstasy. And if you really want to extract the essence of yoga and get there you need to practice all of them in your daily life. There is no real point in practicing only one of these yoga’s and get only a mediocre result like an intellectual understanding of the creation through gyana yoga or just lose weight through hatha yoga and not touch God’s gem, the gem of His garment.

This is the path of Raja yoga the royal yoga. Raja yoga leads you to enlightenment, to superconsciousness. Raja yoga is the perfection of all these 3 major different types of yoga along with hatha yoga the physical yoga and meditation. The harmonious combination of gyana yoga the yoga of wisdom and discrimination, bhakti yoga the yoga of devotion, karma yoga the yoga of activity, hatha yoga the physical yoga along with meditation as the supreme guide of all these yoga’s, constitutes the path of Raja yoga, the “royal” yoga.

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Rāja yoga – Wikipedia
In Sanskrit texts, Rāja yoga (/ˈrɑːdʒə ˈjoʊɡə/) was both the goal of yoga and a method of attaining it. The term also became a modern name for the practice of yoga…

Raja Yoga
Raja Yoga is the path of self-discipline and practice. As Yoga aspirants, we ought to acquaint ourselves with the traditional scriptures of Yoga philosophy, such as the Bhagavad Gita, the…

Raja yoga – New World Encyclopedia
Rāja Yoga (“Royal Yoga,” “Royal Union,” also known as Classical Yoga or simply Yoga) is one of the six orthodox (astika) schools of Hindu philosophy, outlined by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. It is also sometimes referred to as Aṣṭānga (eight-limbed)…

Raja Yoga & Meditation Center
Raja Yoga and Meditation Center. of Greater Philadelphia. Contact us. Raja yoga & meditation center of greater Philadelphia 724 south 20TH street Philadelphia, pa.

Raja Yoga: 8 Essential Stages Toward Moksha (Total Liberation)…
In Raja Yoga, Prananaya is the control of the breath. In Hindu scriptures, all of existence is comprised of two essential elements: akasha and prana. Akasha is responsible for creating all known forms…

Raja Yoga
Raja Yoga is the king of Yogas. It concerns directly with the mind. Raja Yoga pushes the student to the highest rung of the spiritual ladder of Advaitic realization of Brahman.

Raja Yoga – Definition from Yogapedia
Raja yoga is more popularly known as Ashtanga yoga, or the “eightfold path” that leads to spiritual liberation. Ancient Sanskrit texts describe Raja yoga as being the ultimate goal of yoga practice…

Raja Yoga, Oneness through Meditation • Yoga Basics
Raja Yoga is so highly revered because it attains enlightenment from direct control and mastery of the mind. This approach makes Raja Yoga an extremely challenging and difficult practice to engage in.

What is the difference between raja yoga, hatha yoga and… – Quora
Raja-yoga is a yoga of work exclusively with consciousness, i.e. meditation (and introspection). In raja yoga there are no asanas, and there are only a few popular pranayamas in it (as in Buddhism).

Brahma Kumaris – What is Raja Yoga Meditation?
Raja Yoga Meditation. Meditation is the journey inwards, a journey of self-discovery or, in fact, re-discovery. Meditation is time taken for quiet reflection and silence…

Raja Yoga Center – Home | Facebook
Raja Yoga Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 4.4K likes. This is the official Facebook page for the Raja Yoga Center. Find out more about us at

Raja Yoga – Raja Yogis
Raja Yoga, sometimes called the “Royal Yoga” is inclusive of all yogas, and its philosophy goes Raja Yogis Michele Hébert and Mehrad Nazari were drawn to Raja Yoga because of its authentic and…

What is Raja Yoga – YouTube
Masterclass in Raja Yoga – Brahma Kumaris UK – Продолжительность: 1:31:32 Brahma Kumaris UK 53 428 “The Essence of Raja Yoga” – A Talk by Swami Satchidananda (Integral Yoga)…

Raja Yoga Academy | Hot Yoga Teacher Training
Raja Yoga Academy is officially recognized as a 500hr Registered Yoga School and Continuing Education Provider by both Yoga Alliance and the Original Hot Yoga Association.

Raja Yoga
Eight Steps in Raja Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga). Raja Yoga, the royal way of God-union, is the science of actual realization of the kingdom of God that lies within oneself.

Raja Yoga – Ashanga 8 limbs Yoga | Sivananda Yoga Farm
Raja Yoga or ashtanga yoga is the 8 limbs yoga which is a scientific approach to concentration and regulation of the thought waves.

Six Yoga Systems: Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Jnana, Kriya, Karma
Raja Yoga / Radja Yoga Raja Yoga means royal and is sometimes called the crown of Hatha Yoga. Raja adds concentration after body and mind are cleaned and trained to stay calm and attentive.

RajaYoga TV – RajaYoga TV
Raja Yoga TV is online on demand television programming, podcast and articles that take viewers, listeners and readers into the depth of spiritual knowledge and practice…

How to Do Raja Yoga (with Pictures) – wikiHow
Raja Yoga is a type of meditation. Thought of as the “royal path,” it trains you to use your mind to become self-actualized. Once it is learned with sincerity, you may find self-control, discipline…

Yoga Teachings, Techniques, Lifestyle & Meditation
The Raja_Yoga community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. A kind and harmonious place to discuss and learn about meditation and other aspects of yoga teachings…

Everything you need to know about Raja Yoga Meditation
Raja Yoga meditation is a spiritual process for helping you understand yourself better and controls the body using the power of the mind. It helps awaken your positive qualities that are buried deep within.

Raja Yoga | World Pranic Healing
Raja Yoga is the practice of the concentration & awareness of the ‘seed of consciousness’ or the ‘blue pearl’. The technique used in Raja Yoga is very powerful.

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4. Raja Yoga: – Literally this means Yoga of the king (with the shahzada essentiality the mind). This type of yoga is about controlling the mind to get from palaestra 0 to 7, (i.e. crushing the king)…

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