How to Watch Knicks Game Live Without Cable

Watch Knicks Game Live Free

The New York Knicks play their games at historic Madison Square Garden. Since the team’s founding in 1946, the Knicks have never moved to a different city. Only the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics can say that they have never moved cities since the original founding of their team. The Knicks don their famous red, orange, silver, black and white uniforms each time they play at home and on the road.

Knicks fans approach each new season with optimism that their team can go all the way. While each game brings excitement and must-see action, fans know that they don’t have to shell out lots of dough in order to see their favorite team. There are modern options today that allow fans to unplug the cable and see the game on their own terms. Keep reading to see how you, too, can cancel the cable and see all of your favorite New York Knicks players in action this season.

Use Sling TV to Watch Knicks Game Tonight Without Cable

Sling TV is a great way to get started. This service lets you select only the channels that you watch the most without having to pay a large fee for a cable package. Sling TV starts by choosing just the best of cable programming. For a low monthly fee, you pay for only the best channels such as ESPN and TNT. There are approximately twenty-five channels that come with the entry-level package.

Fans can choose between the Orange option and the Blue option for a base package. The Orange package comes with many ESPN channels, including ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3, all available at the touch of a button with the WatchESPN App. Because TNT also comes with this base package, Sling TV’s base service alone gives you access to most Knicks games this year. Sling TV also makes sure that you get to watch any ABC-aired Knicks games this year, using your Sling TV service.

Dish Network is the mastermind behind Sling TV. The service works by using an internet connection to bring you television using streaming technology. You can use a streaming device to watch right on a television set or watch on your mobile device or computer. Sling TV knows that television isn’t just on television anymore, so it’s one of the most portable services for watching on devices other than a television set. They also make it easy to take the New York Knicks with you on the road, as you can access your services easily when you travel.

For the $20 base price, you get Disney, A&E, and TBS, so there is something for the whole family. ESPN airs most of its NBA games on Wednesdays and Fridays. TNT chooses to air their games mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so the combination keeps you watching your favorite NBA teams almost every day of the week.

Sling TV also gives you the option of adding on other channels that you like the most. One option is a Sports Extra package that comes with ESPN News and ESPNU. This extra service is only $5 more each month. Other add-on options cater to news lovers, movie lovers, or children.

Sling TV offers new users a free trial. For fans who know they want to commit, Sling TV gives you a discount on a Roku streaming device or a discount on Apple TV. This lets you watch Sling TV on your big-screen television. T-Mobile subscribers can take advantage of another discount on Sling TV’s outstanding streaming technology.

Watch NBA With AT&T TV Now

Another way that you can stream the New York Knicks live is with DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue. Both services use internet connection to bring you the New York Knicks with the most popular sports programming channels. Unlike Sling TV, PlayStation Vue’s lowest package is relatively large so its starting prices are higher than they are for Sling TV’s services.

PlayStation Vue uses cloud services to offer DVR to subscribers. It allows streaming to some secondary devices, but there are restrictions that make it most attractive for NBA fans that want to watch most of their games on the home device. Because the base package includes TNT and ESPN, New York Knicks fans can expect to see most games with PlayStation Vue’s entry-level package.

Fans can also add-on packages if they want to see more, unique programming. Basic service alone can cost as much as $40 per month, with extra packages in addition to this basic amount. The service works on PlayStation Vue consoles and a number of other streaming devices. New users can take advantage of the free trial before signing up.

NBA League Pass

Fans who watch lots of different teams each season can take advantage of NBA’s League Pass. For a season fee of $199, fans can watch all NBA games with this streaming service. Fans can also purchase single games for $6.99.

When thinking about this option, fans should keep in mind that there are local blackouts. That means if you’re a Knicks fan living in New York, you can’t use the service to watch the Knicks. This service works best for fans living out of the area of their favorite team, who also don’t care to have other television-watching services as part of a package for a low monthly fee.

There is also an international version of NBA League Pass. It’s similar to the version available in the United States. One important distinction is that there are no blackouts on any teams like there are in the United States.

Television Antenna

There is another way that fans can see some Knicks games this season. Local broadcast television stations air some NBA games. They allow viewers to watch using just a television antenna. This is a cost-free service and fans can complement this option with a DVR to record the game.

TNT Overtime

TNT makes it easy to watch many NBA games. They put some of their best NBA programmings online for free. This is expanded access that provides more camera angles and other content than they air on TNT. This is a great way to see some of the NBA in action this season with insider-level access.

Fans have more ways than ever before to see the New York Knicks. Cable is out, and modern technologies bring the best in television programming to you at a lower price with internet streaming. Sling TV starts at only $20 per month, a fraction of costly cable with its bundled channels that don’t give you say over your shows. With so many options, New York Knicks NBA fans are always at the top of their game.

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