How to Watch Rockets Game Tonight Live Without Cable

Watch Rockets Games Live Free

NBA teams that want to win the Western Conference Southwest Division have to get past the Houston Rockets each year. The Houston Rockets bring power and style to the Toyota Center each time they play in downtown Houston. They have a loyal fan base. Everything is bigger in Texas, and so is Houston’s spirit for its favorite NBA team.

Even though the team has highs and lows, loyal fans want to watch their favorite team. When they can’t attend a game in person, they want to see their favorite team on television. And Houston fans know that cable isn’t where it’s at anymore. These savvy fans know that there are easier ways to see their team at a lower cost.

Watch Rockets Game Tonight on Sling TV

Sling TV is a revolutionary service that comes to you with the power of Dish Network. This service uses an internet connection to stream your favorite television channels. You don’t need cable to see the same great NBA programming. Using an internet connection, your favorite shows come right into your home for high-quality viewing on your own terms.

For the entry-level price of only $20 per month, you can choose between the base Orange package or the base Blue package. The Orange package brings you the best of the NBA, with access to ESPN, ESPN3, and TNT all included in the entry-level price. This combination alone gives you access to the best of the NBA and most Houston Rockets games this season. The Blue package focuses on NBCUniversal and Fox Sports programming.

Sling TV makes it easy for you to access your benefits and start watching. To watch ESPN or games that air on ABC, all you have to do is go to the WatchESPN App. Login with your Sling TV credentials, find your favorite NBA team, and start watching. It’s that’s easy. Just in case you can’t watch your favorite show as it airs, Sling TV offers an on-demand service for most of the channels that it offers, so you can watch when it’s best for you.

Beyond the bargain $20 per month entry-level fee, you can add on your favorite channels. For the top sports enthusiasts, there is a Sports Extra package. This sets you back only $5 more each month, or less than the cost of going to a movie. Other channel add-ons include a Kids Extra package with Disney channels and Baby TV, or other packages that bundle news, lifestyle or movie channels to you for a low monthly fee. HBO is another option. Add-on packages range from $5 to $15 each month, but most are only $5 per month.

The genius behind Sling TV is that customers are in the driver’s seat. Creators know that you want television on your own terms, so you may choose as many or as few add-on packages as you like. You never have to sign a contract with Sling TV, and you may cancel at any time.

Sling TV also brings you great discounts. For example, if you know you love their service, sign on for three months in exchange for a free Roku streaming device. That makes it easy to stream Sling TV to your television set. If you would rather have Apple TV, a three-month commitment to Sling TV gets you a great discount on Apple TV. There is a free trial for new users.

With its revolutionary streaming technology and its customer-driven options that let you select only the service you use most, Sling TV is a great way to see the Houston Rockets in action all season long. With the best in NBA programming and extra channels for every possible interest and taste, Sling TV offers something for the whole family at a reasonable price.

Subscribe to PlayStation Vue To Stream Live Houston Games

Another way NBA fans can watch the Houston Rockets without cable is with PlayStation Vue. The service works similarly to Sling TV in that it uses an internet connection to bring NBA fans the best in sports programming without an expensive cable package. However, PlayStation Vue bundles a large package of channels in its lowest level of service, so it has a higher price point than Sling TV.

PlayStation Vue gives you TNT and ESPN so the service is quite efficient in giving Houston fans most games in a season. However, PlayStation Vue sets you back as much as $40 per month without any add-on channels, depending on where you live. Some users complain that PlayStation Vue isn’t mobile-friendly. It allows you to watch some programming on mobile devices, but there are also some limitations on watching PlayStation Vue away from the base device that has drawn criticism from subscribers.

NBA League Pass Let’s You Watch Rockets Game Anywhere

For Houston Rockets fans who want to watch everything the NBA has to offer, they might find success with NBA League Pass. This is a service directly from the NBA that allows you to access most NBA games in a season. It’s important to note that this service works best for Houston fans that live outside of the Houston area because blackouts prevent NBA League Pass from streaming the local team. That means that Houston fans in the Houston area can’t use NBA League Pass to watch Houston games.

Of course, this service gives you only NBA games, so it might not be cost-effective for fans who also want to watch television, too. Fans can purchase one game for $6.99. Access to all games, with blackout restrictions, is $199 per season. While this option offers the most content, it doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of Houston Rockets fans in the most efficient way possible.

Use an OTA Antenna To Stream Rockets Game For Free

To see some NBA games for free, use a television antenna. This technology harnesses the power of over-the-air broadcasting. If you live near a television station that’s broadcasting the game, you don’t need to sign up for any service at all. With a DVR recorder such as a Tablo, you can bring the game to you with your television and an antenna, but record it and watch it when it’s more convenient for you.

TNT Overtime

TNT brings you some of its NBA-broadcast games on TNT Overtime. This complimentary service puts some of TNT’s NBA games online for fans to watch for free. This service carries approximately a half dozen Houston Rocket games each year. Fans can watch from multiple camera angles and content is slightly different than what airs on broadcast television.

NBA League Pass International

The NBA knows that Houston Rockets fans don’t just live in the United States. To find these fans, the NBA offers NBA League Pass International so that these fans can keep up with their favorite teams, for a fee. This service is similar to NBA League Pass, but it doesn’t have the restrictions of the version available in the United States.

With so many options for Houston Rockets fans, you never need to find yourself missing a jump shot or a steal. Sling TV doesn’t require cable and it’s much less expensive. Other options offer streaming services for cable cutters with more restrictions or higher prices. With low costs and custom options for every taste, every Houston Rockets fan can score a slam dunk this season.

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