5 Best Cities for Ghost Tours – Most Haunted Places in the US

Sometimes, your vacation needs a spooky adventure to kick it up a notch. Luckily, many cities throughout America have just the thing you need to take a haunted vacation: a late-night ghost tour.

Ghost tours are a great family attraction, especially if any of your kids enjoy the history of old places. Many American cities have ghost tales stretching back centuries, and it’s an easy way to sneak some education into a family vacation. While your experiences on a ghost tour will depend heavily on your guide, here are a few cities that are sure to send chills down your spine.

Haunted New Orleans, LA

Home to many years of Cajun and voodoo superstitions, New Orleans has always been a little bit on the mystic side. While it might also be known for some wild partying, New Orleans has a rich, vibrant history, going all the way back to the city’s Spanish rule in the 1700s. New Orleans has seen hurricanes, floods, fires, corruption, and many more calamities – and lived through it all. As a port city, New Orleans brings a lot of new ghost stories from new visitors, so a ghost tour is a great way to get a look at the city’s haunted history.

new orleans ghost tours
New Orleans ghost tours
  • New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours – Phone: (504) 475-5214
  • New Orleans Ghost and Vampire Tour – Phone: (504) 314-0806
  • Haunted History Tours – Phone: (504) 861-2727
  • French Quarter Phantoms – Phone: (504) 666-8300

Miss G was entertaining and informative. Tour takes you to specific areas of murders and sites where spirits have been filmed. The tour was very accommodating. Any spots that opened up were filled with last-minute people. Don’t count in last-minute entries since your sells out. (New Orleans Ghost and Vampire Tour)

Savannah, GA Ghost Tours

Savannah, a city with portions built on top of several large cemeteries with thousands of graves, is a famous spot for paranormal activity. The city has a number of popular haunted spots, including the Pirates’ House – one of the oldest taverns in Georgia. Savannah is home to dozens of haunted tours that provided guided tours that give a deep look at the city’s history and its ghostly traditions.

Savannah, GA ghost tours
Savannah ghost tours
  • Ghosts & Gravestones – Phone: (866) 955-1674
  • Ghost City Tours – Phone: (855) 999-9026
  • Genteel & Bard | Fine Savannah History & Ghost Tours – Phone: (912) 373-6651
  • Savannah Ghost Tours by Blue Orb Tours – Phone: (912) 665-4258
  • Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours – Phone: (912) 667-3156

This was hands down one of the most amazing tours I have been on in my life! Spooky Steve was truly something special! He has a fantastic knowledge of Savannah’s spooky past and present, brilliant storytelling, and he takes you to places you can’t go to on other tours. BOOK THIS TOUR! (Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours)

Ghost Tours of Gettysburg, PA

Home to a three-day battle and the turning point of the Civil War, Gettysburg has a lot of history to take in –and maybe, a lot of restless spirits. This small town in Pennsylvania saw multiple small skirmishes and battles surrounding the town, offering a lot of day-time battlefield tours and some ghostly tours through the town at night.

  • Mark Nesbitt’s Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours – Phone: (717) 337-0445
  • Farnsworth House Ghost Walks and Mourning Theater – Phone: (717) 334-8838
  • Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours – Phone: (717) 334-8838
  • Ghostly Images of Gettysburg – Phone: (717) 334-1156
Ghost Tours Gettysburg
Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Our first time doing this extreme ghost hunt and it was the greatest experience ever! Our expert … did an amazing job with explaining how the different equipment works and showing us how to use it. Everyone was very friendly and we all experienced similar things. Me and my husband are definitely coming back! (Gettysburg Ghost Tours)

Haunted Tombstone, AZ Ghost Tour

Tombstone is famous as one of the last frontier boomtowns, home to a huge silver mine and gunfighters like Wyatt Earp. Along with its rustic Old West looks, Tombstone is also famous for its ghosts. Like many of the cities on this list, Tombstone is an excellent example of history in the American West, haunted by some of its most famous residents. Together with Bisbee, AZ  about a half-hour away, Tombstone offers some of the Southwest’s best spook stories.

Tombstone Ghost Tours
Tombstone Ghost Tours
  • Tombstone Trolley LLC – Phone: (520) 955-3090
  • The Bird Cage Theatre – Phone: (520) 457-3421
  • Good Enough Mine Tour – Phone: (520) 457-3333
  • Ike Clanton’s Haunted Hotel – 426 E Allen St, Tombstone, AZ 85638

The Bird Cage Theater is the most haunted place I’ve ever been. I caught orbs on photo, plus some weird light flare thing seems to be standing in front of my boyfriend.. so amazing and well worth the trip!! Will be back! Thanks to everyone at Tombstone who made my early Birthday special!! ♥️ Tombstone

Ghosts of St. Augustine, FL

As the nation’s oldest permanently occupied city, St. Augustine has had a lot of time to build up its history and its ghost stories. A Ghostly Experience, one of the first ghost tours started in the city was made as a fun, educational activity for visiting schoolchildren, making it a perfect vacation excursion. The tour’s storytellers pull you through the city’s 450-year history, including the old Spanish forts and nearby Native American villages.

ghost tour St. Augustine, FL
St. Augustine, FL ghost tours
  • St. Augustine Ghost Tours by Ghosts & Gravestones – Phone: (904) 826-3663
  • Ghost Tours of St. Augustine Inc. – Phone: (904) 829-1122
  • A Ghostly Encounter Walking Ghost Tours – Phone: (904) 827-0807
  • St Augustine Fun & Ghost Tours – Phone: (904) 829-0576

Amazing ghost tour! A lot of fun history facts, very engaging, only one jumpscare but I’m sure if you ask nicely they’ll warn you ahead of time, for the most part it’s just interesting facts about interesting places with some spooky stories … (St. Augustine Ghost Tours by Ghosts & Gravestones)

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