Visit Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio Texas

Welcome to Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas, a premier natural attraction in San Antonio,  where you’ll find adventure and fun around every bend. Natural Bridge Cavern in renowned throughout Texas and among geologists. At Natural Bridge Cavern, you’ll explore some of the biggest underground caverns and earth formations in Texas and North America. A number of tours are offered. Whether you are a first-timer, an avid caver, or someone in between, Natural Bridge Caverns awaits with a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

Natural Bridge Caverns - San Antonio

North Cavern Tour

The 75-minute North Cavern Tour travels a 1/2-mile through the largest show cavern in Texas. You’ll explore the underground phenomena of space-like formations in various chambers. The Black Bear Pit is named after the 8,000-year-old black bear jawbone discovered during development. In the Sherwood Forest, you’ll notice incredible stalagmites that resemble towering tree trunks. The walk to Purgatory Creek winds down 211-feet below the surface, the deepest point on the tour. Hall of the Mountain King is one of the biggest underground chambers in Texas. In Castle of the White Giants, enormous formations resemble a king’s throne draped in a wall of white curtains.

Jeremy Room

The Jeremy Room opened in 2002 and is located 120-feet below the earth’s surface. Here you’ll notice the delicate Helictite formations that resemble pincushions, and “soda straws,” hollow tubes of stalactites that reaching lengths of six inches to 10 feet.

Adventure Tour

Strap on a headlamp and explore the undeveloped passages and rooms of Natural Bridge Caverns. This physically demanding tour involves rappelling, crawling, and climbing over unusual and ancient formations 230 feet underground. Tour participants are lowered by rope into a 160-foot well shaft as part of the one-mile cavernous descent. A walk-in option is available. Search for the longest straw formation in North America that stretches 14 feet.

Family Activities

Natural Bridge Cavern also offers fun activities above the earth’s surface. The Natural Bridge Mining Company features the largest sluice in Texas. Here, guests can “mine” for precious gems and minerals through the series of wooden troughs leading from a water-filler tower. As water passes through the trough, screens separate treasures from the water. Climbers will enjoy the Watchtower Challenge’s two climbing walls and two, 350-foot zip lines.

A great side trip on your visit to Seaworld, drive the short distance to Natural Bridge Caverns located between San Antonio and New Braunfels. Natural Bridge Caverns offers something for the whole family.

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