San Jose del Cabo Beaches

Beaches of San Jose del Cabo

There are numerous exciting activities in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. There is definitely something for everyone, whether you prefer beach hopping, eating amazing food, learning about culture and history, or getting out into nature and hiking, bicycling, and surfing.

Although beautiful, several beaches in the Los Cabos area are not suitable for swimming and may be marked as such at certain times. This is owing to the powerful ocean currents that exist where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés converge. There are still plenty of reasons to visit the area’s beaches and enjoy the surf, pure golden sand, and brilliant azure ocean. Some are excellent for surfing, while others are ideal for snorkeling, beachcombing in tidal pools and primordial rock formations, and swimming. Some provide amenities, while others do not. Bring water, an umbrella, a hat, and sunscreen. Because lifeguards are in short supply, resorts use a flag system to indicate water safety. One good rule to follow: never swim alone.

Playa Costa Azul

Carretera Transpeninsular 28.5, B.C.S., Mexico

If you enjoy strolling along the beach, Costa Azul is unquestionably the greatest area to do so. It is extremely long and provides ample of beach to walk on even at high tide. There aren’t many vendors here (unlike Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas). It’s peaceful and ideal for watching the sunset.

Playa Costa Azul (Blue Coast), the beginning of San Jose’s extensive beach zone, spans from the highway viewpoint across beach resorts to the Brisa del Mar Trailer Park at Kilometer 29. Brisa’s is a minimal beach bar with a sand volleyball court. The world-famous Zippers and La Roca surf breakers are located on Costa Azul’s southwest side, where competitions are conducted every summer. Zipper’s and Dante’s restaurants, a convenience shop, infrequent board rentals and instruction on the beach, and a surf shop across the highway close to Havana Supper Club are all available here. Zippers and neighboring La Roca are advanced to pro surf breaks, and novices should avoid them. Make an appointment at the Costa Azul Surf Shop for lessons and board rental.

The arroyo at the Costa Azul at Km 28.5 of the Transpeninsular Highway indicates the beginning of the San Jose del Cabo beach zone from the south traveling toward San Jose del Cabo. Turn right at the bridge and proceed to the beach, where the famous Zipper’s Restaurant is located.
Mike Doyle’s Surf Shop, The Cabo Surf Hotel, and some of the best surfing in southern Baja are also nearby. The privileged beach offers lengthy rides and is great for long-boarders and is located in a picturesque coastal cove  Old Man’s Beach (Playa Acapulquito), a surfer’s dream and a site for many surfing competitions. Beginners can begin with surfing lessons before joining the experts and setting out to catch the waves, which are larger in the summer than in the winter.

Swimming and snorkeling are also popular in the area. You may rent surfboards and SUPS (stand-up paddle boards) from any of the local surf shops and schedule lessons. If you’re not a surfer and don’t want to learn, it’s a terrific spot to watch folks who are just interested in one thing: catching the Next Big One. The 36-room resort has fine cuisine at 7 Seas Seafood Grille and rooms that are reminiscent of a California beach house with arches, tile roofs, stucco walls, and lush gardens. Exit the Transpeninsular Hwy at Km 28.

Playa Del Estero

Golfo de California, Baja California Sur, Mexico

This beach, situated at the end of Hotel Row and overlooking the San Jose del Cabo Estuary, is ideal for bird-watching. The freshwater lagoon is home to approximately 350 different species of fauna and luxuriant greenery. The river and lagoon, which are fed by subsurface aquifers, are one of the rare oases in the otherwise arid southern Baja peninsula. Due to the severe undertow and waves, swimming is not an option. Depending on the water level, kayaking in the lagoon is a possibility.

It is a nice straight coastline with beautiful turquoise sea and golden sand, therefore no special shoes are required. The sharpness with which you enter the water is absolutely natural. This beach is appropriate for a variety of people, including lonely travelers, relaxation trip lovers, and so on. Even during peak season, it is almost empty.

Medano Beach

Medano Beach is the most popular swimming spot in Cabo San Lucas. It is frequently congested with tourists due to the abundance of beach eateries, merchants, and beach lounger rentals. However, if you don’t mind all the commerce, you’ll more than likely satisfy your desire to spend time in the sea. Head to one of the area’s beach clubs for extra bonuses like water sports equipment rentals.

