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Many folks come here to swim, but the park is more than a great swimming hole. Beautiful scenery and colorful history await, just a short drive from San Antonio and Austin.

Guadalupe River State Park includes over 1900-acres of the Texas Hill Country. Included in the park is about four miles of clear flowing Guadalupe River frontage. This four-mile area attracts visitors for a number of activities including swimming, tubing, canoeing, fishing, or kayaking.

Guadalupe River State Park

This park also offers a 5.3-mile equestrian trail for horseback riding or mountain biking. Camping areas are also available along the river. Other park features include daytime picnic areas, restrooms with showers, RV hookups, and a playground. All camp areas include fresh drinking water and some include electrical hookups and shower facilities. This park also features a park store where you can buy ice, firewood, or other necessities. The park store also offers souvenirs and gift items.

Guadalupe River State Park is located along the boundary of Comal and Kendall Counties. It was acquired by deed from private owners in 1974 and was opened to the public in 1983. The park is bisected by the clear-flowing waters of the Guadalupe River. The park is comprised of a 1938.7-acre segment of the Texas Hill Country noted for its ruggedness and scenic beauty. The park is open 7 days a week year-round with a busy season March through November.


The Guadalupe River, with banks lined by huge bald cypress trees, is the park’s most outstanding natural feature. On its winding path through the park, the river courses over four natural rapids; and two steep limestone bluffs reflect its awesome erosive power. Trees in lower elevations and bottomlands include sycamore, elm, basswood, pecan, walnut, persimmon, willow, and hackberry. In the uplands away from the river, the limestone terrain is typical of the Edwards Plateau and has oak and juniper woodlands, with interspersed grasslands.

Guadalupe River State Park Aerial View
Guadalupe River State Park Aerial View

One area of virgin Ashe juniper woodland provides the proper nesting habitat for the rare golden-cheeked warbler. In addition to numerous species of birds, the park supports a wide variety of wild animals including white-tailed deer, coyote, gray fox, skunk, raccoon, opossum, bobcat, and armadillo. Other smaller species abound, and efforts of wildlife observers are usually well-rewarded.

Nearby attractions include Honey Creek State Natural Area and Blanco State Park; in San Antonio, the Casa Navarro State Historic Park and the Mission San Jose.


The park has 4 miles of river frontage and is located in the middle of a 9-mile stretch of the Guadalupe River. Park visitors may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including canoeing, fishing, swimming, tubing, picnicking, hiking, and camping. Opportunities also exist for less vigorous but more serene pursuits, such as bird watching and nature study.

Guadalupe River Swimming
Guadalupe River Swimming

There is a two-hour guided interpretive tour of the adjacent Honey Creek State Natural Area. The tour emphasizing history, geology, flora, and fauna is given Saturday at 9:00 a.m.; call the park to confirm.


Guadalupe River State Park consists of about 1938 acres along the Guadalupe River. This park contains some of the most beautiful scenery in Texas including its white limestone cliffs and its towering cypress trees. This park has many other natural features that guests may enjoy while exploring this park. Some of the trees that can be seen at Guadalupe River State Park include sycamore, elm, basswood, pecan, walnut, persimmon, willow, and hackberry. This park is also habitat to many species of animals including deer, coyote, fox, skunk, raccoon, opossum, bobcat, and armadillo.

Guadalupe River State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife
Guadalupe River State Park; photo by Texas Parks & Wildlife

Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River is one of the most popular rivers in Texas. The Guadalupe River runs from Kerr County Texas to San Antonio Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. Many rafters, canoeists, tubers, and kayakers are drawn to the Guadalupe for its white water and challenging rocky streams. The Upper Guadalupe in the Texas Hill Country is a small fast stream and is great for tubing. The Lower Guadalupe near Canyon Lake and New Braunfels are popular for rafters and kayakers because of its fast, rocky flow. Fishing in the Guadalupe River is also a great New Braunfels area attraction. The Guadalupe is listed as one of the 150 top trout streams in the United States.

Honey Creek State Natural Area

Honey Creek State Natural Area is a 2200-acre park adjacent to Guadalupe River State Park. This park is only open to guided tours. At this park, you can go on a two hour guided tour consisting of a 2-mile trail through diverse terrain, and wildlife areas. This tour focuses on history, geology, and plant and animal life. Throughout this park, you may see artifacts and tools from early hunter-gatherers from the region. Visitors to Honey Creek State Natural Area are encouraged to call the park in advance for tour dates, times, and availabilities.


Temperatures within the park range from a January average of 60 degrees to a July average of 86 degrees. The first/last freeze are November 15/March 15. Current weather conditions can vary from day-to-day. For more details, call the park or Park Information at 1-800-792-1112.


The park is located 30 miles north of San Antonio at the north end of Park Road 31. It may be reached by traveling west on State Highway 46, 8 miles west of the intersection of State Highway 46 and US Highway 281 or by traveling eastward on State Highway 46, 13 miles east of Boerne.

Closest State Park to where I live. Enjoy the water access, nice playground for kids. Great place to spend the day. Camping is okay, too much cactus in areas close to campsites and you could run into it at night. Watch out for very uneven rocky ground at night. Restroom/Shower facilities were clean but quite a walk from campsites. Lots of trees so you have the illusion of privacy.

Guadalupe River State Park, 3350 Park Rd 31 , Spring Branch, TX, 78070, Phone: 830/438-2656

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