Graeter’s Ice Cream Cincinnati

Graeter’s is a beloved Cincinnati company that has been based in the Queen City since 1870. Cincy peeps are passionate about the ah-mazing ice cream this company churns out. They love to discuss their favorite flavors which typically involves plenty of taste-tests.

ob Graeter explains (in the video below) that there is an emotional connection between the company and its fans. He says, “Our customers really love our product and we love making our customers happy.”

Bob, brother Chip, and their cousin Richard are fourth-generation owners of the company. Their great grandfather, Louis, first sold ice cream from a street cart at the bottom of Sycamore Hill. Later his wife, Regina, along with her two sons, expanded the business as has each subsequent generation.

Graeters Inside Photo of Menu Options
Graeters Inside Photo of Menu Options

What’s the secret? Why are Cincinnatians in love with this ice cream?

So much so that in Cincinnati sales top those for Ben & Jerry and Häagen-Dazs combined. According to Rich Graeter, “Cincinnati is the only place in the country where that happens.”

What made Oprah proclaim Graeter’s, “absolutely the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted.”

Well, for one, Graeter’s French Pot Process yields the most amazing creamy consistency. This is a truly unique procedure in today’s automated world. The ice cream is made in small 2 -quart batches and then hand-packed for distribution. It’s how everybody made ice cream before the 1900s but most have since abandoned this seemingly antiquated method in favor of mass production.

The folks at Graeter’s feel that by doing so, quality suffers. The Graeter family explains, in the video below, more about the French Pot Process and the company.

Graeter also uses the very best ingredients beginning with Ohio farm-fresh milk and cream, and ending with flavor-specific items such as gourmet chocolate chips, handmade salted caramels, or real pumpkin pie filling. The animated version of the process is below.

Graeter’s has popular offerings beyond their ice cream. They have a variety of sundaes, toppings, and cookies.

Graeter's Ice Cream Cincinnati
Buckeye Sundae, Graeter’s Ice Cream Cincinnati

Pictured above is the Buckeye Sundae I had not long ago. It consisted of Peanut Butter Chip ice cream, hot fudge sauce, chocolate sprinkles, and whipped cream.

The hubby loves jelly donuts and he surprised me with a couple recently. So rich and creamy. Almost makes you forget Graeter’s sells more than ice cream. Incredible!

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