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There are questions that linger to this day as to what caused the crash. It was wartime Wyoming, June 28, 1943. And it was a training run of a World War II workhorse, a B-17 Bomber. And something went terribly wrong. The aircraft, with a crew of 10 servicemen aboard, flew into the face of a peak in the Big Horn Mountains. The exact site of the crash, a precipice of more than 12,000-feet in the Cloud Peak Wilderness, was named by the Sheridan Chapter of American War Dads. And has been known ever since as Bomber Mountain.

Cloud Peak and Bomber Mountain
Cloud Peak and Bomber Mountain. (Ttharp23/Wikipedia)

It took two years to find the wreckage at Bomber Mountain, in the rugged Bighorns. And there are still some remnants of the wreckage visible today. But as to the cause of the tragedy, well, the mystery and speculation lives on. The fact is, no one really knows. Was it a mechanical failure? Was it a miscalculation? Did the pilot not negotiate the height of the mountain face?

And here we are, several decades later, with no answers to any of those questions. And we’ll probably never know what really happened before the tragedy at Bomber Mountain.

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Bomber Mountain : Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering …
Bomber Mountain is located in the Cloud Peak Wilderness area about 22 miles West of Buffalo Wyoming and makes up part of the backbone of the Bighorn Mountains.

Backpacking In the Bighorns – Hiking Bomber Mountain …
Specifically, a hike up to the top of Bomber Mountain is an experience you won’t quickly forget. Lake Marion. This hike takes place in an area of the Bighorns known as the Cloud Peak Wilderness. Not the highest peak in the area, but still, Bomber Mountain sits at over 12,840 feet in elevation.

Climbing Bomber Mountain – YouTube
This is the story of our family’s hiking trip and climbs to the top of Bomber Mountain, to visit the crash site more than 70 years later. Along the way we would encounter adventure, wildlife …

Bomber Mountain Mountain Information
Bomber Mountain Climbing Notes. Be the first to submit your climbing note! Please submit any useful information about climbing Bomber Mountain that may be useful to other climbers. Consider things such as access and accommodation at the base of Bomber Mountain, as well as the logistics of climbing to the summit.

The legend of Bomber Mountain | WyoFile
The remains of the plane still sit on the ridge of what is now called Bomber Mountain. The Forest Service officially named the mountain in honor of the plane crash in 1946, the same year a local veterans group placed a plaque with the names of the crew on the east side of the ridge.

The Hike Up Bomber Mountain Is One Of The Most Unique In …
The Unique Hike In Wyoming That Leads You To Plane Wreckage From 1943. Wyoming’s wilderness areas are home to all sorts of hidden treasures. From natural wonders to historic markers, stunning trailheads, and breathtaking overlooks, it’s hard to not enjoy your time away from the world. If you’re looking for a truly unique adventure, take a weekend off and hike up Bomber Mountain in the …

Bomber Mountain | Outdoors Features
Many hikers who plan to climb Cloud Peak or Bomber Mountain will set up a base camp in the alpine tundra near the lake. Climbers can ascend massive Bomber Mountain from the west or the east.

Big Adventure and First Ascents in … – Climbing Magazine
The trees thin and then vanish above Mistymoon Lake, and the wranglers are shivering in their jeans in an icy rain when we catch the horses 6.5 miles in. Mark and I strap the daypacks to our groaning, overladen packs, hike down to Paint Rock Creek—Mark, the Wyoming native, calls it a “crick”—and bushwhack another three miles to a campsite at the head of the drainage at 11,000 feet.

15 Miles: Bomber Mountain & 10,000 Golden Trout
Soon enough I was climbing Bomber Mountain, and I was at the wreckage within 40 minutes, with a vertical climb from 10,875 feet to 11,946′, which puts it at a fairly low elevation and easily accessible to anyone in decent shape. Again, a leisurely pace as I just didn’t feel all that well.

Bomber Mountain Climber’s Log: Climbing, Hiking …
bomber Mountain takes 1. almost successfully, but could not find the wreck. Went up northeast of lake Florence, then mostly north stopped when the mountain did, at 12,800. Saw later there is a 12840 point west of where I was about 1/2mile. The suspect wreck is over on the western ridge. Darn, that bomber mountain top is large. Going back in 2008 to …

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