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2024 Wyoming Visitors Guide

The peaks of the Grand Teton Range descend gradually into rolling foothills, then taper off into the wide-open plains of the eastern part of the state. This diverse geography is what makes the state a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and a paradise for visitors and residents alike. In the Wyoming Rockies, the rugged landscape offers world-class skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, and kayaking through the Snake River Canyon. Trophy trout are regularly pulled from mountain streams and lakes, while big and small game hunting tours are popular throughout the state.

Wyoming Rockies Tourism

The Wyoming Rockies are home to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, as well as the Jackson area with its famous Jackson Hole Valley. East Wyoming sees rock climbers tackle America’s first National Monument, Devil’s Tower. Cheyenne, the state capital is in the east, as is Buffalo, a city that sits at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains. Experience the state’s Old West heritage throughout the state at museums in Casper and Cody, or join a fossil dig in the desert of Fossil Butte.

Highlights of Yellowstone National Park

The Rockies are the largest tourism destination in Wyoming. This northwestern corner of the Cowboy State boasts a number of national attractions and an outdoor playground like no other. Yellowstone National Park is home to powerful geysers and abundant wildlife, Grand Teton National Park’s mighty peaks and rushing rivers inspire awe and the world-famous Jackson Hole Mountain Ski Resort brings visitors from around the globe for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Fish the crystal waters of alpine streams or explore the granite summits of the Wind River Mountains, experience the Old West, breaking trail on the back of a horse, or staying at a Wyoming guest ranch. Cody is renowned for its western history with museums and parks paying tribute to the famous cowboy, Buffalo Bill Cody. Jackson is surrounded by the incredible geography of the Jackson Hole Valley, and Green River and Rock Springs are small centers with a deep pioneer-influenced history.

East Wyoming

East Wyoming is a geographically diverse region that is home to mountain ranges, rolling meadows, and arid deserts. Historic cities, national landmarks, and a large number of guest ranches encompass the spirit of the American West, which is accented by ranching traditions and rodeo exhibitions. As an original cattle town located on the western edge of the Great Plains, Cheyenne is the state capital and Wyoming’s largest city. The towns of Buffalo and Sheridan sit at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, offering outlets for excellent hunting and fishing opportunities. Devil’s Tower National Monument, a 60-million-year-old volcanic mass, has a strong cultural and religious significance, while the southeastern part of the state boasts the Medicine Bow Mountains and Laramie, a settlement that lays claim to an abundance of museums, including the University of Wyoming Geological Museum.

Buffalo, WY Visitors Guide

Once a major center in the Wild West, Buffalo continues to emanate Old West charm. From its historic buildings lining the streets of downtown to its extensive history that includes being the old stomping grounds of legendary Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Buffalo has it all. Those wishing to delve into Western history appreciate the Jim Gatchell Museum, where 15,000 artifacts from the American Old West are displayed. History enthusiasts also enjoy exploring Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site in the nearby town of Story. A museum, a picnic area, a reconstructed stockade, and other attractions are featured at the site. Horseback riding, fishing, and hunting around Buffalo and in the Bighorn National Forest are popular outdoor activities. Every August the eight-day Johnson County Fair & Rodeo draws visitors and locals alike, promising good times with its rodeo, parade, and live entertainment.

Cheyenne Visitors Guide

There are few places in the United States where visitors still risk the chance of encountering a western shootout between gun-slinging cowboys, and although its just a show, downtown Cheyenne is one of them. Established in 1867, this historical city has not forgotten the important role of both cowboys and the national railroad played in their community. Each July the city celebrates their rich western heritage with Frontier Days, a week-long rodeo and fair that features performances, carnival rides, exhibitors, and more.

Cheyenne WY Visitors Guide
Cheyenne Visitors Guide

In the 1920s the railroad was one of the key factors in populating the Cheyenne area, something that is evident by the numerous attractions. The original Cheyenne Depot is completely restored and has many exhibits on the railroad. As well, the world’s largest working steam engine, Big Boy, is located in central Cheyenne. The location of Cheyenne, 100 miles north of Denver on the plains and foothills, creates a perfect setting for wildlife viewing and an opportunity for many leisure activities.

Cody WV Visitors Guide

One of Wyoming’s gateways to Yellowstone National Park, Cody has plenty of reasons for people to come and visit. Founded by the legendary Colonel William Buffalo Bill Cody, the frontier town bears his name and boasts several sites in his honor, one of which is the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. With five museums under one roof, most of the artifacts of the town’s wild past are found here. Cody offers plenty of action to complement its Western roots, such as the Cody Stampede Rodeo, featuring cowboys, cowgirls, parades, rodeo entertainers, and clowns. There are numerous guest ranches, camping areas, trail rides, and other activities to satisfy outdoor enthusiasts. Because it is an hour from Yellowstone, Cody is a great place to stay before heading out sightseeing, rock climbing, and kayaking. In the winter, Sleeping Giant Ski Hill is open for business, with 17 runs ready for all levels of skiers. Accommodations are plentiful and range from hotels to secluded mountain lodges.

