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Watch Wizards Games Live Free

The Washington Wizards have been entertaining basketball fans in Washington DC since they originally moved to the city as the Washington Bullets. Even legend Michael Jordan briefly played for the Washington Wizards. The team wears red, navy, silver, and white when it plays at the modern Verizon Center in Washington DC.

With hopes hanging on a new NBA season, Washington Wizard fans are eager to see what their team can do this year. And because many people move to and from Washington DC each year, not all Wizards fans can watch every game in person. Fortunately, there are ways to watch this fine NBA team using nothing more than an internet connection and a compatible device. You can stream your favorite team this way without needing to pay for a cable subscription. Read the following guide to see how you can save a bundle without sacrificing your ability to see the Wizards play, all season long.

Watch Wizards Game Tonight on Sling TV (Free Trial)

If you want to cut the cable and still see the Washington Wizards, Sling TV is where you should start. This service uses an internet connection to stream your favorite television shows to you. You don’t have to wait for a cable service person to come to your home with equipment and wires. You can watch on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or on television with the right streaming player.

Sling TV starts by giving you the very best channels in one, low-cost package. This package includes more than twenty-five of the most popular channels. You can choose a base package that includes ESPN, ESPN2, and TNT. These channels alone give you most Washington Wizards games this year and many great games from other NBA teams, too.

You can use the base package to access any games that air on ABC using only the WatchESPN App and your Sling TV credentials. ABC plans to air as many as fifteen games this year. The Washington Wizards have viewing information that can help you find out when and where the games air.

You can use your Sling TV service at any time of the day or night. Of course, you can watch games as they air live, but there are also on-demand options to help you catch up on any Wizards games that you miss. The Orange, entry-level package costs you only $20 per month, or you can opt for the Blue entry-level package for only $25 per month. Each package has a collection of the most popular channels, but the Orange package includes ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3, which keep Washington Wizards fans in the loop all season long.

If you want to add a little bit extra to your base package, Sling TV has you covered. You pay for only the channels you want to watch the most. These extra packages are bundled into small groups so that you only pay for the types of channels you watch the most. Sports Extra is one available add on. It’s only $5 more each month. This package gives you ESPN News, ESPNU, and even some college sports networks. There are other add-on packages available for people who like to watch news, movies, HBO, or for families who want channels for younger children.

If you want to prepay for Sling TV for three months, you can get a free Roku streaming device so that you can see the game on your big-screen television. If you’d rather have Apple TV, you can get a big discount on this service when you prepay for Sling TV for three months.

Watch Wizards Game Live With PlayStation Vue

Another streaming option for cable cutters is PlayStation Vue. Sony brings you this service with the hopes that you can use it to ditch the cable. Subscription costs can be as much as $30 or $40 per month though, just for the lowest package of channels.

Included channels are ESPN and TNT, so this gives you more than 100 NBA games, live, each year. There are more than fifty channels included in the base package of channels in all. For fans who also want to watch a lot of other television, this might be a good option. Sling TV lets you select just the channels you want the most, though, and pay for them a la carte. PlayStation Vue doesn’t have this option, but it puts many channels in the entry-level price.

PlayStation Vue has DVR capabilities that are cloud-based. There are some options to use the service away from the base device, but users complain that occasionally the service doesn’t allow new subscribers to create a profile using a secondary device. PlayStation Vue offers a free trial so that you can check it out.

NBA League Pass

Another way to see the Washington Wizards with both live streaming and on-demand replays is with NBA League Pass. The NBA itself produces and offers this service. It’s the official access point of the NBA. Like other streaming options, you don’t need cable. The service works on computers, iOS, and Android phones and on a television with a streaming player. There are even social media access points with this service.

You pay $199.99 for a year’s worth of service or pay only $119.99 per season if you only want to see a single team’s games. This is a great way to never miss a Washington Wizards game, but only if you live outside of the Washington DC and surrounding area. That’s because local blackouts stop you from seeing games that air near the team’s home town. You can also buy single games for $6.99.

Stream NBA Games Live with an OTA Antenna

There’s an easy and legal way to watch the NBA without signing up for anything. You only need a television and an HD antenna to watch NBA games that air in your local area. ABC airs several games this way each year. You don’t have to sign up for anything, and they don’t ask for your name or a phone number.

This option suits every budget, but it’s limited to the dozen or so games that air on broadcast television. If you choose this option, you might want to get a DVR to record the game so you can watch it later if you need to. DVR capabilities also allow you to fast forward and pause the game.

NBA League Pass International

The NBA offers its service internationally, too. The good news is that this streaming service doesn’t have the blackout restrictions that users find in the domestic version. There are on-demand replays of playoff games and regular-season games, but you can’t watch playoff games live in most cases. You can find this service in Italy, Australia, and the United Kingdom, among others. Costs are similar to NBA League Pass’ domestic prices.

With so many ways to watch the Wizards, Washington fans can take a time out for their favorite team whenever it suits them. With Sling TV’s cutting-edge and other streaming services, there are better ways to see the game without cable. Cut the cable today and choose the channels and prices you like the best.

More Options (AT&T TV Now, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV)

There even more ways to stream live NBA games including services that I haven’t mentioned in the is article like AT&T TV Now, Hulu, Roku, and Apple TV.

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