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Watch Spurs Games Live Free

If you’re a big fan of the San Antonio Spurs, being able to catch the game (live or otherwise) is obviously a big deal to you. You may feel tied to your expensive cable sports package, but the good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case!

Technology is rapidly evolving and changing, and new alternatives to a cable subscription are being developed all the time. Below, we’ll explore a league of these options, from the free to the premium. All of them right down to the most expensive are cheaper than cable and will help you keep up with the Spurs on a budget. Sort through them, pick one or more that fits your needs as a fan, and get down to cutting the cord!

Use an antenna to catch the Spurs game free on your TV

Public access television is an often overlooked way to catch some really great programming (not just sports either). The channels you get are included in a standard cable package usually, but why pay for them when you can get them for free?

You will need to invest in an over the air antenna first, and there are some great HD ones available. With that small upfront cost out of the way, you’ll have access to networks like The CW, FOX, CBS, NBC, and — this is the part that should excite a Spurs fan — ABC. Through the ‘NBA on ABC,’ you can catch many of the featured Spurs game live and free of charge.

If this option doesn’t appeal to you for a lack of flexibility, don’t dismiss it yet! There are over the air digital video recorders (OTA DVRs) that can record the game from live TV for you to watch whenever it’s convenient for you. There are lots of options on the market, from basic (and cheap) to advanced (and a little pricey).

While this isn’t a perfect option, it’s definitely good for the price tag — nothing. Keep in mind, however, if you’re not local to the San Antonio Spurs it will most likely be rare to catch their games on the public access television where you live.

Take advantage of TNT Overtime to stream Spurs Game Tonight

TNT Overtime is a free online service provided by the network TNT. It won’t let you watch every game, but it’s an option to catch a few games over the course of the season. It allows fans to stream one or two online games every week from a tablet or smartphone.

One cool feature is that you can stream the game live from up to four different camera angles, making it a totally different experience than watching the game via a major network on your television. It’s definitely not going to fill all of your needs as a Spurs fan, but it’s a good option for catching a couple of games on the go for free.

Subscribe to Sling TV for the best affordable option

Sling TV is a streaming service offered by Dish Network (although you don’t have to be a current — or even future — Dish customer to subscribe to the service). It starts at $25 a month and is hands down the best option on this list when you take price and features into account.

For that $25 monthly subscription fee, you get the following:

  • access to 40+ channels
  • access to FOX Sports Southwest, which will host most San Antonio Spurs games
  • no contract or commitment (cancel anytime)
  • one week free trial to let you decide if you like the service before paying for a subscription
  • accessibility from a large range of devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, streaming devices (like Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick), and smart TVs
  • discount on an Apple TV or a free Roku device when you prepay for three months of service.
  • access to a huge range of popular channels like CNN, Disney Channel, AMC, A&E, TNT, and many more.

There are also bigger subscription packages with even more options, including ones that include some of the ESPN networks. While all of the options on this list are viable, Sling TV is probably going to be the most attractive to the largest audience of Spurs fans because of the huge range of features and streaming options combined with the low price point.

Subscribe to NBA League Pass for league-wide coverage and replays on demand

This is definitely the most comprehensive option on the list, but it weighs in at a hefty $199.99 for a one-season subscription. Before we get into the features, let’s state the giant drawback right upfront — local blackouts.

If you’re in or near the San Antonio area, you won’t be able to catch the games live for your team and can only replay them on demand once they’re over and added to the service. That said, if you’re outside of the San Antonio area and feeling spendy, this service might be a good option for you.

The features include the following: all regular-season games are available to stream live, excluding your local team; both regular season and playoff games available for on-demand replays; on-demand replays of classic and iconic NBA games from the past; and it’s accessible from mobile devices like smartphones, computers, and from streaming devices that connect to your TV like the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Roku.

Other options from the NBA include Team Pass, which offers access to the above features for your team only at $119.99, and Single Game Pass, which offers access to a single game for $6.99. Local area blackouts still apply to both of these less comprehensive services.

Subscribe to PlayStation Vue for access to multiple channels and streaming options

PlayStation Vue (Sling TV vs Playstation Vue) is another streaming service alternative to a cable subscription. For $29.99, you get access to 50+ channels that are normally only available on cable. For NBA coverage, there’s TNT and ESPN. While it’s not a truly awful option (and it’s certainly better than a traditional cable subscription for most people), it doesn’t measure up to Sling TV.

There aren’t many more channels, and your streaming options are severely limited when compared to Sling. Overall, San Antonio Spurs would be better off going with Sling TV, because it’s a similar service with better features for slightly less money.

Given all of the options available, it’s pretty clear that a cable sports package isn’t mandatory to keep up with the Spurs. Why not pick one or more options that fit you and cancel your cable today?

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