Philadelphia: Great Museums for Kids of All Ages

The historic city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offers fun activities for kids of all ages. If you are looking for educational opportunities, there are plenty of museums for kids in the city.

Please Touch Museum

The Please Touch Museum, which opened in 1976, was the first museum in the U.S. to target kids ages seven and under with exhibits that are meant to be touched. The museum, located at Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park, features eight exhibit zones with different themes to keep your kids engaged throughout both floors of the museum.

Please Touch Museum

 Academy of Natural Sciences

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University is another fun attraction to visit with your kids in Philadelphia. The Academy offers four floors of exhibits; and from the Live Animal Center to the Bird Classroom to the Dinosaur Hall and The Big Dig area, your kids will be entertained for hours while learning about biodiversity and environmental science.

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA ; flickr/jcapaldi

Independence Seaport Museum

At the Independence Seaport Museum, you’ll learn about Philadelphia’s maritime history while touring artifacts and interactive exhibits. The museum is located on Penn’s Landing at the waterfront. The museum includes galleries and exhibitions, Workshop on the Water, a cruiser from the Spanish-American War and a World War II submarine. If you have a child who loves boats, this museum is a great choice.

Independence Seaport Museum
Independence Seaport Museum; photo by wikimedia/Piotrus

 Mutter Museum

The Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia offers many permanent exhibits, as well as visiting exhibits, to teach you all about the human body. More exciting for older children, the museum is one of just two places in the world where you can see actual cross-sections of Albert Einstein’s brain! The Hyrtl Skull Collection at the Mutter Museum is a showcase of 139 human skulls acquired from anatomist Joseph Hyrtl. Their exhibit of brains and skulls are perfect for your anatomy-loving pre-teen boys.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you are looking to visit art museums during your stay, the Philadelphia Museum of Art offers older kids and families the opportunity to explore over 75,000 objects that are on display at any given time. In addition to the standing collections, the museum offers rotating and visiting collections on exhibit that change throughout the year.

 Fireman’s Hall Museum

What’s something young girls and boys all seem to love? Fire trucks! Did you know that Benjamin Franklin started the first fire company in Philadelphia? Visit the Fireman’s Hall Museum in the heart of historic downtown to see a collection of fire trucks and fire marks. In the restored 1902 firehouse, you and the kids can learn more about the history of firefighting. In addition to trucks, you’ll see firefighting apparatus, photographs, tools, and uniforms.

Fireman's Hall Museum
Fireman’s Hall Museum, Philadelphia, PA; photo by wikimedia/Sailko

With so many things to do in Philadelphia with kids, you can make your vacation educational and fun!

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