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Tandil Argentina Travel Guide

Tandil is in the middle of a scenery formed by mountain ranges, valleys, streams, and ancient forests, Tandil lies within the area of the fertile Humid Pampa (Pampa Hùmeda in Spanish) of the range of hills known as the Tandilia System, which is the main feature of the region, that makes up an ideal landscape 179 meters above sea level, it is a modern city in Argentina that has not lost the spirit of a village.

Tandil is located in the southeast of Buenos Aires Province, the total area of the city is 4,935 square kilometers, it is about 330 km away from the city of Buenos Aires and at 160 km away from Mar del Plata. The city is in the middle of a valley surrounded by low hills of the Tandilia mountainous system, in a singular landscape of special beauty, this zone is known ah Humid Pampa, the climate is humid and mild, with an average temperature of 13.7ºC and 889 millimeters of precipitations, the mornings usually are cold, even in summer. In autumn and winter, frost and fog become common as well as rains during the year, especially in summer.

The city combines the vitality of the cities with the peace inspired by the landscape, where is possible to practice adventure tourism such as trekking, mountain bike, paragliding, mountain climbing. The urban part of the city, possesses many shop centers, commercial establishments, coffee shops, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, lodgings, among other attractions, prepared specially to satisfy all the necessities of the visitors. There is also beautiful parks and squares that offer the visitors interesting views of the city

The name Tandil comes from the Mapuche words “tan” (“falling”) and “lil”(“rock”), which would mean “rock that falls”, it is a reference to the Piedra Movediza (“Balancing Rock”), which existed there, this giant stone, which balanced on top of a hill, toppled on February 29, 1912.

Was founded on April 4, 1823, by Brigadier General Martìn Rodriguez, at the moment of its creation, the city had around 400 inhabitants. In the 1880s, with the arrival of the railroad to Tandil and activities such as farming and cattle breeding, the city experienced a bigger growth, in the 1970s, the opening of the University had the same effect. According to the 2001 census, the population of the city was 108,109 inhabitants, today, the government estimates that the number of citizens is around 110,000, and growing every day with people attracted by the good standard of living.

Piedra Movediza

Tandil is famous for the enormous Piedra Movediza (“Balancing Rock”), rested at an inconceivably steep angle on one of the top hills of the city, this rock finally smashed to the valley floor, on February 29, 1912, the place where it once stood this rock, is one of the most visited places in Tandil. The Independencia Park, the famous and impressive stone El Centinela, a rock of seven-meter high, situated at 5 km southwest of the town center, and the Tigre Mountain Range are other attractions for most tourists in Tandil.

Mount Calvary

You could feel a religious experience, during the Easter holidays, when ten of thousands of believers visit the Mount Calvary (“Monte Calvario”) along the Way of the Cross (“Via de las Cruces”), here it is possible to watch fourteen groups of sculptures, illustrating the sequence of the route of Christ to the Cross, which ends at Monte Calvario. It is one of the more important religious festivities in Tandil, this destination can be visited any time in the year.

Epoca de Quesos

You should not miss the “Epoca de Quesos”, on the corner of 14 de Julio and San Martin, this place is one of the of Tandil, once you have finished looking around, you can enjoy the delectable homemade hams, cherry beer, salami, and herb cheeses. After that you could visit the Museo Tradicionalista, at 4 de Abril, which has a wide range of items, there are huge farm carts, a replica of a “pulperia” (a kind of bar), hundred of photographs, and even a 1940s fighter plane, in 17 huge exhibit halls.

Around Tandil, there are peaks of up to 500 meters, its environment is an ideal site for adventure travel, manifested in activities such as horse-riding, paragliding, hiking, mountain biking, there are many tourists agencies operating tours out of the town.

Tandil has the perfect combination of the better of a city and outdoor life, and its many alternatives turn the city in a very good place to visit.

Eating in Tandil

There are plenty of good restaurants in Tandil, some of them are listed below:

Epoca de Quesos, a specialist in Regional Products, a symbol of Tandil
Address: San Martín and 14 de Julio
Telephone: (+54)-2293-448750/440267

Castillo Morisco, restaurant, bar, with special events, open all-day
Address: On the peak of Parque Independencia
Telephone: (+54) 2293-15621751/432695
E-mail: [email protected]

El Jardín de los Frutos, ideal for vegetarians
Address: Maipú 392
Cellphone: (+54) 2293-15632318.

Club Hípico, serves excellent pasta at lunchtime and elaborate dishes in a quietly elegant interior
Address: Gral. Pinto 636
Telephone: (+54) 2293-435878

Parador del Sol Restaurant, Classic Cuisine surrounded by Tandil Hills
Address: Zarini s/n (Balneario del Sol)
Telephone: (+54) 2293-435697

Nuevo Jardín, pizzeria
Address: Chacabuco 316
Telephone: (+54) 2293-433054

Brew Pub & Restaurante “El Tandil”
Address: Av. Don Bosco and Francia
Telephone: (+54) 2293-420899

El Valle de Tandil Golf Club, restaurant open for general public
Address: Av. Don Bosco and Cef. Namuncurá
Telephone: (+54) 2293-446020/445873

Juana la Coronela, restaurant, grill, with low prices.
Address: Belgrano 678 Tandil
Telephone: (+54)-2293-434466

Accommodation in Tandil

There are several accommodation options in Tandil, a very short list of them are listed on this page.

Posada de los Pájaros, a spa and hotel a few kilometes from the city center
Address: Av. Don Bosco and Ceferino Namuneura
Telephone: (+54) 2293-432013/431108

Posada La Protegida
Address: Av. Don Bosco 2100
Telephone: (+54) 2293-434126

Hotel Torino
Address: Sarmiento 502
Telephone: (+54) 2293-423454

Hotel Libertador
Address: Mitre 545
Telephone: (+54) 2293-422127/28
E-mail: [email protected]

Plaza Hotel de Tandil
Address: General Pinto 438
Telephone: (+54) 2293-427160/80/89

Hostal de la Sierra del Tandil
Address: Av. Avellaneda 941
Telephone: (+54) 2293-422330/429066/440078

Casa Chango, youth hostel
Address: 25 de Mayo 451
Telephone: (+54) 2293-422260

Tandil Nightlife

Tandil enjoys a lively nightlife, you will find plenty of people visiting some of the bars and discos listed here:

Bar Firpo, since 1908, is a traditional bar, remains the time when groceries also functioned as bars
Address: On the corner of 14 de Julio and 25 de Mayo Streets

Bar Tolomé, a good place with live music, the names derives from the President Bartolomé Mitre.
Address: On the corner of Rodríguez and Mitre Streets
Telephone: (+54) 2293-422951
E-mail: [email protected]

La Cautiva Espacio Cultural
Address: Irigoyen and Las Heras
Telephone: (+54) 2293-449433
E-mail: [email protected]

Peña La Romería
Address: Av. Santamarina y Pinto
Telephone: (+54) 02293-15621528
E-mail: [email protected]

Macoco Disco
Address: Av. España 751
Telephone: (+54) 2293-435565

Antares Brew Pub, a “Templo Cervecero”, open every day since 07.30 pm
Address: 9 de julio 758
Telephone: (+54) 2293-446636

Elena C, Fridays tropical shows and Saturdays with tango nights
Address: Sarmiento 596
Telephone: (+54) 2293-452910

Liverpool, a great bar English-inspired
Address: 9 de Julio and San Martín
Telephone: (+54) 2293-442279

The Golden Bar
Address: Pinto 706
Telephone: (+54) 2293-444100

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