Insider’s Guide to Sea World, Texas

Best Rides at Sea World Texas Parks

Sea World is an American chain of marine mammal parks, oceanariums, and animal theme parks. The chain consists of three parks, one in San Antonio (at 250-acres San Antonio Sea World is the largest of the three), one in Orlando, and one in San Diego. Sea World is famous for its show involving the orca (killer whales), dolphins, and other marine mammals.

Sea World San Antonio also offers thrill rides, entertainment districts, exhibits, special events, and much more. In the summer months, Sea World opens Aquatica. This water park features a huge wave pool, several water slides, and many other water attractions. Sea World also has a section of rides just for the kids called Shamu Happy Harbor.

Sea World Rides (Adult Rides)

The Great White

The Great White is a steel roller coaster that takes you on a heart-pounding ride of loops and speed. It reaches nearly 50 mph and has more than 2500 feet of track. This ride was the first roller coaster ever built at a Sea World park. Enjoy as you sit in the seat with your feet hanging and soar through loops and turns. Riders must be at least 54 inches tall to enjoy this Sea World ride.

The Great White
The Great White, Sea World Texas

Rio Loco

Prepare to get drenched on this ride. The Rio Loco holds 6 passengers in a round raft that will take you down a running river of bends and splashes. This ride will soak you as you pass through a raging waterfall. Riders must be at least 42 inches tall to enjoy this Sea World ride.

Steel Eel HyperCoaster

The Steel Eel is a hypercoaster that truly looks like an eel as it slithers its way along the lake edge of Sea World. Its first drop takes you up 15 stories and gives you a great view of the Sea World Park. This coaster reaches speeds of almost 70 mph and has 3700 feet of track. Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to enjoy this Sea World ride.

Steel Eel HyperCoaster, Sea World Texas

Texas Splashdown

The Texas Splashdown is a log flume with 2 thrilling 6 story drops that plunges you into a pool of water at the end. You may get a little wet on this ride.

Journey to Atlantis

The Journey to Atlantis is part roller coaster and part water ride. It has a 100 foot climb up a hill and drops you down while spinning like a turntable. After taking you on an exhilarating coaster ride, it takes you on a final fall into a lake of water. Riders must be 42 inches tall to enjoy this Sea World ride.

Journey to Atlantis
Journey to Atlantis, Sea World Texas

Shamu Happy Harbor Rides (Kid Rides)

Jumpin Jungle

This ride lifts the riders two stories up then drops them slowly and bounces them all the way down.

Petes Pinwheel

This miniature Ferris wheel is a great ride for parents to take their kids on.

Shamu Express

The Shamu Express is a steel roller coaster designed for you and your children to enjoy. Have fun as the coaster takes you through 220 ft of track at speeds of up to 14 mph. Your children will enjoy this ride because it is not too scary but still delivers a thrill. Kids must be 41 inches tall to ride by themselves. If the child is less than 41 inches tall he or she must ride it with an adult.

Shamu Express Sea World
Shamu Express Sea World, Texas


The shows described are some of the most popular of the San Antonio Sea World shows. This is not a complete list. Sea World often adds and removes shows and some Sea World shows are only offered seasonally. See the Sea World website for a current and complete list of Sea World shows and attractions.


Believe is an exciting theatrical showing with Shamu the killer whale and his trainers. Watch Shamu do great stunts and tricks as the trainers narrate the story. If you are sitting on the first twenty rows, known as the splash zone, you might want to be wearing a bathing suit. Shamu will throw tidal waves of water on you throughout this show.

Viva Show

Via is a great show in Beluga Stadium. It is like being at a circus, only with water, dolphins, and whales. Watch the Sea World trainers perform their acrobatic dives off platforms and into the water while performing great stunts with the white-sided dolphins and the beluga whales.

Viva Show
Viva Show, San Antonio Texas

The Cannery Row Caper

The Cannery Row Caper is a funny show with two sea lions named Clyde and Seamore. These two sea lions try to figure out what happened to a disappearing fish. The greatest part about this show is that it is amazing just to see how smart Clyde and Seamore can be.

Cannery Row Caper Sea World, Texas
Cannery Row Caper Sea World, Texas

Pirates 4-D

The Pirates 4-D show mixes comedy with adventure. The captain sails the Caribbean Sea with his crew of Pirates. This show has great 4-D effects with theatre effects combined. The crowd will get sprayed by water while being taken on this humorous adventure and tale.

Cool Vibrations

Cool Vibrations is set in Sea World San Antonio water Ski Stadium. When this show starts, it never slows down until the end. The skiers keep the audience on edge while performing jaw-dropping stunts. Throughout the show, rocking music is played to add to the atmosphere of the show.

Aquatica Waterpark

Wave Pool

The Wave Pool at the Lost Lagoon Water Park allows you to have fun while splashing around with your friends in the pool. Enjoy the waves as they roll toward you and dive through them. When you’re through in the pool you can just soak up some sun by the palms.

Aquatica Waterpark Sea World, Texas
Aquatica Waterpark Sea World, Texas

Cast Away Crusin

Have a great time while floating the Cast Away Crusin. Float down 1200 ft of turns and just relax of splash around in the sun. Race a friend to the end while playing with foam shooters. Riders that are less than 39 inches tall must wear approved life vests while in the Cast Away Crusin waters.

Buckaroo Mountain

Buckaroo Mountain has four great water slides. It features two body slides and two tube slides. You can choose which you would like to ride or just ride all four. Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to enjoy this Sea World ride.

Splash Attack

On a hot day bring the kids over to the Splash Attack. This is a 3 story funhouse with a huge dumping bucket and water that gushes up high into the air. There is no line for this play area and you can stay as long as you like.

Sky Tubin

The Sky Tubin is a 12-foot wide water slide. It takes you on 500 feet of twists and turns to the bottom. Before you make it to the end you will experience pools, drops and rough water. Riders must either be 42 inches tall or wear a coast guard approved life vests to enjoy this Sea World ride.

Side Winders

On the SideWinder, you and a friend board a double tube and climb to the top of the slide. This slide is nearly 5 stories tall and takes you on great 90 degree turns. Riders must be 42 inches tall to ride this water slide.

Activity Pool

The Activity Pool in the Lost Lagoon Water Park is for the whole family. Watch your kids as they splash around in the 1 to 3 feet pool. They can play around the animal characters that stand in the water to add great appearance to the pool. The whole family can enjoy the waterfalls and the slide tower that the Activity Pool has to offer.

Lil Gators Pool

The Lil Gators Pool is a wading pool for the kids. This pool is very spacious and has play elements that look like animal characters. This pool was designed specifically for the enjoyment of you children.

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