Jackson, WY Visitors Guide

Jackson, a recognized cultural venue and the gateway to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks is a city with a history rooted in the American West. This charming aspect emanates in the city’s business and residential centers, and visitors can experience it firsthand while staying at a dude ranch or by venturing through the surrounding mountains on horseback. Sights and attractions in Jackson are plentiful. The National Museum of Wildlife documents Wyoming’s natural environment.

Jackson Hole Visitors Guide

World-class skiing, snowmobile tours, and dogsled adventures are popular in the winter, while summer activities range from taking a scenic photography tour to kayaking the thrashing waters of the Snake River. Every year in August, Jackson witness the Jackson Hole Scottish Festival, featuring Scottish food and Celtic music along with flutes, pipes, and fiddles. Another major event is the Teton County Fair in July, where many activities take place, from rodeos to reptile adventure shows to talent and dog shows as well as night concerts, pig wrestling, and car racing.


There’s a reason why Wyoming has the largest concentration of Sage-Grouse on the planet. It’s all about the sagebrush, and there is plenty of that dietary staple of the Sage Grouse, right here in the Cowboy State. They are commonly called sage hens or sage chicken, but it’s the Sage Grouse that we’re talking about here.

Sage-Grouse Wyoming
Sage-Grouse, Wyoming

And are they ever the showmen? It’s the male of the species that combines “strutting” and “drumming” to create one of the most spectacular mating rituals in the animal kingdom. These impressive birds, brown, black, and white in color, fan their feathers and literally dance to their own unique sounds. These rituals of the Sage-Grouse are most common from mid-March to mid-May.

The Sage-Grouse is one of the most unique and unusual feathered creatures in Wyoming, but it’s probably the strutting and the drumming that sets this Wonder of Wyoming apart. It’s quite the show when the Sage Grouse performs.



Hundreds of miles of trails to explore, breathtaking scenery, and cool mountain air. If this sounds like fun to you then you will love our ATV adventures. Based out of the beautiful Platte Valley of Southern Wyoming, your ATV trip will be all arranged for you. We offer an all-inclusive five-day ATV adventure package. This package includes a day and four-night stay at a beautiful western lodge. Your meals will be prepared for you in Western fashion and are part of the package. Three full days of ATV riding in the Medicine Bow National Forest will quench your thirst for adventure. The Snowy Range Mountains lie to the east of the Platte Valley and the Sierra Madre Mountains are located to the west. These mountains offer a wide variety of trails, ranging from smooth gravel roads to rocky and rugged mountaintop trails. There is something to please every rider and skill level. You will see historic prospectors’ mines and tie hack cabins in addition to the marvelous scenery. Mountain streams and lakes will be visited along our trek through this peace of heaven on earth. Fully prepped ATV along with all of the safety equipment you will need will be at your disposal. The guide’s intimate knowledge of this fantastic country will ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. All you will need is a sense of adventure and the desire to have fun.


Unbelievable scenery, towering mountains, thousands of acres of unspoiled powder, and the freedom to explore it all. If it sounds like a mountain snowmobiling dream, that’s only because it is. The Snowy Range and Sierra Madre Range of southern Wyoming are simply snowmobiling paradise. This trip is truly the best western snowmobiling adventure available. All of the equipment you need, to experience true mountain snowmobiling will be provided. No need to worry about towing a trailer, or buying gas, oil, and spare parts, all of this is part of the package.

New top-of-the-line snowmobiles will be at your disposal. Arctic Cat King Cat 900s will be prepped and ready for action. These sleds deliver an incredible 150 horsepower, easy handling, and all-day comfort. You will not only be riding in style, but you will also be staying in first-class western lodging. Mountain lodges with delicious home-cooked meals will be used as a base of operation. A hearty breakfast will be served before each day’s ride. Lunch will be picnic style, served on the mountain. A delicious dinner will be enjoyed back at the lodge after a full day of riding. This trip is a fully guided excursion tailored to your own riding style and ability.

Whatever your desire, whether trail riding and enjoying the fabulous scenery or getting wild in the backcountry, we will accommodate your wishes. One unique feature of this trip is the ability to explore two separate mountain ranges. To the east lies the beautiful and popular Snowy Range mountains. By the way, these mountains got their name for a reason. To the west is the Sierra Madre range. Less developed, the Sierra Madre offers unparalleled backcountry riding. The places your guide will take you have taken years to find and aren’t on any tour guide. Don’t worry though, twenty years’ experience in these mountains has taught us the best way to access the sweetest spots and also the knowledge to get you back out safely.

If you want to follow a guide along a heavily used trail, go to Yellowstone. If you want to experience, what true western snowmobile riding is, this is the trip for you. Fun and freedom is what this trip is all about!

The Platte Valley is also home to natural mineral hot springs.  A soak in one of the pools after a long day on the mountain feels great. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!