Why You Need a Rewards Card in Las Vegas Casinos

If you play table games in Las Vegas or log a lot of hours of slot play, its generally a good idea to get your self a players club card at your casino of choice. Many people shy away from these rewards cards, as they feel it is an invasion on their privacy, or they just don’t want anyone to know how much (or how little) they are playing.

How do you get points?

But here’s the thing: If you’re planning on spending money in Las Vegas, you might as well take advantage of what the resorts and casinos want to give to you. The reward cards are just that: Rewards for you. These cards are for your benefit. You simply put them on the table when you buy chips or into the slot machine when you start playing.

Every time you use your rewards card, your loyalty is rewarded with “points” which eventually add up to comped rooms, show tickets, and meals. In addition, if you want an upgraded hotel room or priority at a nightclub or restaurant at a particular resort where you’ve shown loyalty in the past, there is a small chance that you’re more likely to get it.

Not  Gambler?

Even if you aren’t a gambler, it’s worth signing up for these cards simply for the discounts. Many Las Vegas resorts offer 5%-10% off of any other purchases made in the resort (or resort family), such as at restaurants, shops, attractions, or room bookings.


It’s also important to remember that the sole benefit of these cards is not necessarily just the rewards. Though obviously there are thousands of people that walk in and out of Las Vegas casinos every day, if you do visit the casino floor a lot or you are a frequent visitor at a certain resort or chain of resorts, your rewards card indicates to those on the floor that you have at least some loyalty to the casino. If there are any disputes that arise over a bet, payout, or any other issue, you are much more likely to get the benefit of the doubt in any decision made.

It’s Free

The best thing about rewards cards is that they’re free, and, for hotels that belong to a conglomeration such as MGM Resorts International or Caesars Entertainment Corporation, the points you collect across all properties are generally added together. Also, don’t feel like getting a player’s card forces you to choose one resort over another.

You can sign up for cards at any number of hotels and casinos as you go along, and then use those that make the most sense throughout your Las Vegas vacation. You’ll spend a few minutes filling out basic paperwork when you arrive at a casino, but you don’t have to have your credit pinged or any in-depth background check completed. You’ll simply answer a few basic questions, get the card and be on your way to the poker table or buffet line, where you can begin taking advantage of your new player status.

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