How to Watch Utah Jazz Games Tonight Without Cable

Watch Jazz Games Live Free

The Utah Jazz moved to Salt Lake City in 1979. Ever since they have been delighting large crowds of loyal fans. The Jazz play in Vivint Smart Home Arena and they have won both conference and division titles.

While the Utah Jazz fans await each victory, they are eager to make sure they can see the action in person or on television. There are modern solutions today that allow Utah NBA fans to stream all of the action directly to them without cable. Alternatives today give you more options. You choose the channels you watch the most. You also have a say over how much you pay for these services each month. With modern streaming options such as Sling TV, the NBA is more accessible than ever before. Keep reading to find out more.

Watch Jazz Games Live on Sling TV

One of the most cutting-edge streaming services available today is Sling TV’s television streaming services. This service uses an internet connection to stream television channels directly to a compatible device. You never see a cable when you have Sling TV.

You can use a streaming device to watch right on your television set, or you can watch on your computer. You can also watch on your iOS or Android smartphone. Sling TV makes sure that many NBA games come included in its entry-level service, including many Utah Jazz games each year.

At only $20 per month for basic service, Sling TV is slashing prices for high-quality television. This service alone comes with more than twenty-five of the best channels available today. Depending on the package you select for basic service, you get ESPN, ESPN2, and TNT, or a package that includes Fox Sports and NBC Universal’s family of channels. The package that includes ESPN is called the Orange package. The basic level of Orange service also includes TNT, which carries many NBA games each year.

When you’re not watching the Utah Jazz pass, shoot, and score their way to victory, you can watch other fine channels like TBS, A&E and the Disney channel. TNT Online puts even more games and insider information on their website. You can access ESPN anytime with your Sling TV benefits using the WatchESPN App.

This service is flexible, too, so you can log in and watch while you’re far away from home. And you never sign a contract with Sling TV. Sling TV offers a few things to sweeten the deal, too. If you sign up for three months of service they give you a Roku streaming device at no charge or Apple TV at a lower price. T-Mobile customers get thirty percent off their total Sling TV bill.

Start with Sling TV’s seven-day free trial. In addition to the basic level of service at rock-bottom prices, you can add on any other channels that you like to watch the most. Sling TV puts the channels into small packages based on areas of interest. The extra packages are just a few dollars more each month. This arrangement puts you, the consumer, in control of what channels you watch at a price you can smile about.

Stream Jazz Games Tonight on PlayStation Vue and Hulu

Another streaming service option is PlayStation Vue. The technology is similar to Sling TV’s internet-based streaming services, but there are more limitations on using the service away from the base device than there are with Sling TV. Even so, the service streams television channels using a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console, a number of other television streaming devices or on other compatible devices in certain cases.

An important difference between Sling TV and PlayStation Vue is that PlayStation Vue bundles a large number of channels into the basic package. That means that you can’t just choose the channels you watch the most. You get more than fifty channels in the base package though, and this package costs $30 or $40 per month, depending on your location. Some users complain that this service’s interface is not easy to use, but there are cloud-based DVR services that come with your subscription.

NBA League Pass

For fans who want to see a large variety of games all season long, there is NBA League Pass. The NBA itself created this streaming service, and it’s for the most serious NBA fans. It works with a streaming device on your television, or you can watch on your computer or smartphone. Like the other services, there is no cable required.

The bad news is that there are local blackouts. If you’re a Utah Jazz fan living in Salt Lake, this is not the best service to see your favorite team. If you’re living far away from your favorite team, though, this can be a great way to keep up. You also get to see what’s in the NBA’s large library of classic games.

Another drawback to the service is that you can’t watch playoff games live. They’re posted online instead shortly after the game ends. There are social-media access points to the service that some users say are convenient and engaging.

To follow all of the teams, except for local blackouts, the cost is $199.99 per year. If you just want to watch the Utah Jazz, you can buy a single-team pass for $119.99 a year. If you’re deciding which option to purchase, make sure you consider whether these services are cost-effective, especially if you want to subscribe to other television services, too. It might make more sense for you to purchase a television streaming service, such as Sling TV, and then purchase NBA Single Game Pass service for $6.99 per game if you want to watch the few games that you can’t find with your Sling TV subscription. There are still local blackouts, even with the $6.99 single-game pass.

Watch with a TV Antenna

Another way to see the Utah Jazz play in the NBA is with a television antenna. Local television stations sometimes air the game using broadcast television. While this technology isn’t new, it’s free, and it comes right into your home without costing you anything more than a television set and a standard HD antenna. You can make more out of this experience, though, by using a DVR to record to game for your convenience. While big-budget television networks produce these games, they are somewhat limited in availability, and you certainly can’t count on watching every Utah Jazz game this season with broadcast television alone.

NBA League Pass International

NBA League Pass has an international version of NBA League Pass for those outside the United States. There are no blackouts with this service. Ireland, Italy, Australia and the United Kingdom are just a few of the many countries where you can use this service.

Today, Utah Jazz fans can see their favorite NBA team in more ways than ever before. You can use television streaming services to cut the cable while getting a great deal on channels you watch the most. The only thing left to do is cheer for your favorite team.

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