Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, capital city of Thailand

The close quarters of Bangkok mean that most of life is conducted right out in the open, on the streets. This makes the Thai capital a treasure to explore. You never know what adventures will come your way in the city, from an afternoon boat trip and conversation with a monk to a live opera performance in the crowded lanes of Chinatown. Bangkok’s multifaceted personality comes largely from its contradictions. You can shop for brand names at a climate-controlled mega mall, then find yourself just minutes away in a 200-year old village. Neon-lit strips stretch to Buddhist temples capped by golden spires, floods of street traffic flow next to royal rivers and food carts dominate the sidewalks while world-class restaurants top modern skyscrapers.

Get a sense of the country’s royal history at the spectacularly dazzling Grand Palace. Constructed in 1782 and now Thailand’s most famous landmark, the palace was the home of the Thai king for over 150 years. The complex is not only the kingdom’s spiritual heart, but it also awes millions of visitors each year with its intricate detail and stunning architecture. The resplendent exterior is only the beginning – the complex holds many fascinating buildings, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The small Buddha statue dates from the 14th century and is central to many religious rituals. Ceremonial occasions often take place within the palace’s royal reception halls, decadent rooms that match the building’s magnificent exterior.

The Grand Palace exudes elegance and peace. One of its most stark contrasts in Bangkok is the city’s bustling Chinatown, which gives off vibrant energy at any time of day. Hordes of shoppers flood the narrow lanes during the day, and at night gourmands flock to the sidewalks for some of the world’s best street food. The main arteries are packed with restaurants and shops, and the buildings are wonderful examples of early Bangkok architecture. Stroll down the busy streets, letting your nose be your guide. You are sure to find something delectable, and you may even end up at an open-air market or temple.

For another unforgettable shopping experience, dive into one of Bangkok’s famous floating markets. Boats drift lazily down the river, brimming with exotic fruits and local foods and fresh coconut juice prepared in floating kitchens. Busy stalls line the river, hawking everything from plastic toy tigers to”I love Bangkok” tees. The locals are used to bargaining, so be prepared to haggle a bit for the best price.

Continue a trek down river until you reach the Wat Arun, one of the country’s most outstanding temples. The world landmark is instantly recognizable due to its imposing spire that stretches over 70 meters into the sky. Chinese porcelain and bits of colored glass give the temple a shimmering appearance when the sunlight hits the intricate patterns. Visit at sunset, then watch the golden lights illuminate the temple as the stars come out.

Spend your evenings exploring Khao San Road, the place where East and West collide. The streets are filled with tourists from all over the world, while locals vie for their attention from eclectic market stalls, swanky lounges, cosmopolitan cocktail bars and world-class restaurants, all illuminated by flashy neon lights. A youthful abandon seems to permeate the streets, and there is no shortage of choices for partygoers. There is truly something to fit every budget, mood and taste in this buzzing corner of Bangkok.

Bangkok Geographical Location

Bangkok is located on the southern point of central Thailand and faces the Gulf of Thailand.

The population of Bangkok is 9,100,000.

Bangkok Language

Thai is the official language of Bangkok although those who are educated may speak English as a second language.

Bangkok Predominant Religion

  • 95% Buddhist
  • 4% Muslim
  • 1% Christian

The prevalence of Buddhism can be seen throughout much of Thailand’s art and architecture and in modern-day Thailand Buddhism has become integrated with many local beliefs such as ancestor worship.

Bangkok Currency

The Thai Baht is the official currency of Thailand.

Bangkok Climate

Bangkok experiences a consistently hot temperature and a monsoon season from May until October in which it rains for the majority of the month.

Bangkok Main Attractions

  • The Grand Palace
  • Wat Arun
  • Wat Pho

Other Attraction in Bangkok

  • Wat Phra Kaeo
  • Siam Niramit
  • Royal Barges Museum
  • Erawan Shrine
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