Sling TV vs Netflix vs Apple TV

You must have heard of Netflix and Apple TV. These two TV services share a good number of subscribers between them and one can say that they are complementary rather than directly competitive to one another since they are similar in various respects. Both offer the possibility of watching TV episodes and movies, but users have to stick with this only, as live streaming is not an option in either case.

Apple TV Review

Apple TV is quite expensive. It depends on what one opts for, but all options are a bit pricey. Besides one would have to subscribe to channels in order to be able to stream them. A major drawback of Apple TV is the fact that one is limited to the services that are provided on it. Since it works with the device, you would not be able to add a service unless it has been preinstalled on the device before.

Speaking of the device, one would also need to take into account the fact that there is the cost associated with this device that needs to be purchased. So even though all in all Apple TV is renowned for being easy to use and that it is great in terms of gaming and media, these benefits are put off when considering these disadvantages.

Netflix Review

Netflix boasts a nice selection of streaming content, especially when it comes to TV shows. It works on various platforms, be it smartphones, tablets, computers, and video game systems. Netflix is fairly easy to use and new content gets updated regularly, however it is important to point out that there are few new releases, and so new content may not be that current.

Apart from that users comment about the fact that it is a bit hard to browse due to poor organization, making it a bit time consuming to find something that you want to watch unless you have already thought of something or made up your mind beforehand. Apart from that, due to licensing agreements, a good number of movies and shows are not allowed to be featured.

Due to contractual changes, some shows may be available for some time and then disappear shortly after. So this is surely a major disadvantage of Netflix. And what about the cost? The price is not that high but you have the drawback that you need to pay the fee monthly whether you are using it or not.

Our Conclusion

Considering all this, we can sum it all up by safely stating that Sling TV does better than Netflix and Apple TV. First of all, there is no need to buy a device, and you do not have to forge out a lot of money every month. Sling TV is one of the cheapest options on the market, and yet it is the most comprehensive one.

Suffice it to say that additional packages can be extended on an optional basis for just $5 a month. Besides, there is no contact, and changes in the subscription can be made at any point in time without having to pay any charge. So Sling TV is definitely the best one of the three.

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