Sling TV vs Hulu Plus

Sling TV is a well-known live streaming service, which was created by Dish Network. This is a US TV service which has been gaining plenty of popularity over the past months since it offers a good selection of channels.

Package Comparison

Subscribers of Sling TV can have access to several channels, depending on the package of their choice. There is the basic package, named Sling Orange which offers over 25 channels. Then there is the intermediate package, Sling Blue, which gives over 40 channels, and then there are over 60 channels with the combined package Orange + Blue. For those who want more than 100 channels, there is also the option of adding all of the packages.

One can also opt for additional themed packages for an additional meager $5 per month only. The best thing about Sling TV is that there is no need for a contract. The subscription starts from merely $20 a month, and one will be able to pay on a month to month basis and cancel at any time without suffering any penalty or fee whatsoever. The fact that there are no taxes or hidden charges makes Sling TV the choice of many since it is one of the most affordable and flexible streaming options around.

Hulu TV Packages

There are of course other alternatives, such as Hulu Plus for instance. Hulu was introduced in 2008 and it is available only in the US. Hulu used to be a free streaming service at first. Later a monthly subscription charge was introduced whereby one can choose the limited commercials to plan and the no commercials plan, at $7.99 and $11.99 monthly respectively.

The latter plan allows streaming of shows without any interruptions from commercials. Hulu also allows one to change or cancel the plan at any time without paying anything for it. However other than that Hulu does not offer live streaming. There have been rumors that it may be introduced eventually, but it does not offer this benefit to its subscribers for now, unlike Sling TV.

Many TV viewers prefer to watch live TV and not just on-demand programmings and movies. Sling TV has certainly managed to excel at this, since it basically filled in this need exceptionally well, and at a very reasonable price too. Subscribers of Sling TV can access a catalog of recent episodes from various shows so as to watch them on demand, but they can also benefit from live streaming.

Which Streaming Service is Better?

So essentially Sling TV is like having cable TV without actually paying the high prices that are associated with this service, or getting into a fixed contract for several months, as is the norm. Subscribers of Sling TV can get all the episodes that they like in real-time. They can rewind, pause, or fast forward a program whenever they wish, just like with digital cable. So, when comparing Sling TV with Hulu, there is certainly no doubt which one is best, is it? Sling TV is just great in every respect!

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