Top 10 Best Rhode Island Tourist Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Rhode Island

The official name of Rhode Island is State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It is a state in New England, United States. Rhode Island is a small area, but it is very much densely populated. It is literally a very beautiful tourism area. So, tourists have a special attraction to it. Because, every person seeks for beauty. Now I’m going to describe about the top 10 beautiful places in Rhode Island in this content. If you are interested, you can have a look at it.

10. Providence Children’s Museum, Rhode Island

Providence Children’s Museum is one of the most unique museums in U.S.A. This museum is specially made for children. Your children can have a great time in the museum of learning and discovering with fun and excitement. Checking the museum’s play power, waterways are also really enjoying. In the Discovery Studio of the museum a special art and science exploration program is held every week. All in all it is a perfect tourism area of enjoyment and pleasure.

9. Roger Williams Park Zoo, Rhode Island

Roger Williams Park Zoo is one of the most loved-attractions of Rhode Island. People, who loves to know about animals and spend time with them, this park zoo is perfect for those people. Children as well as the elders can have a quality time in this park zoo. There is a very big and arranged collection of animals. People can interact with those animals easily and can get more knowledge about them. You can also participate in a zoo camp, which will help you to know how to conserve the environment. So, this place will give you a mixed pleasure of knowledge and enjoyment.

8. Blithewold Mansion & Gardens, Rhode Island

It is one of the best places in New England for having a quality time with your family. It is a public garden arranged with a lot of beautiful flowers and plants. It is a pleasure to spend time with these blooming flowers and plants. You can have special knowledge about them as well. So, if you are not thinking about spoiling your vacation or special time you can have a visit in this garden with your family.

7. The Elms, Rhode Island

Are you having hard time thinking about spending your vacation? The Elms can be your perfect solution. It is a gorgeous summer house. You will have a taste of high society spending the time it. There is a great furniture and art collection. You can also enjoy a look at the gardens featuring marble pavilions, fountains, a bronze sculpture and a carriage house. So, for observing your life from a different angel you should have a visit to this summer house from my point of view.

6. The Providence Athenaeum, Rhode Island

Among the top 10 beautiful places in Rhode Island, The Providence Athenaeum in noticeable. If you are a booklover it is almost a must for you to visit this tourism area. It is a unique library and cultural center. You can spend hours going through books. Joining the library’s programs and activities will also give you a special pleasure. That is quite sure that you will remember the tourist experience for a long time which is given to you by this tourism area.

5. Rough Point, Rhode Island

Doris Duke was a world-renowned heiress, philanthropist and art collector. In the Rough Point you will be able to find out the big and arranged collection of her. You can explore French furniture, European art, Chinese porcelains and other collections from her travels. You can experience the life of a 20th century heiress without being a part of it. In this tourism area you will have such a quality time with your family.

4. WaterFire, Providence

Thinking about visiting Rhode Island without a visit to WaterFire is impossible. This tourism area will help you have a very relaxing time with almost every type of new urban experience. If you are a food lover Providence will be the best choice for you. You and your family can’t be displeased with the best cuisine of Providence. The historical and artistic touch of this place will definitely make you think about those things.

3. The Breakers, Newport

It’s a popular summer cottage of Newport. You can have a tour which will make you feel the of high society people. Taking the Servant Life tour will make you feel how the servant life was. By taking the tours you can know about the social system of that very time. The other group and personal tours will take to the Chateau-Sur-Mer. So, in the summer season your vacation will not be spoiled for sure if you make a visit to The Breakers, a beautiful summer cottage.

2. Newport Cliff Walk, Rhode Island

Among the top ten beautiful places of Rhode Island, Newport Cliff Walk is one of the best. It’s a popular tourist destination. As a beauty seeker, you should enjoy a visit to this place. You can also know about the exquisite architectural history. As it is a national recreation, it is unique walk. Though it is risky, for satisfying your adventurous mind you have to take your own risk. So please be careful and be conscious about it. But without visiting this walk visiting Rhode Island is incomplete.

1. Block Island

Block Island is a beautiful beach of Rhode Island. It is 17 miles long. The scenes of blue watery sea will give you special warmth of greatness. The sea shore is big enough for the children to play on. The other special attraction is the sea side market. There are many kinds of shops. There is also a scope for having an adventurous time by bike riding, hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and fishing. For the food lovers the time you spent on this beach will be much more enjoyable with the company of the island’s five-star restaurants. It may full fill your visit to this beautiful beach. So, the adventure seekers, food lovers and the tourists you can have a visit to this marvelous beach for having a perfect pleasure.

block island harbor

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