Windsurfing in South Padre Island

South Padre Island Windsurfing

Windsurfing has become a staple of water sports and  South Padre Island is an excellent locale for it.   South Padre Island has this good fortune because of fantastic windsurfing conditions due to an optimal wind that comes into the Texas coast.   This is definitely good news for all those interested in trying out the sport.  Windsurfing affords an opportunity for anyone regardless of age or sex the chance to try a challenging sport out on the waves.   Everyone in the family can windsurf as kids as young as 6 can quickly pick up the ins and outs of windsurfing.   It is also something new that is challenging enough physically to keep you captivated and give you a quality workout.

If you are not familiar with windsurfing, it consists of a person riding a surfboard that has a sail attached to it.   The rider navigates the board by turning the sail and angling the surfboard.   When the winds are up, this can be very exciting.   A windsurfer can make a large number of freestyle moves and jumps that cannot be performed by other sailing crafts.   This sport blends surfing and sailing and requires a certain amount of athletic dexterity.   In fact, the sport is quite flexible as there are even different types of sails for different types of sailing whether you want to go course racing, freestyle, speed sailing, slalom, and other evolving disciplines.

In addition, windsurfing is a unique sport in that you can surf with groups of other windsurfers and enjoy their camaraderie or explore “unchartered” areas all on your own.   South Padre Island is great for both avenues due to its long winding coast of many miles and popularity of the sport.

SPI Windsurfing Rental Services

At South Padre Island, there are a number of companies that offer windsurfing equipment and windsurfing lessons.   Windsurfing lessons begin at $45 an hour per person for beginner lessons and go up to $90 an hour per person for advanced lessons.   The entire rig can be borrowed for as much as $20 an hour or $65 for the whole day.   Do not be concerned about unique apparel.   Windsurfing grants you a large amount of latitude in attire.   You will not really need any fancy clothing like a wetsuit.   Instead, you can manage with a t-shirt and swimsuit.   However, we recommend you wear a long sleeve t-shirt as this will lend you some protection from the sun and the wind.

  • Windsurf the Boatyard – Phone: (956) 561-4189
  • Windsurf Inc. / South Padre Kiteboarding –  (956) 761-1434
  • H2O Sports – South Padre Island Kiteboarding School Lessons – Phone: (609) 226-6456
  • Air Padre Kiteboarding – South Padre Island – Phone: (956) 299-9463
  • Prokite South Padre – Phone: (541) 490-6872
  • SPI Kiteboarding & SUP – Phone: (956) 772-1098
  • South Padre Surf Company – Phone: (956) 772-7272
  • South Padre Island Watersports  – Phone: (956) 299-9463
  • Red Dog Kiteboarding – Phone: (956) 433-9116

South Padre Island gives you a chance to try out this popular sport.   Plan to take some time out to practice the different moves.   Some moves like the Body Drag, Cowboy, and Sail Throw can be a challenge.   But, over the course of the day, you will find that with a little patience you can pick up the tricks and techniques fairly quickly.   Once you learn these tricks teach them to your family and friends.   You will gain a bonding experience out of it and a memory to share in later.   So go ahead, and give it a try.   Based on most people’s experiences, you will be glad you did.  If you are looking for something exploring the ocean’s deep, check out South Padre Island Scuba Diving & Snorkeling.


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