Top 15 Attractions in Seattle

19 Top-Rated Seattle Tourist Attractions

Seattle is the largest coastal port city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It covers about thirty miles. Till 1982 this city was called various pet names such as “Queen City”, “Emerald City”, etc. A lot of annual cultural events and fairs including the 24-day Seattle International Film Festival, Northwest Folklife, Sea fairs, and numerous ethnic festivals are conducted here.

Balmy, sub-tropical Seattle beckons visitors as a cosmopolitan mecca of cultures from all over the world, with a decidedly Latin allure! A myriad of entertainment and cultural events abound from which to choose, along with some of the best shopping and dining in the world for every taste and budget.

Museum of Flight

When visiting Seattle, the Museum of Flight is a destination that cannot be overlooked. Properly viewing this massive collection of aircraft takes a few days. From the Wright Brothers’ first glider to the “Blackbird,” this aviation museum has just about everything you could imagine. It is situated at Boeing Field and is housed in several buildings, including the “Red Barn,” which is Boeing’s original manufacturing facility.  A wonderful spacious museum which houses 85 historic aircraft and spacecraft, exhibits, narrates its own tale and educational actions. About 30 extraordinary aircraft are hanged in full flight attitude. The new exhibit is SPACE, which presents the birth of recent rockets and their true take-off and landing in Space. The walk around the Moon’s surface can be experienced.

Seattle top attractions
Museum of Flight, Seattle

The Aviation Learning Center (ALC) brings to life the energy and excitement of aviation through a hands-on learning environment where critical thinking, scientific inquiry, problem-solving, and technical reading and writing skills are practiced. ALC participants engage in three program components: The Learning Laboratory, The Hangar, and The Simulation Bay. The Learning Lab comprises ten interactive computer-based workstations that present various aviation topics such as flight dynamics, instrument flight, navigation, weather, weight, and balance, as well as wind tunnel experiments. In The Hangar, students develop a flight plan while charting a course from Boeing Field, Seattle to Paine Field, Everett, and then perform a pre-flight safety inspection of an actual Cirrus SR20 aircraft. In The Simulation Bay, students use advanced software and an immersive environment to virtually navigate their pre-planned route.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park offers stunning views of just about anything you would find on a Seattle postcard. Situated on the south side of Queen Anne Hill, a photograph here leaves nothing to the imagination. There are amazing views of the city skyline, ferries crossing Elliott Bay, the Space Needle, and even Mt. Rainier. This small park is wonderful for family pictures or just to relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery. It is especially favorable to pay a visit to this destination during sunrise.

Kerry Park Seattle
Kerry Park, Seattle WA

Heralded as one of the most impressive skyline views of Seattle, Kerry Park provides a stunning vista of Mt. Rainier and the city below. Walking in the early morning around Kerry Park, visitors can see the beautiful scenery of Seattle Centre.

Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum is located in three different facilities. The main museum is in downtown Seattle. The museum, which contains around 25,000 works of art, has a wide variety of exhibits and collections. Featured artwork comes from all over the world.

Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Art Museum by dph1110

The Seattle Art Museum consists of the downtown facility, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and the Olympic Sculpture Park. The Pacific Science Center is another fascinating Seattle museum. This museum contains hundreds of interactive exhibits. The center consists of eight buildings and even has two IMAX theaters. Because the city of Seattle is such a large and bustling place, it is an ideal vacation destination. There aren’t many cities that have such a plethora of tourist attractions.

San Juan Island – Seattle’s Favorite Getaway

The island is filled with natural beauty along with full fun. The show presents the orca whales over Sea Lions. The pure calm island waters along with animals make the day splendid.

San Juan Islands National Monument
San Juan Islands National Monument by mypubliclands

The island is home to many outdoor activities like whale watching, kayaking, paddle boarding, and birding. Nature enthusiasts will be mesmerized by the diverse wildlife and captivated by the beautiful vistas. The dramatic cliffs of Lime Kiln Point are also well worth visiting, especially during sunset when the sun casts a golden hue over the landscape.

The vibrant culture of the island can be experienced at its many galleries, museums, heritage sites, and boutique shops, as well as its excellent dining options. Additionally, there are plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained such as fossil tours, orchards, theaters, and live music venues.

Boeing Plant Tour

The Boeing factory gives a high-tech presentation and provides enough information from the assembly line to the finishing of Boeing airplanes. The manufacturing includes 777, 767, and 747. The plant is located in an area of 98.3 acres.

Boeing Plant Tour
Boeing Plant Tour, Seattle WA

Here, Boeing is assembling the famous Boeing 747, but also the 767, 777, and of course the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Boeing 777X will be out of this final assembly line soon.

Seattle Double Decker Tour

One of the most memorable attractions to experience in Seattle is the Seattle Double Decker Tour. This delightful tour offers visitors an in-depth look at the City’s vibrant history, culture, and stunning skyline. From the top of a traditional double-decker bus, guests can enjoy a panoramic bird’s eye view of the iconic Space Needle, the lively Pike Place Market, the unique Fremont Troll, and much more!

Gray Line Hop On Hop Off Bus
Seattle Double Decker Tour by Can Pac Swire

Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides provide entertaining commentary about the attractions on display, as well as insider tips and fun facts for curious travelers. As you explore each neighborhood, you’ll discover why Seattle is one of the most scenic cities in the US. Whether you’re visiting Seattle for the first time or simply want to re-experience the city in a whole new way, the Seattle Double Decker tour provides an unforgettable journey that will leave you with lasting memories.

The Space Needle

The Space Needle is probably the most famous tourist attraction in the city of Seattle. This attraction is a large tower that is 605 feet high. The tower, which is a symbol of the city, has a rotating restaurant and an observation deck. The observation deck offers magnificent views of the surrounding area, which is why the Space Needle is such a popular place to visit. Seattle also has some very interesting and educational museums.

