Binion’s Gambling Hall on Freemont

If you are ready for old Las Vegas at its best, there is no better place to go than Binion’s Gambling Hall. Located in the heart of Fremont Street, Binion’s has attracted visitors for generations. This iconic casino captures the rich history of Las Vegas while offering the very best of today’s gambling options!

Million Dollar Display

Where else in the world can one go to have a million dollars within their reach. At Binion’s Gambling Hall. the Million Dollar Display has long been a focal point of interest. Once made up of exclusively $10,000 bills (How many of us have ever seen even one $10,000 bill?), today the display is made up of an assortment of denominations, making the pile larger, and even more impressive than ever. Visitors are invited to have their photo taken for free with this impressive stash of cash. This will be one photograph that will surely impress the folks back home!

Binions Las Vegas Million dollars

History of Binion’s

In 1951, Texan Benny Binion came to town and purchased the property at 128 Fremont Street. At that location, he opened the Horseshoe Club, which was truly the first gambling hall and saloon in the city. As the success and fame grew for the Horseshoe Club, Benny continued to expand, purchasing adjoining property until the entire block was under his control. Binion was a business master, constantly developing new ideas and concepts that kept the city talking about his gambling establishment, and kept gamblers from around the world joining in to be part of the activities.

Binion’s Today

Even though the owners have changed and the times have changed, Binion’s Gambling Hall has been able to continue to thrive, and provide its customers with modern and updated gaming experiences, while maintaining the atmosphere for which Binion’s has long been noted!

Binions Poker Room Las Vegas

Binion’s Hall of Fame Poker Room

Binion’s Hall of Fame Poker Room features ten tables, a full-service bar, and many photos that depict the long and storied history of poker at Binion’s. Most notable in that history was when Benny himself brought together a group of friends as the original players to a poker tournament that we have come to know as the “World Series of Poker.” Even though the name and concept have moved on, Binion’s still holds its “Poker Classic,” a month-long poker event that is open to all poker lovers. But Binion’s is more than just a poker hall. Binion’s can boast of over 90,000 square feet of the newest slot machines available, plus blackjack, craps, roulette, and more!

Binions Steakhouse Las Vegas

Dining at Binion’s

When you want a great meal, Binion’s is the place to be! The food is fantastic, the prices are great, and the options are many. Binion’s Smokin BBQ and Brews is a great place to start. A menu consisting of your favorite choices, reasonable prices, and a full selection of beer offerings, makes this a perfect choice. Or, go to the 24th floor, and enjoy the options at Top of Binion’s Steakhouse. Here you will have more than just great food. With fantastic views of the city, this is a wonderful place to top off your day. Back on the first floor, Binion’s Deli and Binion’s Cafe offer a wide variety of options – including sandwiches, salads, and the famous “Hangover Breakfast Burger.”

For a true taste of Las Vegas as it once was, but with all of today’s modern conveniences, Binion’s Gambling Hall is the place to be!

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