The Venetian on the Vegas Strip

Venetian Hotel – Las Vegas

Are you ready for one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have? The Venetian has it all.

Where can you go to get so much? As you approach the Venetian along the Vegas Strip, you are first greeted by the Rialto Bridge, a perfect replica of the original. The original in Venice is one of four bridges crossing the Grand Canal. It is the oldest bridge in Venice, opening in 1591. The original stone bridge is 89 feet long and is considered to be one of the great landmarks of Venice. And, now, here it is, right on the Vegas Strip!

  • Gondola rides on the Venice Canals
  • St. Mark’s Square
  • Outstanding shopping along the canals
  • Some of the best nightclubs on the Strip
  • Fantastic theater shows
  • Three pools plus pool parties!
  • Great gambling opportunities
  • And Walking Trees.

The Great Hall

Once passing through the entrance to the Venetian, you are greeted with the Great Hall. Magnificent paintings cover the walls and ceilings. As you stroll over the marble floors past the large pillars towards the Grand Canal of Venice, you just might be greeted by a tall slow-moving tree. Its limbs and branches slowly moving along the halls, sometimes seeming to cling to walls, other times moving swiftly across and down the walkways, weaving a visual trail of greenery in its wake.

The Venetian Las Vegas Strip


Grand Canal Shops

As you approach the Canals of Venice, you will encounter incredible shopping opportunities on both sides of the canal. The Grand Canal Shops offer the shopper everything from Anne Taylor clothing to Wyland art. This is a shopping mecca where one can spend hours enjoying the delights that each store has to offer. Here you will find the goods that you will not find anywhere else in Las Vegas. Especially enjoy the shops that are operated by the Venetian. These stores provide great examples of fine Italian merchandise for you and your home.

Venice Canals

Then comes an incredible experience – To ride the Gondolas of the Venice Canals. You and your loved one can be conveyed the length of the Grand Canal by the seasoned and talented Gondoliers, and be entertained with their Italian love songs. The singing boatmen are a special group, each having a full repertoire of songs, and each being able to deliver right on cue and key. Enjoy this special moment. It will be one that will not soon be forgotten.

St.Mark’s Square

From the Grand Canal, it is on to St.Mark’s Square. Here the famous Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Square, is replicated replete with St. Marks’s Basilica, and the famous Clock Tower. Stroll the square, keeping your camera at the ready for those photo opportunities of jugglers, stilt walkers, living statues, and entertainers of every sort. Around the outer edge of the St. Mark’s Square enjoys more shopping experiences like those along the Grand Canal. If Venice is not in your future, this is the best that you will get!

35 Restaurant Choices

The Venitian offers more than thirty-five different restaurants scattered throughout the facilities. These range from fine dining opportunities to “grab and go” eateries. You will never be at a loss to find just the right kind of dining for you and your family. For the adults in your group, the Venetian offers the TAO nightclub, one of the hottest nightclubs on the strip, and is one nightclub where the famous often appear. Add the three pools, including the 5-acre Azure, and the pool parties that are offered, you will have a nightlife that is unsurpassed.


For theater entertainment, the theaters of the Venetian are always offering top entertainment and shows, including Rock of Ages, and Human Nature with the Motown Show. These shows will run for a period of time but are always being interchanged as new shows are added. There is also a steady stream of fantastic entertainers arriving for one-night shows. Be sure to check the entertainment schedule to find the current selection of shows and show hours.


And then, there is the casino. With over 139 casino games, 2400 slot machines from pennies to $5000.00, and 300 video poker games, there is the right gambling fun for every member of your party. For the slot players, these games are not just the run of the mill machines. The Venetian offers entertainment even in the casino with slots from the Wizard of Oz, Clue, Lucky big Wheel, and Cheers.

Final Word

The Venetian has a great location on the Strip in Las Vegas, offers great pricing on its rooms, and fantastic entertainment for the whole family!

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