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The Fremont Experience

Fremont Street, in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, has been the magnet for Las Vegas action, fun, and excitement for decades. Anchored by some of the iconic gaming houses of historic Las Vegas, plus being catapulted into the 21st century by a state of the art lighting and sound display in 1995 followed by a major renovation on 2004, Fremont Street is an experience that must be seen, heard, and felt.

The Fremont Experience spans six city blocks in Las Vegas, from Las Vegas Boulevard East to 8th Street and from Ogden Street South to Carson. The landmark El Cortez Hotel and Casino, as well as the renowned cocktail bar the Downtown Cocktail Room, are within walking distance of each other.

Light Canopy

The special attraction to Fremont Street is the fifteen hundred foot long canopy that arches over the street. The canopy boasts twelve million LED lights and 220 speakers that together bring to life a wide range of rooftop shows that play on the hour, every hour every night of the week. The canopy shows encompass a wide range of topics and interests. Every day thousands throng to Fremont Street for this once in a lifetime experience. You need to be one of them.

Casinos on Freemont

The birthplace of the Las Vegas casino, Fremont Street still boasts a great selection of gaming houses. Binions has a business history that rivals the ups and downs of any Las Vegas roller coaster. Opened as the Horseshoe Casino, it was renamed for the Texan Benny Binion who purchased the property in 1951. Binion quickly built a reputation and a fortune. At Binion’s, the now-famous World Series of Poker was started with Binion and ten of his close friends as the first participants.

Today Binion’s once again boasts the “million-dollar display” where you can have your photo taken for perhaps the only time in your life that you will ever be surrounded by a million dollars of cash. The Hall of Fame Poker Room is there, as well as The King’s Ransom Museum – the Treasures of Elvis Presley. With over 90,000 square feet of slot machines, Binions is a major gaming center in Las Vegas. Other gaming houses under the canopy include California, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, Main Street Station, The D, Four Queens, and Fremont.


Just watching the people is all the entertainment that one needs, but the street also offers a wide variety of street performers. Stages are set at each end of the street for live performances that are some of the best in the city. Then there is the Heart Attack Grill. Whether this is entertainment or dining is a tough choice. We go to the entertainment side. Watching people munch away at a wide assortment of hamburger delicacies that are tremendous in size could be the treat of the entire street. Fremont does offer a wide assortment of usual and unusual dining opportunities in addition to Heart Attack. Be sure to choose wisely!


Slotzilla, a novel zip line at the Fremont Street Experience, has opened. Thrill-seekers take off from the world’s largest slot machine, a 12-story tower, and fly either the lower or upper zip line, which runs through the Fremont Street Experience’s Viva Vision illumination canopy.


Fremont Street has always been the street of firsts – the first Hotel in Las Vegas, the first telephone in Nevada, the first paved street, the first traffic light, the first elevator, and the first high rise.

Fremont Street Experience With Kids

While many families enjoy bringing their children to the Fremont Street Experience (particularly to dine or visit the above attractions), some parents should be aware that Downtown Las Vegas is still – well, Downtown Las Vegas. That means superheroes, showgirls in peacock costumes, and a slew of other intriguing characters, many of whom are street performers selling photo ops for tips. It also has a free-drinking vibe, so visitors are bound to see them hitting up the many casinos, street-side bars, or gigantic novelty cocktail cup booths along the promenade, and/or acting like they have.

Fremont Street needs to be “first” on your list of Things to Do in Las Vegas!

425 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 678-5600

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