How to Watch Clippers Game Live Without Cable

Watch Clippers Game Live Free

The Los Angeles Clippers always bring excitement to the Staples Center in sunny Los Angeles. Several great new players have led the team to multiple division titles in the last handful of years. The Clippers have many dedicated fans that never miss a game.

Even though fans want to see all of the NBA action as the Clippers climb in the rankings, they don’t want big cable bills bumming them out. For fans who find themselves fed up with cable’s dated technology and high prices, there are modern streaming methods on the market that give Clippers fans an upgraded experience at a lower price. Let us show you how you can pay less and watch the Los Angeles Clippers more with streaming television services.

Watch Clippers Game Live on to Sling TV (Free Trial)

If you’re considering cutting the cable, Sling TV is the service that has you covered. This service combines the best in modern streaming services with the convenience of a service that puts the consumer in the driver’s seat. Sling TV provides a lot of value for prices as low as only $20 per month, or $25 for the Blue package that carries most Clippers games.

All you need to use Sling TV is an internet connection and a device that works, such as a computer or a smartphone. You can also use a streaming device such as a Roku to watch on television. Sling TV starts with allowing you to choose one of two packages of the most popular networks. These packages are the Orange package and the Blue package.

NBA fans in the Los Angeles area probably want to choose the Blue package. That’s because this package gets you both of the regional FOX sports networks, Fox Sports West, and FOX Sports Prime Ticket. These two channels alone air many Clippers games each season. Your basic package also includes Disney, TBS, and Food Network. More than twenty-five channels come in a base package, but the exact number depends on the package that you choose because the Blue package has more than forty channels included with the lowest tier.

Even if you don’t live in southern California, you can still see most of the Los Angeles Clippers with Sling TV. That’s because the service offers ESPN and TNT streaming, and these sports broadcasters know that there are Clippers fans all over the country. Wednesday and Friday are game days on ESPN and TNT air their NBA games primarily on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pay attention to what package you choose when you sign up because not all packages include ESPN.

Sling TV knows that contracts are a thing of the past, so you never have to sign one. Use the service from month to month until you say it’s over. Get it free for seven days with a trial promotion. There are a few other lucrative sign-up bonuses if you’re still on the fence. These include big dollars off your Apple TV streaming service or a free Roku streaming device when you sign on for three months of Sling TV.

Stream Clippers Game Tonight on PlayStation Vue

Another streaming service that’s quickly picking up steam is PlayStation Vue (Sling TV vs Playstation Vue). This service offers a larger number of channels in the lowest tier, but for a higher price than Sling TV. The good news is that the lowest tier includes TNT and ESPN, so you are sure to get a number of Los Angeles Clippers games each year. The exact number of channels and the cost of the base package depends on where you live.

There are still a few kinks that PlayStation Vue is working out, for example, problems with new users trying to create a profile away from the base device. User interface is another common cause of complaints because some users say that is it not easy to use. There are add-on packages available from as little as $4 per month. Other add-on packages such as HBO cost much more. There’s no cost to use the seven-day free trial.

NBA League Pass

You can see the NBA Clippers by going straight to the source and using the NBA’s streaming service. This might not be the best choice for fans who want to buy other television services, too, but it’s a great way for fans who want to see every game at a cost of $199.99 per season. If you are to follow only one team, NBA bundles this service for $119.99 per season.

Single-game purchases are an option, too. These cost $6.99. They’re a good option if you can’t find the must-see game anywhere else.

The NBA has to restrict access in local markets, though, so if you want to see the Clippers and you live in Los Angeles, this isn’t the service for you. This blackout prevents you from seeing Los Angeles teams in the Los Angeles area. There is a library of classics for your enjoyment, however, and replay options if you can’t watch live. The service works on televisions with streaming devices, as well as on a computer or your smartphone.

Watch Clippers Live on Antenna TV For Free

There’s another way to see the Clippers that’s completely free. This is with broadcast television. Use a traditional television antenna to pull in any signal that’s in your area.

There’s nothing to sign up for and nothing else to do. You’re sure to see several games this way each year, but there are not as many games on broadcast television each year as you can find with a streaming service. A DVR is a good option if you want to record broadcast television.

TNT Overtime Free

TNT takes the Los Angeles Clippers as seriously as you do. For this reason, they bring you a free online service that offers insider access to the NBA. This is TNT Overtime. You can even watch the game from several angles at the same time. There’s no cost for this, but it’s a great way to see what TNT has to offer in NBA broadcasting.

NBA League Pass International

Fans of the Los Angeles Clippers that find themselves outside the United States are not left without a way to see their favorite team this year. NBA League Pass International is the answer. While it’s a lot like the version available in the United States, blackouts aren’t a problem with the international service. Ireland, Italy, Australia and the United Kingdom are just some of the places that fans can use NBA League Pass International to stay in the game.

Use these ways to stream the NBA this season. Fans can easily stream their favorite team while paying less than they pay for cable. There are more options than ever before, and Sling TV sets the gold standard in streaming with low costs and a design that lets the fans choose their service on their own terms. With so many options, streaming the NBA is always a winning shot.

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