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Watch Mavericks Games Live Free

If you’re a devoted Dallas Mavericks fan, being able to watch the basketball game live is most likely pretty important to you. You may think this means that you’re stuck subscribing to an expensive cable sports package, but I have news for you. This assumption is absolutely incorrect!

A few years ago that may have been the case, but in today’s world of rapidly evolving technology, there are a variety of much cheaper options for keeping up with the Mavericks without having to pay an arm and a leg for a cable subscription. You’re no longer chained to your cable provider. Below, we’ll explore a few options for cutting your cable without crippling your ability to catch the game live or otherwise.

Use an antenna to catch the game for free!

While it used to be the norm for sports viewing, public access television has fallen out of favor with the general public. This is most likely because the same channels are available as a part of any typical cable subscription. If you’re looking into cutting the cord, however, the value of this completely free option should not be overlooked! If you’re local to the Dallas area, all you will need to invest in is an antenna before being able to access this, but there are a variety of great HD antennas out there that you simply hook up to your television set to start accessing public broadcast television.

There are a surprising number of national networks on public broadcast television, including ABC and FOX. The ability to watch ABC allows a local Dallas Mavericks fan the option of watching several featured games during the regular season. If this option doesn’t appeal to you because you won’t always be home during the live broadcasts of each game, you might want to look into getting an over the air digital video recorder (OTA DVR). While not the most comprehensive or flexible option for those wanting to keep up with the Mavs, it could be argued that nothing beats free! If you’re local to the area, you may want to look further into this option and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Use TNT Overtime to catch a few games online for free!

TNT Overtime is an online service that TNT offers to allow NBA fans to stream one to two live games online per week free from a smartphone or tablet. This service is limited so it most likely won’t cover your needs as a fan completely, but it makes a great supplement to watching the games via public access television or on PlayStation Vue since that service is limited (more on that in a minute).

Catch the game with PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue (Sling TV vs Playstation Vue) is a relatively new TV alternative streaming service that gives you access to Dallas Mavericks games. It’s similar to Sling TV in a lot of ways (which will be covered later in this article). With a PS Vue subscription, you get access to ESPN, TNT (which hosts NBA games every Tuesday and Thursday) and around 50 other channels, but it’s somewhat limited as far as NBA coverage goes. It starts at $29.99 a month and can be a decent value, but it’s important to keep in mind that your streaming options are limited. You can’t stream from anywhere but your PlayStation device, and therefore can’t watch from a smartphone when you’re out and about.

Use Sling TV to stream the game

Sling TV is another online streaming service offered by Dish Network (although you don’t need to be a Dish customer to use the service). Starting at $25 a month, the service offers over 25 channels, and residents of the southwest US get access to FOX Sports Southwest, which will host almost every Mavericks game of the season. There’s also an impressive lineup of channels to go alongside that, both sports and non-sports-related. Sling TV can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, computers, and many smart TVs.

Use NBA League Pass to watch the game and access replays

NBA League Pass has the most NBA content of any streaming service by far, but this is reflected in the steep price tag. The full package costs $199.99 per season. A major downside to this service is that it blacks out local games, so if you live in or near the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you won’t be able to watch the Dallas Mavericks games until after they’re over. This may be made up for in the vast collection of content, however.

The full package features full HD live streaming of all regular-season games (aside from local games as noted above) up to 40 games per week, replays available anytime in full HD for all regular-season games, replays of all NBA Playoff games available in full HD, replays of classic NBA games on demand, and it works on most tablets, computers, smartphones, and dedicated streaming devices.

With all of these features, the comparatively hefty price tag may be worth it — especially if you’re a Mavs fan who lives outside of the blackout area, you want access to as much NBA content as possible, or you follow multiple teams. For a slightly more affordable price tag of $119.99, you can subscribe to NBA Team Pass, which offers content following a single team of your choice. Local blackouts do still apply to this service as well. There’s also the option of paying for NBA Single Game Pass, which allows you to stream a single game for $6.99.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for a Mavericks fan wanting to keep up with their team without paying a premium for a traditional cable sports package. The amount you pay will vary depending on what features are important to you — device compatibility, portability, if you can deal with local blackouts — but there’s an option for essentially any fan out there to catch the game while paying a fraction of what a cable subscription would cost them in a year. Look into the options, find the one that suits you best, and keep up with the Mavericks according to your preferences and budget.

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