AT&T TV Now vs Sling TV

Sling TV vs  AT&T TV Now

Alternatives to cable, such as Sling TV and AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV), have gained popularity because they are more convenient and affordable than traditional cable TV. Being able to watch a range of channels streamed over the internet is simply great. These online options are becoming increasingly popular, and there have been thousands of people who have decided to ditch the traditional set-top box once and for all.

Sling TV immediately showed that it was a great option in this field. Since it was officially launched early last year, Sling TV has attracted many people with what it offers. It is in fact the most popular streaming multi-channel video service on the market.

Run by Dish, Sling TV’s main goal was to make TV more affordable. The meager $20 per month sounded simply great to many people who paid much more than that for a similar number of channels. In fact, Sling TV is considered a bargain when compared to the basic cable TV package most people had. Besides, there is no need to pay any costly fee for the set-top box rent, and there was the added advantage that one did not have to get into a contract either.

The main idea was to offer TV viewers a more tailor-made TV service at an affordable price. After all, there is no need to have hundreds of channels available, and yet you only end up watching maybe a maximum of ten out of them right? Sling TV is not offering hundreds of channels for anything, but rather it is allowing users to choose a package that suits their preferences and budget, and if they like they can opt for add-ons at just $5 per month in addition to the package’s price. Users can also opt to change their subscription or even cancel it at any time if they feel the need to do it.

AT&T TV Now Review, Price & Package

There have been others who have tried to copy what Sling TV is offering because it is evident that they are leaders in the field by now. So competitors can only hope to follow through. For instance, AT&T has recently launched AT&T TV Now, which is a multichannel pay-TV service that is trying to offer 100 channels for $35 with a free 7 day trial period.

With that price point, it is evident that they are trying to stick it to Sling TV, which is going to be a difficult feat considering that by now Sling TV has some 600,000 subscribers, and they are an established brand name already.

Besides, Sling TV has been improving their packages during these past months, and it is to be expected that they will be introducing additional improvements as time goes by and competition increases. Obviously, customers are set to benefit from this, and considering how well established Sling TV is, we can expect great deals for sure.

Channel List

Here’s a quick snapshot of the channel list that AT&T TV Now will carry. There will be more for the $35 price point including the Univision networks like Galavision, Univision and UniMas. Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN2, ESPN3.

More channels will be included like Disney, MundoFox, CBS, HDNet Movies, Hallmark Channel, Scripps, A&E Networks, Discovery, HBO, and Starz.


Even though AT&T TV Now may seem to be the best option, particularly for AT&T mobile customers, as the cellular data limits will not be affected if they use this service. However, it is important to point out that the AT&T TV Now customers who use another mobile service provider will only be limited to one or two simultaneous streams, and the data cap will surely prove to be problematic. So all in all, it seems that Sling TV is still the winner in this competition.

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