How to Watch Raptors Game Live Without Cable Free

Watch Raptors Games Live Free

Canada holds its own in the NBA with the competitive Toronto Raptors. The team ranks high in the standings of the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. Multiple Toronto stars have made it to the basketball hall of fame. Fans know that each new year brings excitement and big hopes for success in the competitive NBA. Other teams know better than to underestimate the Toronto Raptors.

Of course, the most enthusiastic Toronto Raptors fans want to watch their favorite team all season long. Whether they live in Canada or the United States, Raptors fans know that they can’t stand to miss a jump shot, a time out, or post-game commentary. Fortunately, technology has you covered, even when you can’t see every game in person.

Today, cable isn’t the easiest or most cost-effective way to see the Raptors all season long. There’s a new way, and it’s a better way. Internet streaming services today let Toronto NBA fans dump cable in favor of receiving their favorite channels using an internet connection and a streaming device. These services give the user more control than ever before. You can decide what channels you watch and what price you pay, depending on the specifics available in the service you choose.

Sign on with Sling TV to Watch Raptors Game Live

Dish Network brings you Sling TV’s cutting-edge technology. This is a new streaming service but it sets the standard for choosy cable cutters who want to have it all. Sling TV works with a computer, iOS, Android, or on a television with a device for streaming compatibility. Examples of these streamers are Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.

With Sling TV, you get only the very best channels at a low entry-level price. In fact, the entry-level Orange package is only $20 per month. The Orange package alone contains the ESPN channel family, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3, as well as sports broadcasting powerhouse TNT. To make sure you can watch your favorite television whenever you want to, Sling TV puts other great channels in the base package. Examples are Adult Swim, A&E, and the Disney Channel.

The best channels for Toronto NBA fans in the Orange base package are ESPN and TNT. These channels alone give you more than 100 NBA games each year at no extra charge. Sling TV also gives you access to most of the NBA playoffs with this option.

From there, you can select additional channels, but only if you want to. Additional packages cost a little bit more each month. One example of an add-on group that NBA fans should consider is the Sports Extra package. It’s only $5 more each month. There’s another group of extra channels for news lovers, another for lifestyle-conscious viewers, and another channel for people who like movies.

You don’t need a cable subscription or any subscription at all to sign on to this outstanding service. Instead, you pay for a month to month service, only for as many months as you want. You get to try it out free for seven days if you’re still not convinced. Use your service at any time of the day or night. It’s unlimited.

ABC is part of the ESPN family, so you can use your Sling TV benefits to see any games that air on ABC. Use the WatchESPN App to see ABC games and ESPN games, too. One login works for both Sling TV and the WatchESPN App.

Sling TV gives new users special discounts on Apple TV if you commit to three months of service. Or, get a Roku streaming device to put Sling TV on the big screen. T-Mobile customers get a big discount on Sling TV.

Stream Raptors Game Tonight With Hulu Plus

Another way to see the Toronto Raptors in action this year is with PlayStation Vue. This service works in a similar way to Sling TV, by using the internet to bring you television channels. But it primarily relies on a base device and a streaming service. A PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console works as the base device.

There are a large number of channels in the base package, so this service is best for people who want to watch a lot of television channels with variety, rather than primarily Toronto NBA games or sports programming. Users don’t have as much choice over the base channels in the package as they do with Sling TV. There is a free trial for new users.

NBA League Pass

The NBA has an official streaming service for its most committed fans. This is NBA League Pass. In the United States, you can use NBA League Pass to watch regular-season games as long as they aren’t in your local area. You can also watch replays of regular and playoff games on demand, although you can’t watch playoff games until several hours after they initially air.

Subscribers get to use the NBA’s library of classic games. There’s no cable required to use this service. You can even use social media to log in.

You have to pay $199.99 each year if you want to watch every team, which is almost the cost for a year’s worth of Sling TV. If you only want to watch one team all year, this is an option, too, at a slightly lower fee. Even local games are available for purchase with NBA League Pass.

Watch Raptors Game Free on an OTA Antenna

When you’re planning how to watch the NBA this year, don’t forget about broadcast television. It’s an oldie but a goodie, and you can expect to see several NBA games each year this way. You need a TV antenna and television. Point the antenna and find the channel that’s airing the game.

This might not be the best option for Raptors fans in the United States, because Toronto is a Canadian-based team, and the team might not appear on broadcast television in the United States as often as other teams. A DVR can be helpful for watching the NBA with antenna television.

Watch the Raptors in Canada and Around the World

NBA League Pass International is an option for watching the Toronto Raptors in Canada and other countries. NBA League Pass International brings you the same great service of NBA League Pass, only in an international version. Fans in Canada may want to pay extra attention to blackout information when considering this service.

Do you live in Canada? You have a few other options. In Canada, there are networks that carry the Raptors. These networks include The Sports Network and Sportsnet. ESPN owns a small interest in The Sports Network, and coverage of the Raptors is an important part of Sports Network broadcasting. Sportsnet may carry NBA games this year as well, but they only recently ventured into airing the NBA.

Fans of the Toronto Raptors can stay in touch like never before. Use streaming services to watch your favorite NBA team, without a cable subscription and without a lot of other channels you never use. Toronto fans really can have it all this season.

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