Watch Sixers Game Tonight Live Without Cable

Watch Sixers Games Live Free

Philadelphia and Pennsylvania alike are loyal to their NBA team, the 76ers. Philadelphia’s NBA team is one of the oldest teams in the NBA. They wear the red, white and blue each time they play in the Wells Fargo Center. The team has championships, conference titles, and division titles to its name. Philadelphia fans pack the house each year to see if this is the year the 76ers go all the way.

Whether you want to watch one 76ers game each season or you want to watch them all, there are ways to can the cable and still see Philadelphia play in the NBA. The 76ers come to you today with streaming technology, even if you are away from home. Read this guide to see all of the ways you can find your favorite NBA team and cut out cable at the same time.

Sign on to Sling TV to Watch 76ers Games Tonight

Sling TV is a great new way to see the 76ers on television, without a cable subscription that you don’t want. Dish Network developed this service as a way to allow users more choice when it comes to programming and cost. This service gives you a base package of channels for one low price. From there, you can add only the channels you watch the most. One of the base packages is only $20 per month.

Depending on the package you choose, you can get TNT and ESPN in the entry-level package. This combination alone gives you many NBA games to watch each week, including many 76ers games. Sling TV knows that you like to watch other television, too, so they include Food Network, TBS, AMC, A&E and Food Network in the base package. To make sure families with children are covered, too, Sling TV gives you the Disney Channel in the base package of channels. You can also add many more channels for a few extra dollars each month.

Both ESPN and TNT publish schedules that tell you when and where to find the games. The NBA All-Star Game is available on TNT each year, and ESPN airs the NBA draft. ABC hosts NBA games each year on its network, too, and your Sling TV subscription with ESPN gives you these games via the WatchESPN App. This combination keeps you in play with all of the action from Philadelphia.

Sling TV lets you try out their service for seven days. A three-month agreement gets you some bonus offers. One example is a free Roku streaming device. If Apple TV is more your thing, a three-month commitment to Sling TV gets you sharp discounts on this supplemental service. If you use T-Mobile, that alone takes thirty percent off the cost of your Sling TV service. While there are other television streaming services on the market, no service offers a lower entry price and more choice than Sling TV.

NBA League Pass

For fans who want to watch all the NBA, all the time, there is NBA League Pass. The NBA itself wants you to have access to most of its games, so it created this service to stream content directly to the fans. The service works with a variety of different devices, so you’re not stuck only watching games on television. When you’re at your desk or away from home, use a smartphone or tablet to watch League Pass wherever you have an internet connection.

When you sign up for NBA League Pass, you can select the option that lets you see all regular-season games. The only limitation is that you can’t watch a game that’s in your local area. That means this service isn’t ideal for 76ers fans that live right in Philadelphia or the surrounding region. But for fans living elsewhere, the NBA League Pass lets you watch your favorite team, all season long.

One other limitation of this service is that you can only watch playoff games after the fact, on-demand. You don’t get to watch these games as they happen. However, there is a library of classic games available to keep you satisfied while you wait to watch the latest playoff game. Most playoff games are available online a few hours after the game ends.

Fans can select from multiple options, depending on what they want to pay and what teams they want to follow. Access to all teams sets you back $199.99 each year. Fans selecting this option want to make sure that it’s cost-effective if they also plan to purchase other television streaming services. NBA League Pass also offers an option for fans who only want to follow one team. That cost is $119.99 per season. If you want to spend $6.99, that gets you in to see a single game.

NBA League Pass International

The NBA has not forgotten about 76ers fans that live outside the United States. For these fans, there is NBA League Pass International. Unlike the service’s domestic counterpart, NBA League Pass International doesn’t blackout any games. This is the best way to see each and every game all season, in one place, if you’re okay with not being able to see playoff games live as they air. Price points are similar to domestic service. You can find NBA League Pass in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Italy, among many other places.

TV Antenna

One tried and true way to see several NBA games each year is with broadcast television. Each year, local television stations broadcast several NBA games, free overcharge, over the broadcast airways. If you have a television set and an HD antenna, you can see games this way. Not all antennas are created the same, so you want to pay attention to what’s available and make sure that it is strong enough to pick up the channels you’re looking for.

Each year, powerhouse ABC airs a handful of NBA games this way. Check the Philadelphia 76ers schedule to see what ones are broadcast in your area. There’s no cost to watching broadcast television. It’s free and there’s no information required from you. A DVR can help you record the game if you want to wait for friends to arrive.

Today, there are better ways to see the 76ers than with an expensive cable agreement. Sling TV allows users to stream the best in television and most 76ers games using nothing more than an internet connection and a compatible device. Get all of your television in one place for a low fee, with no cables anywhere. That is a service that beats the buzzer.

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