best places Celebrate Halloween

Top Ten Iconic Places to Celebrate Halloween

Things to Do for Halloween Around the World Halloween is a fun and frightening festival that is widely celebrated around the world. It is a one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates horror while also providing an excellent opportunity to travel. It’s fascinating to see how different places and cultures put their own spin on Halloween, which is … Read more

Best Trips to Take in your 40s

Best Trips to Take in your 40s

Vacation Bucket List Over 40 For those beginning early on their bucket list, it would make sense to divide your travel bucket list based on your age group. Though in today’s time, age would just be a number and not a limiting factor. But care needs to be taken to ensure that you get the … Read more

Best Vacations Over 50

Best Vacation Spots for Couples Over 50

Vacation Bucket list for Couples in Your 50s Today’s 50 year olds are far more adventurous than they have ever been and for many, that first whiff of freedom, means that traveling is not just a luxury but a necessity for a well balanced and varied life. In addition, with many parents now deciding to … Read more

Best Trips to Take for Retirees

8 Bucket List Vacations for Retirees

Best Trips for Retirees & Seniors Some of us are born travelers, wanderers, forever seeking new horizons, cultures and experiences; it simply breathes life into our veins. However, for many, traveling is only an occasional option, instead of a way of life. With this in mind, care needs to be taken in choosing your holiday … Read more

airbnb vs homeaway vs vrbo

Vacation Rentals: HomeAway vs Airbnb vs VRBO

Best Place for Vacation Rentals – Reviews The world of travel and vacation rentals is changing. Where people would before turn to hotels for all their accommodation needs, a recent trend in websites that allow private residences to open their doors to travelers has made it easier than ever to find an affordable place to … Read more

Coolest Playgrounds World

World’s Coolest Playgrounds

Cool Playgrounds Around the World These international fun zones make swingsets look like ancient relics. Take a look at some of the unusually cool designs that are popping up all over the world. And if you have a favorite that we didn’t include on the list (which could easily have been twice as long), please … Read more

best vacation toddlers

Best Vacation Destinations with Toddlers

Best Toddler Vacations – Where to Travel? As toddlers tend to be somewhat fickle emotional roller-coasters, some people decide not to travel until their little ones are a little older. I think that really what you need to corral some of the craziness is to find the right place to go. It’s true: some vacation … Read more

Lighthouse Tours

Lighthouse Tours, Cruises & Excursions

Lighthouse Guides: Must-Visit Lighthouses Lighthouse lovers abound so what better way to celebrate their fascination than to cast a beam of light on how to have the extraordinary travel experience of a stay—overnight or longer—in a lighthouse tower’s round rooms with wraparound views or a visit a lighthouse keeper’s quaint, adjacent cottage. A coastal sojourn … Read more

World's Most Amazing Fountains

World’s Most Fabulous Fountains

13 Most Beautiful Fountains in the World Gushing water, dazzling lights, and cutting-edge designs – what was once a purely functional utility for bathing and washing became a most sophisticated piece of architecture and thrilling expression of artistic creativity. Take a look at some of the world’s most fabulous fountains and let your mind flow … Read more

Best Tour Companies for Solo Travelers

Best Tour Companies for Solo Travelers

Solo travelers rejoice! The rise of solo travel is continuing and is now one of the biggest trends in travel. The number of solo travelers of all ages has skyrocketed in recent years and companies are starting to take notice. Many tour companies now offer a variety of perks to accommodate this growing trend. Some … Read more

Pros and Cons of Airbnb

Pros & Cons of Airbnb, VRBO, and other Vacation Rentals

Airbnb or VRBO vs. Staying at a Hotel Airbnb is a service that offers travelers the opportunity to rent accommodation. Shared rooms, private rooms, or entire homes can be rented from locals in over 190 countries.  The website connects people who are looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodation. I … Read more

Ways to Avoid Germs During a Hotel Stay

Hotels and Hygiene – Combat Hidden Germs in Hotels

5 Tips to Avoid Germs During a Hotel Stay Hotel stays usually mean fun things like floating in a pool, room service, in-room movies, and someone else making the bed, but we may actually be getting more than we bargained for when scheduling a stay. Cleanliness of hotel rooms is a priority to most travelers: … Read more

Haunted Lighthouses of America

Haunted Lighthouses of America

Haunted Lighthouses Haunted Lighthouses are all over the world. Most of them are in beautiful locations, guarding the shores and guiding ships to safety. From tragic tales of light keepers who don’t want to leave their posts, to souls of those lost at sea near the lighthouse, to the spirits of those who died on … Read more

Online Hotel Promo codes

Taking advantage of Online Hotel Promo codes

Find Hotel Promo Codes Online So you need to book a hotel? You’ve done your research, you know which hotel you want. NOW you need to get it for the best price. There are SOOOO many things to consider when booking a hotel, here is my strategy for success! TripAdvisor Search TripAdvisor for hotels and … Read more

Using TripAdvisor reviews

Using TripAdvisor reviews – the right way

I am sure most of us have or currently use Tripadvisor, but do you know how to search the reviews the right way? Let me teach you how to search for reviews on TripAdvisor to guarantee you’ve made the right choice! Everyone knows searching for hotels in new areas can be VERY difficult. With this … Read more