Opryland USA, Nashville TN 1972-1997

Opryland USA or the Opryland Theme Park as it was commonly known is one of the most visited places in Nashville and is said to contribute a major chunk to the earnings of the Nashville travel and tourism agencies. Even though the Opryland USA theme park is no longer in operation, it continues to be recognized as an important part of the history of travel in Nashville.

Opryland USA theme park is associated with a number of concepts and is recognized the world over with titles such as the “Home of American Music” and “Great Shows! Great Rides! Great Times” and “America’s Musical Showplace”. The Opryland USA theme park was launched in the year 1972 on the 27th of May and it was shut down permanently on the 31st of December in the year 1997.

Owned by the Gaylord Entertainment Company the Opryland USA theme park was spread over an area of 120 acres and had twenty seven wildly popular rides out which six were roller coasters and three were water rides.

The Opryland USA Theme Park in Nashville

Along with the carousels, roller coasters and other rides typical to all great theme parks, the Opryland USA theme park also boasted of some first-rate, world-class musical acts, and performances which added a unique touch to the entire atmosphere of the place.

Some of the most famous rides at the Opryland USA were the Hangman which was a looped and suspended roller coaster, the Barnstormer which at 100 feet was a thrilling airplane ride, the Old Mill Scream which was a boating ride speeding down the chutes, the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster and the Grizzly River Rampage rafting.

There are a number of fan websites dedicated to the Opryland theme park.

T he Great Opryland USA Mystery

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