World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs – Thermopolis, Wyoming

This natural wonder lies within Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Wyoming. The liquid that forms the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs begins its journey in the Owl Creek Mountains, eventually making its way underground. It’s there where the heating element does its work, a volcanic action that brings the average temperature of the Springs to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The mineral component of the Springs comes with the absorption of chemicals from rocks, and gasses associated with the volatile interior of the earth.

And when it all gathers, when it pools at the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs, it becomes the World’s Largest, with an infusion of an amazing 18 million, 600 thousand gallons a day.

World's Largest Mineral Hot Springs.
Part of the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs. (Wikipedia/Iidar Sagdeje)

These magnificent springs have proven enjoyable, and even medicinal, for centuries. Native American people in Central Wyoming, of course most-recently the Shoshone and Arapaho Nations, used the Springs for medicinal and spiritual purposes for hundreds of years. The U.S. government re-acquired the land, a 10-square mile parcel, for 60,000-dollars, in 1896. Shoshone Chief Washakie and Arapaho Chief Sharp Nose were signatories to the sale.

The World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs lie in the middle of Wyoming and provide a wonderful experience in the sheer power and mystique of the earth below. It’s a soothing dip into the natural waters at The World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs.

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Thermopolis, Wyoming – Gateway to Yellowstone Country
Thermopolis is a unique and remarkable corner of the world and we want to share it with visitors who are looking to experience a powerful sense of place created by nature. There are only one world’s largest mineral hot springs and it’s right here in Thermopolis!

Top 10 Natural Hot Springs in The World – WondersList
It is the second-largest among the natural hot water springs in the world and is located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The greyish-blue water of the lake, bounded by high cliffs, is in a perpetual rolling-boil state, bubbling away to give off a cloud of vapor that envelops the lake.

Thermopolis, WY – World’s Largest Hot Springs
The title “World’s Largest Hot Springs” is definitely deceiving, as largest doesn’t apply to the size, but to the amount of water that flushes through. But visitors can take a free dip in the heat regulated indoor/outdoor pools. Beautiful park and friendly staff.

Hot Springs, Bison and Dinosaurs in Thermopolis
The town is renowned for the iconic white large letters on the side of Monument Hill that proclaim it home to the “World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs.” While that decades-old claim was more of a marketing campaign than truth, the town is a hot springs paradise with multiple places to slip into the hot mineral waters and soak.

Wyoming’s Hot Springs State Park Is Home To The World’s …
The Big Spring (again with the clever names, Wyoming) is the single largest mineral hot spring in the world. Flickr / Jasperdo These natural wonders are open to the public for free exploration as a result of a treaty signed in 1896 with local Native American tribes.

Hot Springs State Park – Thermopolis, Wyoming
Come for the hot springs, but prepare to be enchanted by all that Hot Springs State Park has to offer. Relax in the park’s Free Bath House where the 104-degree water soothes away aches and pains. You don’t have to go to Yellowstone to see Bison. Wyoming’s state Bison Herd is located in the Hot Springs State Park.

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