Free Things to Do Seattle

It was constructed during 1962’s World’s Fair. It takes 41 seconds to reach 520 feet up by the winch ride. A surprising fact is that you can enjoy a meal at the SkyCity restaurant, which rotates to 360° while dining.

Pike Place Market

You have to visit Pike Place Market if you’re in Seattle, Washington. This open-air shopping quarter is a must-see, and it’s best to visit early in the morning when it’s less crowded and the fish and produce are at their freshest. Enjoy fine foods, watch the flying fish, visit the original Starbucks, give the brass pig a dollar, and eat at the many cafes and restaurants available.

Pike Place Market seattle

All different types of fresh fish await you, as well as gorgeous flower bouquets and locally made crafts. You can even have the fish you buy packed in dry ice for your return trip home. This farmer’s market was started in 1907. About 200 businesses are functioning for the whole year. The product includes flying fish, fresh pastries, fruit, handmade cheeses, local honey, wine, restaurants, imported goods, and antiques with enough street entertainers.


Upon visiting Seattle, you must be sure to enjoy a ferry ride. You have a few options depending on how much time you have. The Washington State Ferries service Seattle due to its unique geography. The Coleman Dock is the main ferry terminal, and Bainbridge Island is a great destination if you have a few hours for the ride and to enjoy lunch or coffee and light shopping.

Washington State Ferry - MV Tacoma
Washington State Ferry by WSDOT

Stroll along and see the different galleries and shops, and take a nice walk through Winslow. The ferry service is provided for traveling from Seattle and close-by exit points to Vashon Island, the Kitsap Peninsula, the San Juan Islands, and Canada. This service is operated by the state service and privacy controls.

Seattle Aquarium

The Aquarium is made up of a glass dome, surrounded by water, and allows the visitors to move around. The sea creatures like the sea anemone, bright-colored coral reef fish, giant Pacific octopus, and others swim around. The Seattle Aquarium is a large aquarium that attracts around 800,000 visitors each and every year. The aquarium, which is located on Pier 59, is home to many different species of sea creatures.

Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Aquarium by Scott Beale

A few of the main exhibits there are Life on the Edge, Window on Washington Waters, Life of a Drifter, and Pacific Coral Reef. Two other well-known and interesting exhibits at the aquarium are Ocean Oddities and Puget Sound Fish. Employees of Seattle Aquarium always educate tourists who visit. They want their visitors to learn as much about the sea creatures as possible. The aquarium also does a lot of work in the area of marine conservation.

The Seattle Waterfront

This busiest place is surrounded by an enormous collection of attractions, cafés, shopping complexes, ferries, and cruise ships. The visitors can feed the seagulls and leisurely walk around fountains and wooden docks.

Woodland Park Zoo

Another awesome nearby attraction is Woodland Park Zoo. The zoo, which is 92 acres in size, is home to more than 1,000 animals. Some of these animals are brown bears, jaguars, lions, red pandas, and rabbits. Other animals housed at the zoo include snow leopards, zebras, and both Asian and African elephants.

Woodland Park Zoo
Woodland Park Zoo by Bernie Ongewe

The park houses various species from gorillas and elephants to penguins and piranhas. It resides about 1000 animals and also allows the visitors to have a discussion with the caretaker of the animals.

Seattle Underground Tour

This city was reconstructed over the remainder of the Great Fire in 1889. The subterranean path takes the visitors on a trip through the old downtown Seattle and tells the old stories.

Seattle Underground Tour
Seattle Underground Tour by Crashworks

The Underground Tour takes you through the abandoned underground passageways which were once the bustling streets of 19th century Seattle. Visitors get to learn about the Great Fire of 1889 and explore spaces and artifacts that have been preserved since the fire swept through the city. This tour is a great way to gain insight into the history of the city, as it takes visitors into places that weren’t even known to exist before this tour began. With knowledgeable guides providing engaging commentary, the tour offers both entertainment and education. It is a must-do for those looking to learn more about Seattle’s interesting past.

Tillicum Village

Tillicum Village is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Seattle. Located on Blake Island, a 45-minute ferry ride from Seattle’s downtown waterfront, Tillicum Village is the ideal destination for visitors looking to explore the area’s history and culture.

Welcome to Tillicum Village
Tillicum Village by kckellner

Upon arriving at the village, visitors can expect to be treated to a traditional Native American feast and cultural performance. The Salmon Bake and Performance includes a satisfying meal of fresh grilled salmon, as well as vibrant singing and storytelling in the longhouse. After the performance, guests are welcome to take part in activities such as paddleboat rides, nature walks, or even trolling for salmon with staff members.

But perhaps the most rewarding part of Tillicum Village is its connection back to Seattle’s heritage and history. Through knowledgeable guides, interactive displays, and hands-on activities, guests can truly immerse themselves in the region’s culture and gain a better appreciation for the past. Tillicum Village is an unforgettable experience that will leave visitors with lasting memories and newfound knowledge of Seattle’s diverse past.

The Seattle Public Library

The central library is constructed by award-winning semi-transparent glass and steel.

Things to do in Seattle, Washington

There are a number of different things to do in Seattle – Washington, and your trip will largely depend on whether or not you want the touristy version of the city or the local version of the city. For the touristy version of the city, there are a number of tour packages that can be purchased that will take you to all of the major tourist attractions including the Space Needle, the Columbia Center, and the Seattle Art Museum. Many tours are only driving tours that will simply drive you around and point out the names of popular or interesting attractions. The best way to see Seattle, Washington is to rent your own car or take public transportation to many of the places that the tour companies only mention.

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