Best Tour Companies for Solo Travelers

Solo travelers rejoice! The rise of solo travel is continuing and is now one of the biggest trends in travel. The number of solo travelers of all ages has skyrocketed in recent years and companies are starting to take notice. Many tour companies now offer a variety of perks to accommodate this growing trend. Some companies will reduce or eliminate high single supplement fees that have traditionally made solo traveling more expensive. With the increasing popularity of solo travel, there are now better options for booking a trip. Check out some of the best companies for solo travelers!

Solo Travel is on the Rise and Companies are Taking Notice

The 2024 Visa Global Travel Intentions study surveyed over 13,000 travelers from 25 different countries. They found that 24% of travelers traveled alone on their most recent leisure trip. That’s almost 10% more than in 2018. As the numbers continue to increase, more travel brands are paying attention. This is great news for us solo travelers who now have more options for travel geared towards us.

Advantages of Travel Companies that Cater to Solo Travelers

  1. Most travel companies raise prices up to 50% for those traveling alone. Vacations that cater to solo travelers will cut or eliminate this huge markup. We shouldn’t be financially punished for being brave enough to travel the world solo!
  2. Travel companies that cater to solo travelers and can help you book a guided trip with other travelers who are on their own. This is great because it will give you a better opportunity to meet and travel with like-minded travelers.

Youth Travelers

Contiki Vacations

Contiki is geared towards younger travelers, specifically those aged 18-35. Contiki’s goal is to match travelers up with someone of the same-sex and then book a double room for them. So if you’re looking to make friends on your trip, this is the company for you.

Budget Travelers

Overseas Adventure Travel

Ideal for budget travelers, Overseas Adventure Travel takes single travelers to exotic destinations such as Botswana and Patagonia. They have both land adventures and small ship adventures. Overseas Adventure Travel does not charge supplements.

Sea-loving Travelers

Norwegian Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line has a class of Studio cabins tailor-made for single travelers and priced at roughly 30 percent less than a double stateroom on its Epic, Breakaway, and Pride of America ships. Their award-winning Studios are up to 100 sq. ft. They are an industry first, giving solo cruisers the most affordable and stylish way to cruise.

Lindblad Cruises

Another cruise line offering options for solo travelers is Lindblad Expeditions. The company offers single-occupancy cabins on its National Geographic Explorer, Endeavour, and Orion ships for about 30% off a regular room.

Adventurous Travelers


More than half of the travelers that book through Intrepid travel are going solo. The company offers solo-only departures which are exclusively for those of you flying solo. The solo only trips include 9-15 day trips to Indian, Morocco, or Colombia.

G Adventures

Traveling by yourself shouldn’t be more expensive! That’s why G Adventures treat single travelers to the same benefits as non-single travelers. They don’t charge single supplements and instead, they will partner you up with a same-sex roommate to make sure you pay the same as everyone else. Choose from a variety of travel styles including local living, active, classic, and yolo.

Travelers of All Ages

Solos Holidays

Solos holidays offer trips catered to solo travelers of all ages! Tours are available for youth as well as those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s+. Solos specialize in singles holidays for the solo traveler interested in singles holidays to the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Luxury Travelers

Abercrombie and Kent

Best known as a luxury travel company, Abercrombie and Kent accept solo travelers on all of its trips — to all seven continents. They offer Solo Savings escorted group tours, where single travelers enjoy their own private accommodations during every stop of the trip without having to pay the usual single supplements.

New Zealand Explorer

Kiwi Experience

Kiwi Experience offers a variety of bus tours around New Zeland. I did this tour when I was there and had a great time. The company offers flexible guided bus travel allowing you to hop on and hop off during the trip. This is great because you have the flexibility to stay as long as you want at different stops during the trip. You’ll travel alongside like-minded travelers and book activities and accommodations as you go.

Solo Travel

If you’re thinking of planning a solo trip yourself instead of going through a travel agency or booking a package check out How to Plan Your First Solo Trip.

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