Crazy Woman Canyon, Wyoming

The name, Crazy Woman Canyon, certainly grabs your attention, much like it did for those making their way along the bloody Bozeman Trail in the mid-1800s. Crazy Woman Canyon was a point along the dangerous route north, as were Crazy Woman Creek, which flows through the canyon, and the Crazy Woman Battlefield nearby. But it’s the canyon, with the eerie name, that is the true landmark here in Powder River/Bighorn Mountain country of Wyoming.

Crazy Woman Canyon is a spectacular sight with high cliffs on both sides, highlighted by an assortment of boulders that have tumbled from above. The canyon with the crazy name is located between Kaycee and Buffalo, east of today’s major route, I-25. The road that leads into Crazy Woman Canyon is a tad rugged, but it’ll get you there.

Ah yes, and how Crazy Woman Canyon got its name. Well, like many landmarks and legends from the Wyoming Frontier, even before Territory and long before Statehood days, there are varying stories and theories as to how they took their names. Call them legend or call them fact, there are two such theories for Crazy Woman Canyon. One says it was named for an Indian woman, left to live alone in her teepee here, who went insane. The other tells a tragic and violent tale of the settler who witnessed the capture and scalping of her husband by Indians, which drove her to insanity.

Crazy Woman Canyon served as a passageway for centuries for Native Indians. It was a perfect staging area for war parties during the Plains Indian Wars, and one has to wonder how many times some of the local outlaws in the late 1800s might have used the canyon to aid in a getaway or two. It’s a beautiful stone landmark with a lot of history and a little insanity, at Crazy Woman Canyon.

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Crazy Woman Canyon Is A Hidden Gem In Wyoming
You can find Crazy Woman Canyon at 735-767 Crazy Woman Canyon Road in Buffalo, WY. If you’re driving all the way out here for the Canyon, you’d be wise to take the time to visit the town of Buffalo, as well. Enjoy the historic Cowboy Outpost, stay at the Eerie and Fascinating Occidental Hotel, and dine in the now-famous Bumble Bee Cafe.

Crazy Woman Canyon (Wyoming) – Tripadvisor
We drove the Crazy Women Canyon road outside Buffalo Wyoming. We took highway 16 west out of Buffalo and drove for approximately 30 miles. The drive was very scenic. The sign for the turn off to Crazy Women canyon road is small but very noticeable.

Crazy Woman Canyon Road, a very scenic drive in Wyoming
Crazy Woman Canyon Road is a very scenic drive located in Johnson County, Wyoming, in United States. A high clearance vehicle is an absolute must. It’s pretty bumpy, but the scenery is absolutely beautiful. The road winds past enormous cliffs that seem to rise up into the sky.

Crazy Woman Campground –
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Crazy Woman Canyon Camp, Spiritriders Retreat, WY: 7 …
Crazy Woman Canyon Camp was a hoot. It is a little out of the way (DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE DIRECTIONS) but well worth the experience. Mikel is warm and welcoming. She is fun and interesting to talk with, and goes out of her way to make your stay a great experience. Yogurt, fruit and muffins for breakfast were a welcome surprise.

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