Medano Beach is by far Cabo’s most visited and popular beach. Jet skis, parasailing boats, and water taxis glide over the water as resorts and restaurants line the sand. Hotel Casa Natalia offers a trip to Medano to see Los Cabos’ most famous attractions, Land’s End and El Arco. Dine on the beach at one of Medano’s many beachfront pubs and restaurants, such as The Office, Mango Deck, and Hacienda Cocina. Don’t pass up the opportunity to explore Cabo’s most famous beach, Lover’s, while in Medano.

Playa Hotelera

San José del Cabo-Cabo San Lucas, El Medano Ejidal, Zona Hotelera, 23405 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

This beach has a beautiful landscape but is not suitable for swimmers. Surf fishing, beach walks, especially at night, horseback riding, and volleyball are also popular activities. This stretch of beach is located in front of the hotels that line San Jose del Cabo’s coastline, beginning at Costa Azul Beach and extending to the Estuary.

A mile from San Jose del Cabo’s historic downtown,  Hotel Beach is a steep beach that is not recommended for swimming. This beach is popular with walkers, joggers, and surf anglers during dawn and sunset. Playa Las Palmas is a seaside promenade with shade palapas located beneath Plazas Garuffi and Caracol, between the Viva and Sampaguita complexes. While no watersports are available, volleyball is popular, with many nets located along the beach. There’s a children’s play park across from the Fiesta Inn and a miniature golf course at the Rusty Putter restaurant near Hotel Beach.

Palmilla Beach

Palmilla Beach is located along the stretch of coastline that connects the beaches of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and it’s the ideal place to jump into the water because it’s one of the swimmable beaches in the area, snorkel, and discover the marine wildlife, or simply grab a beer and enjoy the breathtaking scenery surrounding it.

Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its tropical beaches that appear like the literal definition of paradise, and you’ll be able to awaken in a suite watching over the sandy shoreline if you stay at one of the town’s luxury resorts. However, there are so many beaches to explore in the vicinity that you won’t want to spend your entire holiday in one. If you want to get away from the throng and swim in the ocean, come to Palmilla Beach Cabo, a beautiful Blue Flag beach. You can spend your day here, beneath a tranquil palapa, reading a good book, or taking a walk down the beach before leaping into the swimmable waters of Palmilla Beach.

Those looking for calm waters, a family-friendly environment, and a mile-long stretch of beach are welcome to Palmilla, which is bordered by oceanfront luxury houses, the world-renowned One & Only Hotel resort, and the famous Jack Nicklaus Ocean 9  golf course. Arrive early on weekends if you want to rent a palapa or buy your own umbrella. There are currently no food or sanitary facilities available, however, you can launch a kayak or rent a panga or fishing cruiser. A plan is in the works for this and other nearby beaches to include public toilets and showers, a covered terrace,  access for individuals with disabilities, tables, and benches, a kid’s playground, a designated area for fishermen, a volleyball court, and other recreation. Exit at Kilometer 27 and follow the directions. Go into the beach parking lot just before the resort’s entrance.

La Playita de San Jose

La Playita Beach is one of Los Cabos’ newest and greatest beaches, with a safe, roped-off swimming area inside the harbor entry as well as a natural beach where you can swim, skimboard, surf, or fish. The beach, which is located at the east entrance to San José del Cabo’s new marina, also has a children’s play structure, pristine toilets, and palapas to escape the rays, as well as fishing charters.

Swimming, fishing from the shore, watching the fisherman with their haul, and family gatherings with children are all popular activities at La Playita. It is a large stretch of sandy beach with a roped-off section right outside the Puerto Los Cabos marina entrance. The natural open beach is ideal for swimming, skimboarding, riding the waves, or simply relaxing on the beach. There are bathrooms, covered palapas, and fishing charters available. There are no food services accessible on the beach, however, there are some informal cafés nearby. From Boulevard Mijares in downtown San Jose del Cabo, take the signs to La Playita/Puerto Los Cabos.

Final Word

If you are in San Jose del Cabo during the winter months (December-March), you can actually see whales right from shore at this beach. Bring a beach chair and look out at the horizon for a few minutes. In February and March, in particular, you won’t wait more than a few minutes before spotting one.

While the main beach in the tourist zone, Costa Azul, is an absolutely stunning beach, there are so many more beaches to explore in this region of Mexico.


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