10 Best Cheap Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

Our Top Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

The honeymoon is undoubtedly the most exciting part of getting married. It leaves pleasant memories that linger on in the mind for the rest of your life. So it’s important to make the best memories! If you are planning a romantic getaway with your partner. Weddings are made in Heaven! Sure they are. But it’s not all of us that the Gods and the Heavens bless with enough fortune to make out honeymoon extravagant. But then, they made me write an article where I can tell you about some honeymoon destinations that won’t blow off the fire of love from your dream honeymoon and still not put a hole in your pocket. So, here are some hot spots for you if you are looking for a cheap yet romantic honeymoon:

Kauai, Hawaii

What could be more relaxing and romantic than the sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii? The tropical forests and lush green valleys add on to a totally natural experience making your stay even more valuable. Besides, the low-cost Inns and hotels make your stay budget-friendly. Also, there are several resorts that can fit in your budget. Be it small or big. The Hawaiian cuisine, moreover, adds on to the exotic experience that is unique to the planet. This would hence top the list of the top ten cheap honeymoon destinations.

affordable honeymoon Philippines


the Philippines comprises over 7 thousand beautiful islands giving you a gateway to paradise. The food is very inexpensive and one can get all kinds of cuisine besides the local. The hotels are reasonably cheaper than other Asian destinations of the category. The markets are so cheap that you and your beloved half could get tired of spending the “budget cash”. There are provisions for water sports like Parasailing, surfing, water scooting, diving, etc. with other leisure activities that can keep you entertained and help you connect with your now better half.

inexpensive honeymoon india


India could be a priceless destination for both extravagant as well as budget honeymooners. With a vast diversity in culture, traditions, and geography, one may find it complicated to make a tour plan. Nevertheless, be it the high misty mountains of the Himalayas, or the spectacular deserts and forts of Rajasthan or the beautiful beaches of Goa and Kerela, you would have to struggle yourself back home, once you visit them. The spicy Indian cuisine can get you spellbound. There is a large variety of accommodations as far as the rates are concerned. You can travel across the country through trains which are inexpensive and comfortable. Also, the airfares are cheap. All in all, a splendid honeymoon destination for you.

best affordable honeymoon destinations


Mauritius is the heaven for lovers and could also be your hot spot when you’re on a budget crunch. The spectacular beaches and the cheap car rentals could ease out your senses as well as pockets. There are many cheap resorts as well as hotels. One may also opt for guest houses and house rentals if they like. The food is moderately expensive but will sure fit your budget. Besides the huge market of Port Louise with an all-time sale can have you and your significant half on a shopping spree. This destination is sure to give you and your spouse a tranquil and romantic honeymoon.

honeymoons on a budget


There is no soul on the planet earth who likes vacationing and hasn’t heard of the Caribbean. Jamaica is one of these lovely islands which could be your honeymoon destination on a low budget. First things first! The place is stupendously exotic and immensely lively. There are several hotels and inns that can fit your budget but I would advise you to go for the cheap beach resorts which provide you several tour packages and accommodation as well. The water sports are reasonably cheaper and could add spark to your love the trip. The airfare is cheaper from the Americas as well as Europe. You can go cruising as well if your budget permits since there is a wide range of cruises to choose from.

inexpensive honeymoon packages in British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada

This again is another splendid location to be on your honeymoon with a provision that you can opt for the various cheap tour packages offered by different resorts here. Also, there are train links to Canada that can cut off on the expensive airfares.

Las vegas affordable honeymoon

Las Vegas, NV

Who could think of a cheaper place to have fun when we have Las Vegas around? With cheap Inns providing bread and breakfast and buffets starting from a mere 99cents, what more could one ask for? One can simply enjoy the free drinks, enjoy the sights (or even gamble at) the super lavish casinos as one moves from one hotel to the other. Vegas can definitely provide you with a hotel within your budgets and it’s got a life that is worth seeing in a lifetime. This could be your spot if you and your partner love the glamorous side of living.

top affordable honeymoon destinations - virgin island

Virgin Islands

The exotic, picturesque beaches of the Virgin Islands and the reasonable Hotels make this destination one of the few that may be listed. The Saphire beach, Magney Bay, Coki Beach, Trunk Bay, etc attract the honeymooners from all across the globe. The enticing white sand beaches are enticing in every manner with the wild mountainous terrain adding to the thrill of your romance. You can easily look up for tour operators who can fix your budget tour to make your experience unforgettable yet inexpensive.

cheap honeymoon spots - key west

Key West, FL

The incredible stretches of pure sands and the colorful houses can take your breath away within this beautiful town on the Straits of Florida. This could be your perfect budget honeymoon spot with an everlasting experience. An advance planning of the tour can get you easy and cheap reservations at a lower fair. The town can be visited for the acknowledged art and architecture as well as the museums; besides the beaches and lovely spots providing immense solitude.

cheap honeymoon getaways - lake taho

Lake Tahoe, NV

This place is another spot for a budget honeymoon if one looks for adventure, solitude, and romance. Best to be visited during the winters, the spot provides adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. For the more outdoor type couple, Tahoe is the place. Your low budget can easily be taken care of by a number of bread and breakfast style Inns and rental cottages in the town. Also, the place has an amazing nightlife ranging from a variety of pubs, clubs, and casinos for you and your lovely half to hang around at.

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