Visit These Amusement & Water Parks in New England

Here is a list of our best local Amusement and Water Parks in New England.


Funtown Splashtown, Saco, ME

Funtown Splashtown is an amusement park and water park.  This park boasts family rides, thrill rides, kiddie rides and games along with water slides and pools!

York’s Wild Kingdom, York Beach, ME

York’s Wild Kingdom is a 25-acre zoo and amusement park boasting 75 animal exhibits and 18 rides for all ages.


Edaville USA (Review Below), Carver, MA

Edaville is a Special Events Park that has several rides, a playground, and hosts many events such as “A Day Out With Thomas”, “A Day With Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat” and a Princess and Superheros Day.  Edaville USA also holds many seasonal events during the Fall and Winter Holidays.  During Edaville’s Special Events you will be able to experience train rides throughout the country and enjoy the use of their amusement rides and all indoor and outdoor play spaces.

Six Flags New England, Springfield, MA

Six Flags New England is an amusement park that has thrilling rides, live entertainment, and a water park.

New Hampshire

Candia Springs Adventure Park: Candia, NH

Formally known as Liquid Planet, Candia Springs is vamping for an amazing fun summer. Adding fresh new adventure for kids and families!

Canobie Lake Park, Salem, NH

Canobie Park is an amusement park that has rides for all ages and live entertainment.  Canobie also is home to Castaway Island, which is Canobie’s own water park.

Daytona Fun Park at Weirs Beach, Laconia, NH

Daytona Fun Park has an outdoor adventure high ropes course, Indy-style Go-Karts, bumper boats, an indoor arcade, batting cages, a mini-golf course and more!

Santa’s Village, Jefferson, NH

Santa’s Village is just that.  A winter-wonderland themed amusement park that has rides and entertainment.  Additionally, Santa and his elves are always available to greet park guests!

Fort Jefferson Fun Park, Jefferson, NH

Story Land, Glen, NH

Story Land is a Fairy Tale themed amusement park that has rides, character meet and greets and entertainment.

Water Country, Portsmouth, NH

Water Country is a water park complete with rides and slides, waves, rivers and pools and some attractions specifically designed for the younger crowd!

Whales Tale Waterpark, Lincoln, NH

The Whales Tale Water Park has 11 water slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river.

Edaville USA, South Carver, MA

Edaville USA is a family fun amusement park located in South Carver, MA. The park features train rides through picturesque cranberry bogs, vintage amusement rides, indoor and outdoor play spaces and new attractions such as Dinoland.  In addition to its amusement rides and indoor and outdoor play spaces,  Edaville holds different events every weekend.  Event themes include Thomas the Train, Princesses, and Superheroes, Pirates, Hello Kitty and more. You can see their schedule of summer events here.  All events are included in the price of admission.

Thomas the Tank, Edaville USA, South Carver, MA
Thomas the Tank, Edaville USA, South Carver, MA, photo courtesy: Edaville Railroad-Facebook

In my opinion, Edaville USA is best suited for young children.  Children who are preschool age through early elementary school age will be able to go on most of the rides and will appreciate Edaville’s themed weekends.

Admission Price

General admission for 2014 is $20 per person.  This price includes admission to Dinoland.  Children under the age of 2 are admitted for free.


I want to point out that Edaville is under construction.  Edaville is adding a bunch of new attractions to include Thomas Land coming in Summer 2015.  The construction didn’t bother me or have any negative impact on my or my children’s enjoyment.  That said, I do want to highlight this so you are all aware.


Edaville has a large train with spacious cars to sit in and large windows that the kids can peep out of. The park was not crowded when we went.  I cannot speak to how manageable or not the train would be at a big event like “A Day Out With Thomas.”  That said, I thought the train and train ride was quaint and provided a nice break from amusement park rides.


There are about 20 rides at Edaville USA.  In my opinion, most rides are best suited for children ages 10 and under.  My children are ages 6, 5 and 4 and they loved each and every ride.  The rides were very well maintained and clean.  Below you will find pictures of a few of the kids’ favorite rides at Edaville.  I think my favorite was the Tilt-a-Whirl.  It’s been a while since I’ve been on a Tilt-a-Whirl and I forgot how much spinning was involved!  The park also had a few indoor play spaces that were great for little kids.


The dinosaurs are loose in Edaville USA’s new Dinoland.  In Dinoland you will be able to walk along a trail and view more than twenty dinosaurs.  Along the way, you’ll meet Edaville’s resident paleontologists who can tell you all about the dinosaurs. Make sure you ask an Edaville employee if Rex will be making any appearances on the day of your visit. Rex is a friendly dinosaur that roams around Edaville! Kids can walk, pet and take pictures with Rex.

Edaville USA’s Dinoland


The Food at Edaville was of good quality and priced average to other local attractions.  Below you will find your different dining and snack options while at Edaville.

  • Porky’s Old Fashioned Barbeque.  Full course barbecued chicken meals are available through Columbus Day at the Barbeque.  Porky’s offers minimal indoor seating.  There is a large, covered outdoor eating area with picnic tables and benches.
  • Hobo Eats: The Ice Cream Caboose serves ice cream, fried dough, and beverages. It also serves hot chocolate and kettle corn during special events. There is outdoor seating available.
  • KC’s Cafe: KC’s Cafe serves food, salads, sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and hot and cold beverages.
  • The Candy Depot: The Candy Depot right next to the platform and has an assortment of fun candies.
  • Whistle Stop Snacks: Whistle Stop Snacks is located adjacent to the platform and serves cotton candy, popcorn, beverages and more.


Edaville has a few carnival-style games that you can play for an extra price.  I will say that this is the only con for me regarding Edaville.  Honestly, every amusement park has these games and Edaville’s price to play the games is on par with its competitors.  Personally, these games are just one of my little pet peeves because simply put, my kids love them and I don’t want to pay for them.

Fishing Pond

While at Edaville you can fish!  Who knew?  Well, actually, now you know.

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