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Washington D.C. on a Budget

Visitors to Washington D.C. often leave in awe, but few realize the true greatness of the nation’s capital. This has been changing in recent years as more people have established residence, pushing the metro population to over 600,000. New residents and Fortune 500 companies alike are being drawn to the tri-county metropolitan areas for the awesome variety of amenities.

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A Stroll through the National Mall

The nation’s history can be viewed by visiting the National Mall. Here you will find many of the most historic monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, White House, and the Congressional building. Take a different view of the Mall by touring by paddleboat with Tidal Basin Paddle Boats. Visiting the White House is an event all in itself. If you are interested in taking a free tour of the White House, make sure you plan in advance. The best resource for making sure that you can take a tour and to make the best of your tour, visit the White House’s website to find out how to make your reservation, hours of tours, etc.

The National Mall

Architectural Visit to Georgetown

The Georgetown Historic District is a great place to enjoy great architecture design. The Old Stone House in Georgetown, outside the downtown area, was constructed in 1765, and Georgetown University features a combination of Romanesque and Gothic Revivalist styles.

The Smithsonian Institute – Something for Everyone

An educational interest is inspired in all citizens by the Smithsonian Institute collection of museums and art galleries. This extensive network includes a huge collection from the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, the National Zoo, the National Air and Space Museum, and many others.

Enjoy the Music

Military bands are the nation’s oldest professional music organizations still performing for public events. These bands have been performing in Washington D.C. since 1863 and continue regular performances in the D.C. area. Many of the performances are located around the National Mall and all concerts are free.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt Island, a 91-acre wilderness preserve that was donated by the Theodore Roosevelt Association in memory of the 26th President. This island is crossed by two and a half miles of trails for the nature lover to enjoy. Keep in mind that there are no cars or bikes allowed on the island, so be prepared to walk for your visit.

theodore rosevelt island

Washington Walking Tour

Take a walking tour or the nation’s capital with Free Tours by Foot. This company provides a free walking tour that will take you from the National Mall to Arlington Cemetery to the Pentagon and more.

Getting from Point A to Point B

The 1960s freeway protests resulted in interstate funds being diverted to public transit infrastructure. Commuting by car is still a nightmare on par with other major cities, but multiple options exist besides the road. The rapid transit system, DC Streetcar, Metrobus, and train stations mean visitors and residents can explore the city without renting or owning a car.

It is difficult to sum up the scope of amenities in the nation’s capital. Certainly no visitor or resident has ever worried about boredom. Downtown D.C. and the metropolitan area hold far more experiences than any person can experience in a lifetime.

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