Top 10 Reasons to Visit Cincinnati

Come along with us and visit our favorites as we do. Step inside local restaurants, hotels, museums, theme parks, and more. Planning a trip to Cincinnati? We’ve got recommendations for how to get here, where to stay, and what to do during your visit. Live in the Greater Cincinnati area? We will advise you of the latest local hot spots, festivals, and weekend activities.

Here’s our family’s list. It’s only a beginning. Our Top Ten.

1. The Best Skyline Ever

Incredible views of our city’s skyline can be glimpsed from many points around Cincinnati. The city pictures snapped from Kentucky, just across the Ohio River, is spectacular.

Cincinnati skyline
Cincinnati skyline

Descending into the Ohio Valley via the “Cut in the Hill” serves up another sensational scene. The many hills that make up Cincinnati offer additional picturesque panoramas. One of the most breathtaking points overlooking Cincinnati is the view from the campus of Cincinnati Christian University.

2. The Best Skyline Chili Ever

If you’ve never tried it, you must! It is not your typical chili. But it is a distinctive Cincinnati favorite.

Skyline Chili Cincinnati
Skyline Chili Cincinnati

One of our sons once remarked, “I’d never be able to move away from Cincinnati because I’d just miss Skyline Chili too much.” A joke, but not much of a stretch. Our family’s Skyline addiction runs deep.

3. King’s Island

A Top-notch Theme Park

Our family has been loving King’s Island ever since the kids were . . . well, just that . . . kids. In fact, the park has the “Best Kids’ Area” in the world according to Amusement Today magazine. But, we think the entire park is amazing!

The wooden coasters, the rest of the coasters, the water park, the concerts. It’s all good. Yep, a phenomenal time can be had here whether you’re a resident of or visitor to the Queen City!

4. Major League Baseball with the Cincinnati Reds

especially on Opening Day

Our family loves to spend time at Great American Ball Park cheering for the Reds! We try to get to as many home games as we can afford.

And, the ones we can’t make in person, we usually see on TV or listen to on the radio. A beautiful sound indeed is hearing Marty Brennaman announce, “This one belongs to the Reds!”

5. University of Cincinnati

A Beautiful Campus

In 2010, Forbes Magazine listed the University of Cincinnati one of the most beautiful campuses in the world (only 14 were chosen; 10 in the U.S. and 4 internationally.

University of Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati

Of course, we knew that already as residents of Cincinnati and proud parents of a Bearcat student. This is a picture we snapped at a recent football game we attended in UC’s pretty sunken stadium.

6. A City of Hills

Legend has it that Cincinnati, like Rome, was built on “Seven Hills.” Natives argue about which of the many mounts, inclines, and hills comprised the original seven.

Cincinnati - Mount Adams
Cincinnati – Mount Adams

Plus, Cincinnati has grown so there are more as time passes. Suffice it to say, Cincinnati is hilly which only adds to its incredible beauty!

7. Great Neighborhoods

Each Unique in Culture, Architecture, and Style

There is a real homey neighborhood feel to our home town. Each of the fifty-two areas making up a neighborhood has a distinct identity.

Hyde Park Cincinnati
Hyde Park Cincinnati

From Mt. Adams trendy to Hyde Park classic, and everything in between, each neighborhood has a personality that is reflected in the homes, restaurants, and residents of the area.

Family fun often involves visiting neighborhoods to sample diners, museums, and shops all the while sharing our finds with the readers of Inside Guide to Cincinnati!

8. Wonderful Restaurants

Our family loves to poke around Cincinnati neighborhoods in the hopes we will find a new delightful dining find. This is a full-time job.

The number of incredible restaurants is only limited by the numbers on our scale (or in our wallet) perhaps. One thing is for sure, when we discover a gem, Inside Guide to Cincinnati will share the news with you!

9. The Beautiful Bridges

There are many incredible bridges that span the Ohio River, as well as several other local waterways. Each of them is unique and special in their own right.

Ohio River Cincinnati
Ohio River Cincinnati

They add beauty as well as an architectural accomplishment to our city view. Whether walking across the Purple People Bridge or traversing the Big Mac (Daniel Carter Beard) Bridge to northern Kentucky, one can not help but be impressed by the mix of man-made and God-created magnificence!

10. Wonderful Events

such as Tall Stacks, the Flying Pig Marathon, and Taste of Cincinnati

We love the cultural center that Cincinnati has become. It is never a matter of what can we possibly find to do.  Our problem is finding the time to do all that is available. On our absolute must-do list is the Panegyri Greek Festival.

Panegyri Greek Festival Cincinnati
Panegyri Greek Festival Cincinnati

This event delivers authentic food, music, and people of Greece without having to leave the city. Inside Guide to Cincinnati will report the inside scoop on events as we experience them.

Inside Guide to Cincinnati is looking forward to seeing you in and around Porkopolis soon; hopefully, before pigs fly!

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