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Kings Island Theme Park Guide

Kings Island Theme Park is a must-visit for those who seek great rides, wet vacations, and a large collection of attractions dedicated just for the whole family to have fun. Previously known as Paramount Kings Island Ohio, this theme park extends on a 1.47 acres land in Mason, Ohio.

It was established in the late 1970s to allow Coney Island’s visitors to enjoy more thrilling rides and larger parking facilities. However, Kings Island Ohio made a name for itself, especially in the previous few decades because of its rides and attractions.

Kings Island Theme Park Guide
Kings Island Theme Park Guide

The Number One Park in the World is Cedar Point 14 years in a row, however, they should be getting worried… Here are just a few reasons why visiting Kings Island theme park is so worthwhile:

The Rides Kings Island Amusement Park Offers

Kings Island OH Theme Park is considered the king of roller coasters. It offers riders many roller coasters to choose from, including:


Known to be the tallest and fastest roller coaster at this Theme Park, Diamondback allows you to enjoy the thrill of zooming through 10 acres of terrain at 80 miles per hour and screaming your lungs out while diving steeply for 5,000 feet.

The Beast

One of the oldest rides at Kings Island, The Beat held records for years. To date, it is the world’s longest wooden roller coaster. However, once you’re over the fact that you’re riding a record-holding roller coaster, you will be squealing with excitement while racing at 65 miles per hour.


Invertigo is one of the most prized possessions of Kings Island Ohio Summer Theme Park and the only one of its kind in the Midwest. This unconventional roller coaster allows you to speed up to 55 miles per hour but upside down.

The theme park has other thrilling attractions you will enjoy riding such as The Slingshot, Vortex, and Xtreme Skyflyer.

Soak City Waterpark at Kings Island

Thrill rides aside, there are special areas at Kings Island Theme Park which are designed especially for vacationers. The first of these areas is the NEW Soak City.

Home to over five pools, 30 water slides, and five children theme areas, Soak City is the best place to be if you want to soak up some of Kings Islands Water Park sun while the rest of your family continue with the theme of having some wet n wild fun.

Planet Snoopy

Kings Island Theme Park Dedicated Kids Park

If you would rather that your little ones stay on land, Kings Island park offers the kids some other fantastic theme attractions like Planet Snoopy.

Voted as the Best Kids Area in the World since 2001, Planet Snoopy houses different Peanuts-themed rides as well as popular theme land attractions like dodgem cars and carousels.

Live Entertainment Shows and Special Events

If you thought that Kings Island OH theme Park can’t offer much more, then you are badly mistaken.

At Kings Island in Ohio, you can enjoy live entertainment shows such as the country theme musical tribute American Country and the all-new British Invasion, which features songs from popular British artists like Queen, Elton John, and The Beatles.

You can also take part in different special events held at Kings Island Theme Park, such as the student music festival Trills and Thrills and the Halloween theme event Howl-O-Fest.

Discount Kings Island Tickets & Coupons

If what you’ve just read inspired you to plan a visit to Kings Island Park, make sure to look for Kings Island discounts before booking your Kings Island tickets.

The official Kings Island theme park website is the best place to find Kings Island discount tickets as well as golden passes which you can pay off over 3 monthly installments if you prefer.

So, keep your eyes peeled for these offers and Kings Island Coupons and make sure to stop by Kings Island theme park on your next holiday.

Kings Island Discounts, Vacation Packages & Kings Island Hotels

You’ll find a number of great vacation packages available at a number of the Kings Island Hotels near the Theme Park like the Hampton Inn Kings Island.

Booking a room at hotels near Kings Island Theme Park will give you access to hotel deals like the Kirkwood Inn Vacation Package that includes room, breakfast, and four discount Kings Island Tickets for a family of four people from $259 plus tax.

They also have a couples package that includes the room, breakfast, and two Kings Island Tickets for free entry to the Theme park which is less than 5 mins away for about $159 plus tax.

Many more vacation deals are available, our links will show you the best pricing on a number of options. Don’t forget that you could also stay at the Kings Island Campground for your next theme park adventure!

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